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  1. Yes I confirm. The scene in the promo is the tag scene. Not more. In live, the way Jim acted it, and when he drops the lines made this moment very funny for a majority. As it was funny, that's why I won't say anything because I thought to watch in discovering with the episode was more funny than if you read it. But no, that was not a secret to say that something big happens, sorry for the hope. :-/
  2. Amy was not there. Leonard explains that he doesn't want to say to Penny he dorsn't want her to go to comic con with him. And Sheldon answers that he and Amy said what they think. I don't really understand the details but they are not afraid to tell each other absolutely everything, including bad things, that was the joke of this scene.
  3. Sorry. My post was initially on the shamy topic. So I wrote quickly only shamy things for shamy shipers last night and wanted to add some more information later here if no one else were at the taping. I think Lenny need a little more communication (and I don't say shamy couple are perfect). But, as said, Leonard and Penny wanted to make the other happy, that was not bad.
  4. The tag scene is just a joke, but very unpredictable and funny. Even Jim and Mayim laughted a lot after the scene :,D
  5. I was at the taping. Not much shamy scene but we have : - Sheldon speaking with Leonard that Amy and him are honest each other (in my opinion, even if Sheldon is TOO honest :D I prefer that than Leonard and Penny who don't succeed to be honest each other). - a bit of Sheldon and Amy complicity. - the final episode scene which is hilarious. But it is better you discoverd in seeing.
  6. Hello everybody, It's been a long time since the last time I posted here, due to my personal life (in good ways). Now I have time, I can read your posts. I kept watching the episodes. We don't have a lot of ShAmy interactions, but the little we had was positive. I like their flirting scene in the cabin episode, their little "fight" like an old couple in the last episode. They are all fine ! I am a little disappointed we don't have an other big shamy event at the end of the season, but this season was very focused on them. So we can wait for the next season.
  7. I understood Sheldon saw Leonard without pants (Amy said Sheldon saw her without pants, I think Leonard wanted to say he saw him without pants too).
  8. Of course we recognize Harry Potter, but I think maybe there is also a reference to FRIENDS, isn't it ? :-D
  9. With Amy's comment, about wanting seeing him "in his born/birthday suit", can we assume it is the second clue which means they effectively "do that" now, not only at her birthday ? ;D I like to think they end the party together in his bed. even if it is not really important. EDIT : okay... As always, I'm late and I really must read BEFORE posting. :D
  10. It doesn't sound bad, but no no no no No !! It remembers me of the Phoebe theory about FRIENDS, that I didn't want to read, to not uspet me, but one of my friends told me a little about it.
  11. What I like is that we saw the two aspects of Sheldon. Child, when he is around his meemaw, instinctively, I think, and because she traits him like a child. Then, when the ring is mentioned, I find we can see the change in Sheldon attitude. He speaks calmly, in adult way, when explaining to Amy. Even if it is because of the subject, the interaction is very completely different. And when he defends Amy. Brilliant Jim !
  12. Yes, I watched it again and he said that. I understand what you mean now. But in the spok documentary I thought he said he would have liked propose to her before they broke up. But yes, you may be right, maybe he just thought about it but didn't know when, and then they broke up before he could find a date.
  13. I'm not sure about that. That is not very clear for me. :/ what made you think that ?
  14. I just watched the episode and I like it ! Jim's acting is perfect in this episode (well, as always, it's true). I like the mention of the ring. I like how Sheldon reacts. And how Amy is surprise. I think it is good she knows, even if it would have been more surprising when he would have proposed, but in that way she discovers he was commited/wanted to be more commited to her before the break up.
  15. Out of topic, Back to season 2, that I am watching right now, episode 2 : Leonard : "if science ever discovers a second member of your species, and you two would like some privacy I would be happy to get out of your way. Sheldon : well, all right, then." well, that just made me smile. We all know someone kinda in his species came over almost 2 years after.
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