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  1. RT @sambone76: @altUSEPA Sadly my senator (@marcorubio ) is a spineless jellyfish. But that doesn't stop me from calling his office daily g…

  2. RT @KamalaHarris: Here's the truth: I will never give an inch when it comes to truth and accountability in our government. https://t.co/LfW…

  3. RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Trump’s latest unhinged tweetstorm could hasten his downward spiral https://t.co/5vN9LjDbnH

  4. What a dumbass... https://t.co/ACQPAAAl4f

  5. @Bonesology A new story, The Aubrey Chronicles is now posted @ Bonesology and at following:… https://t.co/F55gPbB6kC

  6. RT @lauraopper: I updated my challenge story with 2 more chapters. It's posted on fan fiction under the title Another Summer Challenge.

  7. RT @billclinton: JFK’s legacy includes his belief in peace for everyone on earth. Our differences are interesting, our common humanity matt…

  8. RT @GavinNewsom: Will @realDonaldTrump give the Paris Accord his final rose? Or will he take an irreparable dump on our planet? Find out…

  9. RT @HartHanson: They didn't understand that there would be an arithmetic component to this open book quiz. They don't understand math. http…

  10. RT @TrueFactsStated: https://t.co/RdQYzFmUER

  11. RT @suevisa: I hope these graduates will use the energy this gives them to continue to fight authoritarianism. https://t.co/BfAlbecZki

  12. @Bonesology @_grc73 Ch 18 LBS Peace, Love, and a New Understanding is now posted. https://t.co/9pLCyfSelA… https://t.co/WNhyoycHwQ

  13. RT @Just_Joolzy: I think Louise hit the nail on the head.... :) The best place for that twat #Trump https://t.co/q9Tl2JHkoF

  14. RT @Bonesology: A very Happy Birthday to our favorite special agent, @David_Boreanaz from all of us @Bonesology! https://t.co/dymcEKYlKI

  15. RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: #resist ! https://t.co/vyTJtQ9CHf

  16. @lauraopper @faithinbones The Eye Of The Beholder https://t.co/QWvvB5JEoX

  17. RT @JohnWesleyShipp: Sessions recused himself from #TrumpRussia investigation for lying to senate about Russian contacts. How is he now inv…

  18. @itslauraspencer Happy birthday.

  19. @mypdxkitchen It seems they wanted A & K. A few people here and there but most liked him w Jessica.

  20. RT @aravosis: GOP @RepBrianMast of Florida can't explain his vote to repeal Obamacare, immediately after his vote. This is unbelievable. Pl…

  21. RT @macadee: I love Colbert! Love him even more now that I know he pissed off trumpsters. AND Hillary won the popular vote AND trump=perver…

  22. @razztaztic Hey at least they're offered an option. Shit happens.

  23. RT @Lmao: Our kids will never understand the struggle... ???????? https://t.co/qUlEwmsu1W

  24. @Just_Joolzy Ours is done finally. Sorry.

  25. What do you think? https://t.co/oSHmb8hJkv This is soooo true.

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