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  1. @mphs95 f******* autocorrect. It's ROMANCE not rance

  2. @BONESonFOX @KarlyBonehead @audreygraces It would be even better if we got some sneak peeks.

  3. @nytimes That might take a while 2 find people who will admit 2 going. For some it's like the new gorilla exhibit at the zoo.

  4. RT @Bros4America: ""I want to thank President Obama from the bottom of my heart because I would be dead if it weren't for him." https://t.c…

  5. RT @FOXTV: On the #FOXTCA carpet with @BONESonFOX's @johnny_boyd! #Bones #TCA17 https://t.co/aMt5nyKmL1

  6. @Just_Joolzy very pretry

  7. RT @maskedscheduler: I will continue to call this imbecile out but I will never again retweet him. Can't spread the cancer. https://t.co/qi…

  8. @NatesMama1128 @BONESonFOX Yay!

  9. @AddieO_93 @sky_gracie @johnny_boyd @BONESonFOX I thought they would. This show likes to do cool stuff like that.

  10. @faithinbones @Frankie707 @wellsbones I thought last one was March 21. I took the 22nd off.

  11. WTF! Really Grim Reaper? You couldn't wait one fucking day? You suck! #FuckYou2016 https://t.co/YssJ8Wxf1r

  12. @GalaxieGurl Okay tried doing it on the laptop and now you're in. U will get updates when someone chimes in

  13. @faithinbones Playing records on stereo or using cell phones with antennas

  14. @CharlesPeterson @becausebones Ignore the dumbass. Vast majority of fans truly appreciate all you do.

  15. @lauraopper GG's is late too. No worries. ???????????????????????? Merry Christmas.

  16. @Frankie707 @faithinbones See u gals then.

  17. @NatesMama1128 That is ridiculous. I have friends who voted 4 Trump. It's their right. Your "friend" was the asshole.

  18. @SDCC_Bones_Fans @starwars Going 2 see it on Tuesday.

  19. @becausebones Cool

  20. @faithinbones I'm so pissed!

  21. @AddieO_93 Okay WTH did I miss...

  22. RT @geraldjoeys: Hilarious wrap party video bts ????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤???????????????? https://t.co/6NCmOFNdbl

  23. @faithinbones So incredibly awesome.

  24. @SchuetteOnDuty has always been a cheater 4 GOP. Can't even hold civilian job. https://t.co/EHqiyg0Vzu

  25. As a whole I think JS is a nut. However she raised a valid point here. https://t.co/u9zCcFEPcG

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