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  1. RT @TheDemocrats: RT this — Don't let Donald Trump get away with saying he was against the Iraq War. #NBCNewsForum https://t.co/QpiN0rW3Sw

  2. @NatesMama1128 I'm going 2bwatch tonight. Can't wait.

  3. @MoreBonesPlz @rynogeny That's my thought. B4 getting panties in a wad, watch the episode and use common sense.

  4. Surprised? Really? Whose more OOT w mainstream America...Dad or Cum hair boy # 2? https://t.co/c4oo5anAgn

  5. RT @geraghtyvl: @HartHanson #Bones The final results are in! #BonesRules https://t.co/H6Czv5MsTh

  6. Wow...Rick Perry? Who's next? Path McCrory when he loses Nov election? https://t.co/m5uW8UDOB0

  7. @maskedscheduler @FoxNews @KatrinaPierson I agree. No words...just tasting the bile in my mouth.

  8. @peta_boiston @Jennafee70 @HellYeahBooth @DianeRo62762689 @Sally10101993 @KKlepsch RIP Sweets...

  9. @Ima_TV_Junkie Preaching 2 the choir, sister.

  10. @Ima_TV_Junkie @faithinbones Um...yuck yuck yuck...

  11. Another example of my theory: Trump didn't want 2 b POTUS. He has no money so he scammed RNC and campaign donors https://t.co/JKVEG89dhf

  12. @peta_boiston @Jennafee70 @HellYeahBooth @BonesLover78 @ItsMissKees @yellowhat3 @KKlepsch @Sally10101993 I'll watch him go Commando any day!

  13. @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr If u can bitch of POTUS not @ LA @ gov't reqt, then cancel vacays 2 return 2 DC 2 vote Zika funds. #Put⬆OrShut⬆

  14. RT @LillyKBaker: Pls RT: @cbs @reallesmoonves Save @NCISNewOrleans & #putNCISNOLAonWED8pm We want to watch it! @ScottBakula @JDS_PR https:/…

  15. RT @KJM9NY: @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump Go Hillary!! https://t.co/sQACtVP2wu

  16. RT @BarackObama: Senate leaders must stop obstructing our Supreme Court. Take a stand and show your support. https://t.co/1AaykUkmvn #DoYou…

  17. @Bonesology Chapter 6 of EOS Challenge: Ice Cream is now posted. https://t.co/7esG6lbUsC https://t.co/bgXP2e0zmb

  18. @realDonaldTrump @nytimes I think you are confusing the NYT with you and you campaign, Drumpf.

  19. @Ima_TV_Junkie Be careful!

  20. RT @mphs95: @Bonesology My first entry into the EOS Fanfic Challenge. https://t.co/8uf2sRpTHh https://t.co/mfJdejeC5n

  21. @EmilySilver29 I like this.

  22. RT @mphs95: @Bonesology Here's Chapter 22 of WSJ & A posted at Bonesology. https://t.co/tiEcKa1zvg https://t.co/OilThUMNl1 https://t.co/VL…

  23. @johnny_boyd Awesome camera work, JB. Might have found your new calling....

  24. RT @mphs95: @Bonesology Ch 3 of Bonesology A Day In The Life Challenge is up at Bonesology. https://t.co/T3OlRUE7NC https://t.co/uNOP9axFCF

  25. RT @HillarysMen: I cannot vote for Donald Trump because I love my country. Retweet if you agree. #America #NeverTrump https://t.co/EX8I2llc…

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