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  1. Bold part, because Leonard doesn't know, and Sheldon probably doesn't know himself, before being attracted to Amy.
  2. I have a question about the scene in bed, even if we will see soon. When they are together in bed and he says hello, and she says hi, do you think maybe he touches her with his feet or leg on her leg ? I thought of it in seeing one gif on repeat, the blanket moves. And it could be possible the gesture with the hello and her answer when she feels his leg. A simple shy touch, before the kiss, the hand on the cheek and the rest...
  3. When I have said at one of my friends that shamy will have sex, she said : oh it will be weird with Sheldon and his distant attitude. Well, she doesn't see the kiss in 9.10 and Sheldon not distant at all. In fact, she didn't watch the seasons 8 and 9, so she didn't see all Sheldon growth.
  4. Oh yes. I can't wait to see them cuddling in bed. <3
  5. Off topic with the current discussion. I would like to add Sheldon is so cute when he is filming himself. Someone could find a gif with his smile after he says he has paid food that Penny eats ? And his mischievous eyes after his joke to Leonard. Jim/Sheldon is adorable in all this episode.
  6. Well. I'm 30 years old and I like listening to old bands (and songs) as The Beach Boys. I didn't know 'Darlin' but I like it, and it was a great find for describing their relationship.
  7. Very good episode, funny and so so cute and hippy dippy. Sheldon is so focus on Amy he didn't mind shake Dave's hand and doesn't stop kissing Amy when Dave wants to speak about physics. I repeat again myself but with these two things we again can say he so missed her !!! And she is his priority now !!
  8. (Maybe I'm late in the discussion. ) yes and he apparently he says something like "As Amy is not here, with whom I will spend my days ?" :D And, he stays Sheldon with some comments, but now she is really his priority.
  9. I agree. with all the happiness we have in the two previous episodes, I'm fine if there is not a lot of shamy stuff in few episodes. A nice skype call is good and sufficient.
  10. Totally chills and butterflies each time I see these scenes. How can I work after watching the episode friday morning ?
  11. Oh good idea ! But as It is a public group I can't post in it or join it, if so my facebook spoiler free friends will see all shamy things and my posts.
  12. Oh I would love see them eating breakfast together. So we will know they spent the night together, and see them, as their tea time, but with their dressing gown in the morning, that would be very cute.
  13. I am not a huge fan of Kaley, not meanings I don't like her but that I am not "update" with her life. I just saw her photo on instagram and I understand just today that she divorced. Sad for her. and when in the show her character get married. What a bad time.
  14. I definitely also want a guys' reaction when they discover shamy coitus. ("They don't know that we know they know we know" )
  15. Yes, I think, and almost sure about this. With the guy's comment and the way Jim played it.
  16. Bold part, exactly why I am obssessed about shamy.
  17. I don't know how it works in US, maybe the tickets are not with numbers, so they go early to have good sit. Like when they wait for the indiana jones / Raiders movie. But for Raiders they had not tickets. But I think of that because in Paris often even with tickets we have to wait when there are a movie premiere. People comes early to be well placed in the movie theatre, as in some concerts.
  18. Yuck ! How can he think to eat that ? Hope it's better cooked. Lol
  19. Exactly ! (the bold part) Usually, I feel more for Sheldon, but in this episode Mayim blew me away.
  20. Maybe it has already been said, I have not read all the comments for the moment and I just watch again the episode. I think Amy at the end is not sad only because he only wants them to be friends, but also, maybe, because she understands she hurt him. Even if she was not the only one in cause on the break-up, to know you have hurt the one you love is really heartbreaking.
  21. I like this episode very much. Leonard was very funny ! good job Johnny. :D I like all shamy scenes, very good acting by both Mayim and Jim. Very credible, touching and beautiful.
  22. I like this episode. Leonard was funny, and I like all shamy scenes together. I am not always a fan of Mayim's acting choices (sorry, I know I am not in the majority) BUT in this episode I find her very good acting ! In all scenes. And also Jim, as always. Their moments were very touching, beautiful and sad at the end. Good episode.
  23. Hey, no dr who door in the last photo
  24. Thank you Kerry and your friend ! this episode sounds amazing ! And it is Sheldon who thought about these gifts ! I understood it was the girls who suggested this with other things. That's better this idea came spontaneously from him.
  25. Did she knows it was the star wars premiere and so that he has chosen not go for her ?
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