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  1. @Lynn_in_Atlanta @geraghtyvl @BONESonFOX @hulu Argh! At least I still have S12 on my DVR

  2. ???? silohouettes: doctorwhoslostcompanion: im-not-a-climbing-frame: 9gag: Melondramatic Water you doing... https://t.co/MCznqOgjAd

  3. Me thinks he read the writing on the wall. https://t.co/KHnXZTnuQI

  4. RT @AltNatParkSer: Please RETWEET if you're one of the 74% of Americans (ABC/WaPo Poll) who want to see Trump's taxes and were _not_ paid t…

  5. @faithinbones @UK_MJ That is cool. I got 2 awards that were in Aubrey's office.

  6. @NatesMama1128 I would say both.

  7. @pejvahdat Happy birthday Pej! ????????????????. Miss u on Bones.

  8. Check out Sweet As Whole [Explicit] by Sara Bareilles on Amazon Music https://t.co/dyWJi0N014 A gr8 song 2 listen 2 after day @ work.

  9. Bones...duh. Any gains Castle had died with S8 https://t.co/Sb6SgPHTAH

  10. @NatesMama1128 Not a big KJ fan but I didn't see what the hoopla was about. Common sense needs 2 b used more often.

  11. @EmilySilver29 Yeah...almost. Then I remember all the game they shot, then I laugh.

  12. @_grc73 @Bonesology Thanks a bunch.

  13. @faithinbones @razztaztic People are finding my old Bones fanfics on FF and AO3. Very cool.

  14. I cracked up 3 times watching this today. 8 Mile - Ending Rap Battles (BEST QUALITY, 1080p) https://t.co/R6CRlN2tQY via @YouTube

  15. @NatesMama1128 Thank u

  16. RT @TheRickyDavila: Retweet this if you think the honorable Sally Yates should be named as Special Prosecutor into #TrumpRussia investigati…

  17. RT @CockyAngelus: Seriously people stop freaking out over David having a new costar. He will always have new costars as he did before Bones…

  18. RIP Chuck Barris https://t.co/YysoM301Au

  19. RT @Evan_McMullin: We'll see today if you have any credibility left, Mr. President. I suspect you do not. How unfortunate for America that…

  20. RT @DisavowTrump16: Here's a picture to cheer you up after Trump's childish behavior today! RETWEET if you miss Merkel and Obama's leadersh…

  21. @Bonesology @_grc73 Chapter 8: Gordon Assists In the Commingling of Plans is here... https://t.co/1wVmwvUlBN… https://t.co/FXp2xHRYOD

  22. Nah...David Faustino didn't kill Ron. Like that the show is going there though. #Bones

  23. RT @RedTRaccoon: The dream team for a special prosecution of @realDonaldTrump team's ties to Russia. RETWEET TO SUPPORT! #SallyYates @Pre…

  24. RT @ddale8: Update: Trump is up to 117 false claims as president. Averaging 2.3 per day. https://t.co/ca3QWEpynE

  25. Let the shit start 2 fly... https://t.co/pvGKESJm9D

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