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  1. @LLMGT You could tell by his face he crapped those diapers a couple of times. #debate

  2. RT @Politics_PR: #Science @ricknagasawa #ImWithHer https://t.co/c4hnz6PsyQ

  3. I have a hunch these men are middle aged 2 older who look for young girls bc the ones their age see right through t… https://t.co/G6E8ae3vmu

  4. Someone sees that Surgeon General nom swirling the bowl . ???? https://t.co/2zZzUOQmlv

  5. @UK_MJ So is the show still good? Still thinking about checking it out.

  6. @Dukefan1982 I liked that chapter btw

  7. @realDonaldTrump Takes one 2 know one Dickhead. https://t.co/D2vuzB93vE

  8. @faithinbones Just read it. She's the one that always criticizes my EOS chapters that r A/J based bc she thinks I should do only B&B.

  9. @Bonesology Ch 24 of WSJ & A: Denouement Pt 1 is now up. https://t.co/el3Any0d2j https://t.co/GGZT213KPa https://t.co/EM04A8eDWB

  10. @juneofla @Lilylive000Lily @Ydawtr @KeithOlbermaman @WildAid Must have no balls they kill defenseless animals 2 compensate 4.

  11. BTW get some cold medicine for your snotty nose or quit sniffing coke. Very unpresidential but u r an expert on th… https://t.co/HqBaw0kah0

  12. @Bonesology Chapter 16 of Bonesology's EOS Hodgepodge is now posted. https://t.co/dnLbxpWZLy https://t.co/5NNSf6c8Qz

  13. Here Julz. My babies Abby, Spot, and Zoey. https://t.co/DrhuzyepvX

  14. He was better than Lauer. I'll give him that. https://t.co/mHlkLzukXT

  15. Yes we do! https://t.co/x8OQZJByC3

  16. @Devoted2MyBoys @GreysABC I stopped getting excited after Christina left. Sick of everyone getting killed off or breaking up constantly.

  17. RT @HillaryClinton: On this day in 1973, tennis champion Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in the “Battle of the Sexes.” https://t.co/G…

  18. Yay...another way 4 OTN 2 fuck our state over b4 he leaves office in 2018. #MIGOPAreCrooks. #OTNLyingSOB https://t.co/QD9m7Tb8vM

  19. @Ima_TV_Junkie That sucks. Having a sweet ass Bloody Mary w/ my breakfast today. https://t.co/Bo0kl9gn2I

  20. RT @itslauraspencer: Inspired by @hankgreen's register to vote videos https://t.co/VIYM5BfSjf, hear why I'm voting on Insta Story today???????? h…

  21. Me too ! https://t.co/CDdv0gZC0c

  22. The right one is one of my fave Aubrey pics. https://t.co/g2btWpIWp1

  23. Only pricks get off on being sexist assholes. https://t.co/22DiDBnwZM

  24. My nieces, their friend, and I visiting mermaids at MI Renaissance Festival about 4 beers in. https://t.co/ywpwK5Aqdf

  25. RT @ReaganBattalion: Retweet if you care about Trump's Tax Returns. @oreillyfactor @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/VhiK5TDHPA

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