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  1. RT @BONESonFOX: "I find that, despite my best efforts, you exert undue influence on my behavior." - Brennan #Bones https://t.co/qaHlR1Ylts

  2. Thank you for the photos... https://t.co/hKtly5PhyZ

  3. @NatesMama1128 @jazzyproz @Bonesology @faithinbones No worries I will repost

  4. RT @KKlepsch: ..all. #Boneheads ????✌️ good night and sleep well ????????⭐️???? #bestshow #wewantBones12 ???????? love #Demily B&B ❤️ https://t.co/WSBomCSSpY

  5. You and me both Sister. #Camastian #Bones12 https://t.co/OcQTJpfjxY

  6. OMG...all I can say is any respect I might have had left is gone. #DonaldTrumpIsADouchebag. #SPalinTraitor2Women https://t.co/eoCrdKR5DR

  7. RT @MulderBooth: Retweet if you love @David_Boreanaz ???? https://t.co/YzI6maWQLj

  8. RT @KKlepsch: #Boneheads ???????? ..#funny #David ????????????❤✌#jaimeboreanaz (instagram) https://t.co/NacQOh3R53

  9. Awesome! https://t.co/IixcrULfL8

  10. RIP Hans Gruber https://t.co/C6ORoHAEW5

  11. @PigeonJon @jazzyproz Someone will have a surprise in their bed tonight...

  12. RT @U2start: Check ignition and may God's love be with you mr. Bowie. Rest in peace. https://t.co/nxW1xUP7dy

  13. RT @MarthaEmilyM: #Bonehead support #bones WE WANT #BONES12 @FOXTV @BONESonFOX

  14. I've posted Chapter 9: Presents https://t.co/WfK2gVJLrk https://t.co/6IQ6TxJuxA https://t.co/lWiuogHfwg

  15. RT @jennylein_bones: I think @emilydeschanel and the rest of the cast @David_Boreanaz @BONESonFOX know that they are our winner of hearts #…

  16. RT @BONESonFOX: Snuggle up with some #Bones: https://t.co/2REkRnM12E https://t.co/KWV8MRz9lW

  17. RT @EmilySilver29: Happy 2016 boneheads! Title spoiler below! #bones @bonesonfox https://t.co/xJkexTEXfR

  18. https://t.co/C9HmDMfbhM Bad and wrong but sooooo funny. #ShamyForever ♡

  19. @usweekly Wow my day is now complete. EYEROLL

  20. @geraghtyvl @HartHanson @tvdotcom I loved this show!

  21. RT @BONESonFOX: Aubrey's food obsession never went to a grosser place. https://t.co/1eoVja13uy

  22. @Bonesology Chapter 4 is up https://t.co/HJnLMEFigB

  23. @rtcharacters He's one of my faves, too. #AubreyJessicaforever ♡

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