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  1. I'm glad that the ones who read my last chapter loved it as much as I did writing it. It only took me two hours to complete. I just hope people don't mind the pace but as stated in the past, I am one who loves to write nuances and character driven studies. Thanks for loving the story so far.
  2. I have several downloaded onto my Kindle, including the Chaos Theory Substitution and stories from BONES. They are nice to have when your wireless is down at work and need something to do.
  3. You and me both. Plot driven stories are the worst. They rank right up there with shitty Mary Sue stories. My opinion of Shenny stories can be best described in Chapter 6 of my Shamy fanfic The Paradigm Realization, opening paragraph. However, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, even the wrong one......(as I channel my inner Sheldon!)
  4. Just posted an update about five minutes ago. Thanks for the kudos.
  5. Man, I wish I found this post before voting ended. So many great stories to vote on. Great bunch of authors and I am blessed to be writing among them.
  6. I agree. I did sense a bit of maturity that wasn't there before he left, but he's still Sheldon. People do grow up and evolve over time, not overnight. I think that Sheldon has mellowed a bit over the years, partly from age, partly from experiences, and yes a bit from Amy. If he came back and did a 180, he wouldn't be Sheldon Cooper and he wouldn't be as fascinating a character. People aren't perfect. If one wants dream Sheldon, then read or write some fanfiction. I want Sheldon to evolve, but I like the slow ride to get there to see the nuances in him and with Amy. I have no doubt he's going to get there, in time.
  7. I could see any of these, or a scenario where Amy is somehow hurt and Sheldon is confronted with the fact that he could lose her at any time. Sheldon definately has to be the one to say it first.
  8. I've received messages from folks at FF.net to post here also. Since I have seen my fellow BBT writers here, I figure why not join the club. By popular demand, I present...... https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10371665/1/The-Paradigm-Realization If you have a preference for AO3 (Archive of our Own), use this link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2155992/chapters/4712289 AO3 has some cool BBT stories there I've found.
  9. I had an idea of how I would feel this episode but it has exceeded my expectations. A vulnerable Sheldon to Amy is the best. Penny's hair is so cute and loved Sheldon's meltdown. Great start.
  10. Go ahead and write it. There's nothing with two people with the same idea. Just put your own spin on it. I used to get frustrated when someone posted something that I hadn't had a chance to post yet. I would end up changing my whole story concept so no one would think I was stealing. However, I realized that to have that one thing change my entire story focus is stupid. Most people understand that some stories are going to have similar concepts or even similar situations in a chapter. If someone doesn't they don't have to read it. For me, even if a idea matches a previous one, if the story is good, it's all that matters to me.
  11. I can't wait for September 22! The day I return from my first anniverary trip I get to see the ShAmy!
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