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  1. I envy you guys, I cannot watch it until another hour. Boo. I hear it's amazing.
  2. I'm a poodle of goo, today. I can't wait, the minute I get home I'll be downloading the episode, yay!
  3. Awwww, congrats! the feeling is wonderful, my hubby is coming back on friday after 4 months away!!! so i'm very happy too
  4. Awww this is so wonderful... I'm smiling like an idiot
  5. Awww you guys, this information is giving me life
  6. The Lenny story wasn't that good or funny. Sheldon and Raj were the best of the episode. Bernie is getting on my nerves.
  7. This is perfect! thanks for sharing... absolutely beautiful
  8. I adore your avatar.... it's mesmerizing
  9. Awwww.... this is gonna be my fave after "the locomotion manipulation"
  10. Words cannot describe how I feel about the taping report! our babies are in love and they said it I'm a happy camper today
  11. I just went to fb to check it out... They're so cute, the whole thing is priceless <3
  12. Yes, she does look more beautiful without makeup. I like her green eyes
  13. Yay! now, it's a matter of time... enjoy season 8 everyone
  14. his dogs are so cute... it makes me want to have one
  15. I'm so happy... waiting is over! happy taping day!
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