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  1. 10 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    The girls at the taping  just said the tag was a joke that showed certain sexual tension between Shamy and it was so hilarious that Jim and Mayim continued laughing at the end of it. From what I see, everything fits (even if I don't find that the part shown in the promo hilarious, but it's just my opinion, of course), since it was obvious that the actors could barely keep a straight face the whole time. Of course, I might be mistaken, but anyhow for what the girls which gave us the outline of the episode said, I wouldn't expect anything huge from the tag scene. Thay made it clear that was just a fun scene and not something really important plot-wise.

    Yes I confirm. The scene in the promo is the tag scene. Not more.

    In live, the way Jim acted it, and when he drops the lines made this moment very funny for a majority. As it was funny, that's why I won't say anything because I thought to watch in discovering with the episode was more funny than if you read it. But no, that was not a secret to say that something big happens, sorry for the hope. :-/


  2. 10 hours ago, joyceraye said:

    When Sheldon is telling Leonard that he and Amy are honest with each other, is Amy there ? If not, this might be a big first. I can't remember a time when Sheldon spoke in this way to anyone else . I can remember times when he used to insist Amy was only a friend, and  occasions when he mentioned he was worried about something to do with Amy, but never before has he been the one to say something so positive about the Shamy relationship in her absence. Or does my memory fail me ?

    Amy was not there. Leonard explains that he doesn't want to say to Penny he dorsn't want her to go to comic con with him.

    And Sheldon answers that he and Amy said what they think. I don't really understand the details but they are not afraid to tell each other absolutely everything, including bad things, that was the joke of this scene.

  3. 6 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    Yea Sheldon has almost been honest with Amy. 

    Sorry. My post was initially on the shamy topic. So I wrote quickly only shamy things for shamy shipers last night and wanted to add some more information later here if no one else were at the taping.

    I think Lenny need a little more communication (and I don't say shamy couple are perfect). But, as said, Leonard and Penny wanted to make the other happy, that was not bad.

  4. 6 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    Thank you @CentralPerk for the additional info! I hope you had fun!

    So, the implicit question is: is that tag cute as the one in the Big Baer episode or just hilarious as the hoarding episode tag? Either way, I see a pattern here, LOL!

    The tag scene is just a joke, but very unpredictable and funny. Even Jim and Mayim laughted a lot after the scene :,D

  5. I was at the taping. Not much shamy scene but we have :

    - Sheldon speaking with Leonard that Amy and him are honest each other (in my opinion, even if Sheldon is TOO honest :D I prefer that than Leonard and Penny who don't succeed to be honest each other).

    - a bit of Sheldon and Amy complicity.

    - the final episode scene which is hilarious. But it is better you discoverd in seeing.

  6. Hello everybody,

    It's been a long time since the last time I posted here, due to my personal life (in good ways). Now I have time, I can read your posts.

    I kept watching the episodes. We don't have a lot of ShAmy interactions, but the little we had was positive.

    I like their flirting scene in the cabin episode, their little "fight" like an old couple in the last episode. They are all fine !

    I am a little disappointed we don't have an other big shamy event at the end of the season, but this season was very focused on them. So we can wait for the next season. :)


  7. 6 hours ago, loriparis80 said:

    I secretly wished they would last minute throw in a Shamy birthday hug or kiss. I need to see some Shamy lovin.

    So Leonard saw Amy without pants?

    I understood Sheldon saw Leonard without pants (Amy said Sheldon saw her without pants, I think Leonard wanted to say he saw him without pants too).

  8. With Amy's comment, about wanting seeing him "in his born/birthday suit", can we assume it is the second clue which means they effectively "do that" now, not only at her birthday ? ;D

    I like to think they end the party together in his bed. :) even if it is not really important.

    EDIT : okay... As always, I'm late and I really must read BEFORE posting. :D

  9. 7 hours ago, Kathy2611 said:

    The very first scene of the very last episode of the show .....

    Sheldon for whatever reason is looking out the living room window, smiling.  We hear Mary calling his name from behind him and when he turns, they're not in 4A.  They're in a psych ward.  

