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  1. That's obviously a mistake by the writing team, but IRL I wouldn't be surprised by an inconsistency like that. My grandfather always said his father (my great-grandfather) died when he was 13... but his father actually died ten years later, when he was serving in the Army. We can confirm that by documents, and also by the fact that he wouldn't have been called to serve had he been the only man of the house. Why did he lie, you may ask? He wasn't lying per se. My great-grandfather was an alcooholic. His disease got much worse when my grandfather was 13, and after that my grandfather stopped studying, started working full time and basically became the man of the house. From my grandfather's point of view his father was already dead.
  2. Two days later, Amy receives a bottle of Premier Cru . As an exceptional compensation for having ruined her study of Penny and Leonard's intellects. Not a gift, and certainly not something to make Barry's wine look shabby... #fanfictionSheldon EDIT: I really doubt we will ever hear about Sheldon's lie again, but if they decide to show Amy's reaction to it (righteous anger, I'm sure), they might as well have Sheldon learn about her fanfiction to balance the episode...
  3. I love Amy's "not a big deal" when it clearly is. As unrealistic as the whole concept is, Amy's nonchalant arrogance manages to sell it. In fact, I love all the times Amy shows her "evil genius" side. This episode was fantastic for that: "ten bucks", the experiments. Sometimes, she is even worse at it than Sheldon.
  4. It depends how you interpret Leonard's request. If someone came out to me at work and asked me whether a high-level idea would work well, I would probably do some kind of Proof of Concept if I found it to be reasonable. It's the only way to answer the question. We don't really know what happened behind the scenes or offscreen and I don't think we're really qualified to judge if Sheldon did act wrong by writing the paper. His only clear wrongdoing was letting the magazine entitle himself as the main author, but that's more understandable than it looks, knowing Sheldon's character and his difficults with social situations. Still, Leonard is completely justified.
  5. You know the joke about the Italian family? "Our boat sank and we tried to swin to the nearest island, but we couldn't..." "But then how did you arrive here?" "I don't know... I mean, we just started talking do big gestures with the arms, talking exaggerate some more and talking even bigger... and suddenly we're here!" Disclaimer: Italian descendant, heard this one from my nonna...
  6. Oh, she is just teasing Raj. Some people have a very aggressive sense of humor that relies on shocking everyone around by acting like a creepy/strange/criminal/sociopathic character. Emily's comments are actually much less creepy than some I heard just this night in my office.
  7. Normally I would agree with your comment, but in this case... He lived a few years in Germany, the land of "Why is she naked? Is that a car commercial?" TV . And we're talking about Sheldon! I'm sure he spent hours and hours in front of the TV, and seeing something was inevitable.
  8. Intelligence is not just a character trait, it`s part of what you are. If he loses it, he just won`t be Sheldon anymore, and considering that he has defined his entire life around his intelligence and that his girlfriend and most members of his circle of friends are also highly intelligent individuals... I mean, can you imagine Amy staying with "dumb Sheldon"? I can`t. It would never work. He wouldn`t be able to do his work, Leonard, Raj and Howard would pity him tremendously, etc...
  9. "I have found your so-called fanfiction, 'Mrs Amelia Cooper'. And you have been a very bad girl..."
  10. Moving in can be hard, particularly for two persons as different from each other as Leonard and Penny. Taking it slow helps, and if Sheldon provides that, great for them.
  11. You could also see it as Leonard piggybacking on Sheldon's abilities and credentials as a theoretical physicist and his workaholic tendency to write papers overnight. But I don't think that way either. Both Sheldon and Leonard seem to have found the arrangement to be perfectly fine: Sheldon wouldn't have the idea and Leonard would have to hand it off to another physicist anyway, so they both getting a well-done original paper that they can try to publish is a great deal.
  12. That's a perfectly fine feeling, and you don't need to justify it. I was just saying that Sheldon helping Leonard was absolutely realistic, differently from the "Amy helping Kripke with his Math" case.
