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  1. I'm WAITING for Amy's quilt to make an appearance to show her apartment is gone. I think that along with the monkey see/hear/speak statue to show up (and I think it will). Its fun they are doing it this way.
  2. yes 100% agree with all! This was such a strong episode. Filled with classic BBT comedy, classic nerdisms, heart, classic Shamy, growth, and group scene, bonding between Shelnard....I mean honestly this was so good! And that hallway scene. FANTASTIC writing, directing & acting. So much behind that scene. I felt it. His heart went towards 4B, but brain needed to catch up. And those questioning why Sheldon has to "leave" 4A...he isn't being kicked out. Being in 4B for Shamy is deeper. He is giving up his comfort, his spot, for her. Them staying in 4A would show barely any growth on Sheldon's part. He said this before starting the experiment. He is ok with 4B because he really wasn't that upset by her lying. And the core of all of this was love. Lenny is a very typical married couple. I am guilty as charge of "organizing" my husbands stuff (aka stuff gets "cleaned" out). And I'll admit Kaley looked hot as hell in the dominatrix outfit. So happy they are done with the living arrangements. See that wasn't so bad Molaro! Just overall best episode on season 10 so far!
  3. I actually enjoyed how the hiding stuff played out. Listen I'm married for 11 years and do I slowly empty things from my husband's side of the room or "organize"...you bet your ass I do. Its a marriage and a partnership & clearly they are a'ok. I'm enjoying Lenny a lot this season and happy they are FINALLY living alone!
  4. This episode was so perfect best of season 10!!! That hallway scene was emmy worthy and so well directed and written!!!! The bed scene was perfect Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I've def. noticed the clothes baggier and some are newer different fitting items. Just like her hair in Opening and since then (in which its wavier and not as tightly pinned) its gentle changes. And these help relax the look gradually.
  6. very interesting indeed. I hope the money portion doesn't get ugly cause lets face it, especially everyone but Mayim & Melissa will get labeled very greedy if it comes out that they want more money. (as it did last time but this would be worse). Her saying a "2 years" was interesting...wonder if that's whats on the table. Thanks so much for all the info, greatly appreciate it
  7. Thanks so much ShamyDawson. Your clarification makes it sounds like an adorable episode (and funny). and more spooning! Does Sheldon look as though he enjoys it?? This is so amazing!
  8. I see Amy restraining herself more of a cat & mouse game (laced with the procreation tidbits). I think Amy has the control and is ok letting him drool a little bit (girl did the drooling for years). I'm so on board with this slightly role reversal plot. (plus its only 1 episode so its not a theme or anything). And if she ends with "that was close" she's caving soon. I think she wants their physical relationship to not be "to procreate" and Sheldon needs that mask to make him ok with his recent desires & needs. Having sex for a baby makes it make sense to him. I think as they both navigate this new living together life coupled with a very close need to be physical they'll get there BUT this plot sounds hysterical. Plus Amy has never been hit on so much, flirted with, wo'ed, its a lot. But she also has opened pandora's box and with great power comes great responsibility and she kinda knows that. I'm so digging season 10!! Seriously so amazing!
  9. not sure who said what but at the taping I attended--the premiere--standbys did get in (in fact a good chunk)
  10. Thank you thank you thank you. Its like fanfics are coming true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. thank you very much!! So appreciative!
  12. I don't see it being that soon BUT its plausible.
  13. I think we learned last year hard...DON'T TRUST MAYIM!! LOL I kid, but sometimes she doesn't see things like we do....now our captain Jim.....he is so on the same page as us!!
  14. they are important being the entire country is being measured. Usually its only select overnight & LPM markets on daily tracking. No, they do not contribute to the decision to continue a show. Many factors do but ratings are most important BUT THESE PICS! Season 10 is the best and Shamy.....this is heaven!! OMG I love them. His body is so manly and hot in these pics. HOT DAMN!
  15. I know you asked Judith, but usually networks put their best products forward during sweep BUT a lot of these "sweeps" theories proved to be debunked by Opening Night last year....the biggest most anticipated moment (cash cow) was a non-sweeps episode.
  16. that's actually not what sweeps are. Sweeps (4x a year) are when the entire country is measured by NSI-Nielsen including diary markets (that only get measured during sweeps). Because all eyeballs are watching, networks do tend to put their best products forward. And no, advertising dollars during sweeps are not more expensive than non-sweeps. Hope that explains it.
  17. I fully support any ideas you all have to put all these into fanfics! I am always looking for more shamy fanfics!!!
  18. and knife through my heart with that..... (FYI--I sell local affiliate tv stations across the country so that's salt in my wound....lol)
  19. they do not include CBS All Access as that is consider digital (same as watching on a laptop through cbs.com). Those do not go into the NSI ratings information (they can be pulled but still are not bought or sold that way as the digital component is evaluated differently)
  20. Right now, the ones that review it immediately after airing are: -tvfanatic.com -cartermatt.com -tvovermind.com Now the bigger outlets only really do a review every few episodes (ones like Hollywood Reporter, TVInsider, etc). They tend to do "big episodes" or "big Guest" ones as they are usually invited and have writer interviews attached. and then there is always our girl Jessica from Glamour who is a true fangirl like so many of us.
  21. who knows...maybe the nurse or doctor that helps deliver the baby becomes a new love interest for Raj...who knows....
  22. I enjoyed this reveal and that he was hiding it from everybody else. Think about it...he is surrounded by all these well established couples. His best friend is having a baby...and here he is and can't hold down a steady girlfriend...and when he gets one for a decent chunk of time he ruined it (alebit dating two women). And it makes sense he kept this a secret. More to follow on this one for sure.
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