    In the background, you see other fellow patients, including Leonard, Raj, Bernadette & Amy.  We also see Dr. Howard Wolowitz (who Bernadette has a crush on) and Dr. Penny (who Leonard has a crush on) and who's last name is never known because it is so long and complicated to pronounce so the patients simply call her Dr. Penny.  

    Its revealed that everything that happened throughout the series was all in Sheldon's imagination and none of it was real.

    It doesn't sound bad, but no no no no No !!

    It remembers me of the Phoebe theory about FRIENDS, that I didn't want to read, to not uspet me, but one of my friends told me a little about it.

  10. 8 hours ago, nibbler747 said:

    Not a fan of this "child" Sheldon we've got going of recent years.  I miss when he acted more clever and adult.  Glad that he ultimately defended Amy.

    What I like is that we saw the two aspects of Sheldon. Child, when he is around his meemaw, instinctively, I think, and because she traits him like a child.

    Then, when the ring is mentioned, I find we can see the change in Sheldon attitude. He speaks calmly, in adult way, when explaining to Amy. Even if it is because of the subject, the interaction is very completely different. And when he defends Amy.

    Brilliant Jim !

  11. 2 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    Because he said something (English is not my first language, so correct me if I'm wrong...) along the lines "My mother gave it to me and I was thinking about giving it to you but then we broke up"...I interpreted that as he was still thinking about a possible proposal when the break up occurred, JMO!

    Yes, I watched it again and he said that. I understand what you mean now. But in the spok documentary I thought he said he would have liked propose to her before they broke up. But yes, you may be right, maybe he just thought about it but didn't know when, and then they broke up before he could find a date.

  12. 50 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    Also for me the episode made it clear that he was not going to propose straight the night they broke up, so I'm more and more sure now that the purpose of letting Amy know about it is for us to cool our jets.

    I'm not sure about that. That is not very clear for me. :/ 

    what made you think that ?

  13. I just watched the episode and I like it ! Jim's acting is perfect in this episode (well, as always, it's true).

    I like the mention of the ring. I like how Sheldon reacts. And how Amy is surprise. I think it is good she knows, even if it would have been more surprising when he would have proposed, but in that way she discovers he was commited/wanted to be more commited to her before the break up.

  14. Out of topic, 

    Back to season 2, that I am watching right now, episode 2 :

    Leonard : "if science ever discovers a second member of your species, and you two would like some privacy I would be happy to get out of your way.

    Sheldon : well, all right, then."

    well, that just made me smile. :) We all know someone kinda in his species came over almost 2 years after.

  15. 4 hours ago, kerrycec03 said:

    I am so happy by this pic. Its a dream come true! My two favorite shows of all time in the same photo. I am shaking! Missing Matthew and Melissa, Kunal and Mayim but nevertheless I am hysterically crying with glee over this.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    8 hours ago, nickelette424 said:

    My two favorite shows together.   I wish Matthew Perry could have made it. 

    When I saw this photograph on instagram I was very happy !! My two favorite TV shows too, which take a big place in my life.

    It is sad that the entire cast, of each show, was not here, but it is already a big great picture ! I think I have found my new profile photo. :biggrin:

  16. 7 hours ago, Maddie said:

    5. Similarly, we get confirmation that Sheldon developed feelings for Amy before she developed feelings for him. This can be debated, I don't think we got a clear indication that she had feelings for him until Herb Garden and Agreement Dissection. Furthermore, at the end of Alien Parasite, she didn't feel anything when she grabbed Sheldon's hand. I love this. Sheldon might have taken a lot longer to come to terms with his feelings than did Amy, but he developed romantic feelings for her almost instantly.


    Yes ! I agree with all your post, but I quote this because I think he had feeling for her first, too ! Even if he didn't catch it himself at these moment or deny it.

  17. 2 hours ago, boys3allc said:

     The mailman line in Ornaphobia. Again a sly way to throw in how much time they have spent together. How well they know each other.

    About spending time together, it reminds me : recently I watched again the episode about the parking spot. It is only a detail but I cought it only this time. Amy said she had a box with coins in her purse to bring to the bank, and in the same episode Sheldon said he had tried to go to the bank with the iron man  helmet. I am not sure but maybe they planed to go to the bank together.