  13. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist. Leonard is an experimental one. I don't see why Leonard asking Sheldon to do some math and work out an idea for him is strange: it's not a matter of IQ, it's a matter of experience and specialization. EDIT: Tensor was faster than me...
  14. The revolutionary vanguard is entitled to a extra week in the sanatorium, two cut-the-rationing-line cards per month and silencing their opposition by throwing them into a Siberian prison camp. Nothing wrong with it.
  15. While i absolutely agree with you, without context, we can't say much. Maybe Kripke was doing some work in neurobiology-related physics, maybe Amy was doing work in physics-related neurobiology, maybe she helped him with Matlab... without the episode, its is impossible to know how weird it really was.
  16. I don't see Amy being as calculating as that. She certainly didn't calculate much in the first kisses, and she seemed terribly overwhelmed by the first SIK. As for the Tijuana Sex Show, I agree that it's a evidence for Amy being more active in their physical relationship. It's far from conclusive, though, because the evidence comes from the mouth of Sheldon, the King of Denial. I'm sure the Tijuana Sex Show was more of a peck on the cheek. Amy is frank and likes to show off her relationship a little (handholding, casual contact), but she seems to shy for more than that in front of strangers. In fact, I would like to read a crackish humor fanfic where all these offscreen moments where Sheldon told us Amy pressed him for intimacy were shown to be actually Sheldon-initiated. Example: - Maybe Amy just said something like "Look, Mistletoe..." and Sheldon interpreted that as a request and proceeded to thoroughly kiss her in front of everyone. He then obviously complained about idiot Christmas traditions and clingy hormonal girlfriends... - Or maybe Amy just playfully pecked him on the cheek and pointed "There's mistletoe there... it's a tradition...". Sheldon points out that, according to the RA, kisses only count if they establish mouth-to-mouth contact for at least five seconds. Amy tells him it is alright, just a silly tradition... but since Sheldon can't leave anything incomplete, he surprised her by kissing for five Mississippis, on the mouth, like mammas and papas do... He would spend the rest of the afternoon complaining about damn vixens and their tempting ways to use legal precedent against him.
  17. The "Ball of Wool" game is perhaps some sort of callback to "little lump of wool"? Probably not.
  18. You only giggle because you have never been accused of corruption of minors .
  19. Water can't get stale (well, not in these conditions), but the coffee could possibly lose some of its flavor... probably not. The problem with these automatic coffee makers is the lack of ritual. Putting the water to heat, pouring the heated water and smelling the coffee... all small pleasures that one shouldn't abandon lightly .
  20. These guys are slightly smarter: they have captchas. They really really should have used a ready-made captcha solution, though, because someone that had the time to write down 190 small words could have thousands of votes in a few minutes.
  21. There is a termination clause in the RA, so all this "pushing" argument seems simply hollow to me. Amy plays it hard sometimes (or at least she thinks so), but she played it much harder before, and Sheldon has proved to be far from defenceless.
  22. If you're going to vote for more than five minutes (someone said 30 minutes!), it's better to use iMacros or Javascript to automate it...
  23. I'm fairly sure there must be a way to script something that votes as fast as possible 24h a day, but... I don't know enough Javascript to actually try it out. EDIT: It turns out that the site is very easy to game (not even fun...), except they have some kind of rate throttling, so you can't really get much more than ~1000 votes per machine-hour.
  24. Yes, you're right. But political skill is more important for experimentalists, isn't it? Some mathematicians can even get away with quitting, refusing cash prizes, living with their mothers ... You're right, of course. I was just saying that it would be really jarring if he changed fields of study "just like that". Wouldn't be a problem if he changes field of study and then has to contend with limited funding, trying to find someone to publish together with, etc. They have to give him at least one success in the next three seasons, though. I want to see "but Sheldon will always be a genius" Amy again! Mayim is fantastic at delivering this kind of condescending lines...
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