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  1. @Dukefan1982 So nice.

  2. @bollati_fede @DavidB_Candy I posted the link to https://t.co/czJ7lOgOp5 under @DavidB_Candy. I have AO3 also but not all B&B stories there

  3. @faithinbones Haven't needed more I over a year. Just careful. Have Tramadol but usually stick with Tylenol unless I'm really hurting.

  4. RT @AP_Politics: President-elect Donald Trump doubts the validity of the election he won: https://t.co/Qbz9tgc4T9

  5. @lauraopper You sneak I was wondering if it was you...reading now.

  6. @faithinbones @Devoted2MyBoys So ready 4 this shit 2 b over. Mrs Brady dies...Napoleon Solo dies...all my fave classic TV show folks dying

  7. @faithinbones Welcome to my work world.

  8. Getting out of work early. https://t.co/01kumvNftt

  9. @Dukefan1982 @geraghtyvl I thought she looked beautiful. What a bunch of assholes. They're probably all dumpy and jealous of her.

  10. @TJThyne Nooooooo

  11. RT @m_nunziante: Senator Boxer introduces bill to abolish Electoral College https://t.co/7piT0BAvFr

  12. @Bonesology Ch 5 of A Honeymoon In April is posted. https://t.co/8dPbdK8Tbt https://t.co/d4sVzS9MVx https://t.co/XoIrocRdd1

  13. @DavidB_Candy Yes because it's not true. He may call her Temperance in an occasional private moment but never Tempe. Too weird.

  14. Please help support We Love Bones, add a #Twibbon now! https://t.co/3jc8WnBCkx

  15. @sunny_hundal @EmilySilver29 I have my fingers crossed bc Central MI and the Trip City area here went 4 Trump. Disgusting.

  16. RT @maskedscheduler: #GiveHimHisPhoneBack Let's get that trending

  17. RT @HillaryClinton: RT if you agree we need to keep moving forward, not back. https://t.co/3TKJ4H68Kz https://t.co/uMsYLKaTCc

  18. Falling asleep during the WS sux but the Cubs won! #CubsWin #WorldSeries

  19. @Groovycathers @UK_MJ @jazzyproz @faithinbones People like what they like.

  20. RT @HillaryforMI: In Flint @BellamyYoung helps organizers sign up volunteers for GOTV. Join us: https://t.co/jqfIqN7D7o #MISheCan https://t…

  21. RT @johnny_boyd: Omg thank u https://t.co/MGJCUA7ZzW

  22. @LosinDonald I know and it rocks!

  23. @yellowhat3 @BonesLover78 @1bestbitch @peta_boiston @KKlepsch That's Hannah, not Rebecca. I can go with poop grey.

  24. @Jennafee70 @1bestbitch @BonesLover78 @Sally10101993 @peta_boiston @KKlepsch @HellYeahBooth @yellowhat3 DAMN IT!

  25. @rynogeny We were so lucky to get what we got.

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