    And one other thing in this episode, Amy takes Sheldon's part (she agrees with his point of view) about the parking spot. I am not sure now if she would. I think, now, she would try to tell him "but you don't use it" :-/ I love how they are now, and that it is good that they grew up, but sometimes I want their complicity in their own weirds things comes back.

  18. 54 minutes ago, Ranger Rosa said:

    I believe they were referring to doing another live FwF episode.

    Or something else related to valentines day gift :D (recalled to a recent birthday gift) but Lenny interrupted so we will never know.

  19. In comic con, Molaro had said we will learn more about Amy's past, or meeting her family.

    There are 9 episodes to go. I wait for it.

    14 hours ago, rachelshamyfan said:

    There was talk about a shamy wedding taking place in time for 10.2 


    Unless something happens soon it will be a super fast organized wedding very unlike tbbt where the other two couples waited well over a whole season to get married from engagement

    I thought about it and I think Amy didn't anticipate the break up in her calculations. So, maybe we can add 6 months, so not 10.2, a little more.

    We can hope. :biggrin:

  20. 3 hours ago, bluebird said:


    - It seems like the writers are really spelling it out to the audience that this break up was necessary in order to Sheldon and their relationship to grow. We've now heard more than once how their relationship is stronger and better than ever. That's awesome of course, so thrilled about it, but maybe we could finally move on from it? Also this made me think that they didn't have that big talk off screen.. well the main thing is that they are happy and in love, that's all that matters in the end!


    That was exactly what I thought after reading the TR. Okay, it is good to know, to heard Sheldon said it, but now with 2 or 3 episodes about this topic let's talk about their future, writers, please.

  21. 1 hour ago, Soopysue said:

    Thanks so much  for the info - did I miss somewhere the episode info ?? I've been in and out of here all morning - I'm sneaking on here at work !!!!!

    Hope you had a blast at the taping !! :) 

    I miss it too. Thank you Camelliayao and Kazzie for these news.

    Can you tell more about the FWF and shamy ? And what about Kripke ?
  22. 11 hours ago, Radar said:

    Interesting - the same thought came to my mind after reading the TR. An engagement ring is one of the most personal things, and as much as I liked the idea of a family heirloom in the beginning, I changed my mind about it. Not only because of the way the Meemaw episode played out. But I suddenly asked myself: Would I have wanted my husband's grandmother's ring? She was a wonderful woman who I loved dearly. Still the answer is definitely NO.

    I was actually surprised when I realized this, since I am a pretty traditional person. And I would have loved to have a family heirloom as a present (a necklace, or even a ring), but not as an engagement ring. Since we were about to start our own family this was to be a symbol of something new we were creating together.

    Yes, the more I think about it, I really have to say that I love the fact that my ring has been chosen by the one I love especially for me. :icon_redface:

    I still think Amy will get the family heirloom, and I'm fine with it. Just saying if Sheldon will chose a new ring especially and just for Amy I won't be disappointed anymore, I will actually like it. :wink:


    I like the idea and the symbol of a family ring but I agree with you.

    Now I imagine :

    Meemaw : don't give her the ring.

    Sheldon : I don't mind, I will give her an other engagement ring.


  23. 1 hour ago, hazelra7 said:

    Is it wrong to say I like Earworm more than the Coitus Ep?  Dont get me wrong, Opening Night is amazing.  but that kiss though... Oh man... I thought NOTHING could top me watching the train kiss, till that came along.  

    I prefer earworm too than opening night (about shamy), even if I love the two episodes. What a kiss !!

  24. 2 hours ago, Arduina said:

    I'm just back from Fanfiction.net and I as going to post the exact same message! Desperately looking for good Shamy stories :( I was expecting a whole new bunch of Shamy stories after December :(

    May I recommend The Science of Love if you're not already reading it? It's absolutely brilliant!

    Yes, I read it too. :)

    I also like Hazelra's stories, and I follow "the parallel Universe Affirmation or the girlfriend trickery" by QBMaja, "The Superlative Chemistry" by Boys3AllC, "The Stranger Phenomenon" by thesweetcompounder, some one shot... Well, not all but almost all shamy fanfics. Lol

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