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  1. RT @politico: Mother of service member booed over Khan question at Pence rally https://t.co/ZkZ9U4p6CD | Getty https://t.co/ZsOCF1YbmZ

  2. RT @mphs95: @Bonesology Here's my entry into Bonesology's Day In The Life Challenge. Posted at the site https://t.co/S6GsTbEs2o https://t.c…

  3. RT @HFA: #WeMadeHistory: RT if you're proud of @HillaryClinton. https://t.co/iHOeA4pwqG

  4. @DonaldJTrumpJr You ripped him off bc u have no thoughts of your own and he plagiarized u? Stupid entitled asshole https://t.co/s7QTdmbVw7

  5. @jazzyproz @HartHanson @mmfa Asshole is too nice a term. You have 2 qualify it with stupid ass small minded enjoy hearing own voice asshoke

  6. RT @michaelaconlin: Thank you to the @BONESonFOX fans for all of your support! It was great meeting some of you this weekend. #SDCC2016 htt…

  7. Yeah he's a bit vanilla, but I prefer some vanilla to sprinkles when it comes to leading my country. https://t.co/GKl0HI7zIt

  8. @theTVaddict @forensicmama Don't kill Jessica off. Aubrey needs her. Oliver can go.

  9. @Frankie707 @faithinbones @rynogeny @AMemoryOfADream I have 2 work tmrw. Ugh...

  10. @Bonesology Mine is early because I work all day tomorrow. Fave B & B End Scene...BITP #14DaysOfBones https://t.co/OPMybO0PlD

  11. @cnnbrk Not surprised

  12. RT @BONESonFOX: Clark's reaction when he hears you haven't watched #Bones on @FOXNOW: https://t.co/zePhxi9SlI. https://t.co/KJVt0hAxZD

  13. @jazzyproz @faithinbones So sorry, Jazz. In my thoughts

  14. RT @daily_tbbt_: do you remember when Sheldon and Amy went ou as friends? https://t.co/vbbJo6JEYq


  16. I feel this is very appropo with Obama being blocked from doing his constitutional duty. https://t.co/wZ2hKa5KIS

  17. RT @TJThyne: Thursday April 14th, 2016 https://t.co/Hjv8DUeUZS

  18. @BONESonFOX Love how he works to pay off the neighborhood that put him through school

  19. @nat_hollz18 @BONESonFOX Partial 2 11 X 6 because of Aubrey/Jessica but 11 x 9 is my # 2. #AubreyJessicaforever #BoothBrennanforever

  20. @Ima_TV_Junkie @smiling_sandy That does sound good.

  21. RT @BONESonFOX: Go ahead and have a little fun, squints. It's Wednesday, after all. #Bones https://t.co/EimMZE6WG9

  22. RT @AddieO_93: How I feel 99% of times when talking to my brother https://t.co/AE135CBO6K

  23. @cnnbrk OTN needs to resign. We're the joke of the nation now. #OTNLyingSOBPassingTheBuck

  24. @faithinbones My day is Tuesday. Still undecided but I will say it sure as hell won't be Drumpf

  25. RT @FoxSpecOps3: This is a real one. Female. I'd estimate early 30's. From the detritus around the area, looks like she lived here... https…

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