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  1. So bad. For once that he posted a photo. Some people are really stupid. I hope he was not offended by these stupid comments. I think he didn't know and he enjoyed his evening, and it was kind of him to share his excitation with his contacts. Maybe when he has knew the events he maybe preferred remove it because he finds it not suitable with the events. He not had to, but maybe preferred to remove it.
  2. I'm with you. I hope all your family and friends are fine. It is horrible, they attack innocent people who were just in a concert, in the restaurant,... Now it's hard to feel safe in Paris. I live in Paris, fortunately I was not here yesterday. All my thoughts for the victims and their families.
  3. I think because her feelings for him have grown in the next seasons, and so, she was more needy and she wanted his attention, and she wanted he shows her his feelings. She didn't know how he really feels/felt, except after the prom episode. That why I didn't understand the episode 8x24, because she would not be insecure after he said he loves her.
  4. About Sheldon too enthusiastic, I thought that too. But I think he was resigned and knew now he can't be with Amy, now that she dates and kisses other man, so he knew she doesn't want him. It is like, as we have pointed before here, he has reached the acceptance stage. And so, he wants to date a woman to fill a gap and focus in work, like he said. So, he finds the PERFECT woman for him, intelligent, knows klingon, seems kind. But she is not Amy (even if he doesn't say that). I like this end ! About Dave, I must admit he made me laugh. About Amy, yes, I agree with the bold part in the quote. I am a little disappointed by the girls. Even if now Sheldon accepts he has loosen Amy and he wants to try to date someone else, I am very surprise by Penny's behavior. He wanted to marry Amy ! I know, friends can't really interfere, but still. Fortunately, everything goes well in the future episodes.
  5. Really hard for me too. My friends and sister watch the episodes nearly one week after it airs. Very difficult during one month not to say anything. So I speak about it with friends who don't mind but they really don't care about it and they don't understand my enthusiasm. They find me and the subject boring I agree that when you are spoiler free, and want to stay spoiler free, you must avoid social media and internet. It must be very difficult. I just wanted to point sometimes we (the 'not spoiler free' in general) must try to refrain us for them. Especially on the actors accounts. But I agree, it is hard. Especially with good news when all is bad.
  6. I hope spoiler free people don't read the comments on instagram picture (Melissa, and other). Because some teases.. :-/
  7. I don't know :/ here a link on youtube (live version) : http://youtu.be/0D3DUx5X8k
  8. Have you seen all the lyrics of the song ? It's interesting if ALL the song is meaning for Sheldon : "Darlin'" Ohh darlin' My darlin' you're so fine Ohhhh-hhh-hhh Don't know if words can say But darlin' I'll find a way To let you know what you meant to me Guess it was meant to be I hold you in my heart As life's most precious part Oh darlin' I dream about you often my pretty darlin' (Darlin' you're so fine) I love the way you soften my life with your love Your precious love uh huh oh I was living like half a man Then I couldn't love but now I can You pick me up when I'm feeling sad More soul than I ever had Gonna love you every single night Cause I think you're too outta sight Oh darlin' I dream you often my pretty darlin' (Darlin' you're so fine) I love the way soften my life with your love Your precious love uh huh huh Woah oh oh oh Every night darlin' Gonna love you every single night, yes I will Cause I think you're too doggone outta sight Oh darlin' I dream you often my pretty darlin' (Darlin' you're so fine) I love the way soften my life with your love Your precious love uh huh huh Oh
  9. Maybe it starts by kissing because they miss each other. Then they could talk later to say what must be said for the relationship works. At least, Sheldon now realises all the things Amy do for him. And I think he will be less selfish and there will be more intimacy. He has learnt.
  10. OMG ! I have the impression of having read a fanfiction when reading the TR. Thank you Kazzie ! This is finally the end !!! And I can wait to see them with their passionate kisses. I was worried when I read Amy asked an other date with Dave ! But I don't care now with this end !!
  11. About the sneak peek, I think Sheldon says he could more focus in work with an other lady because : - He misses Amy, and thinks about her, so he can't do a good work/focus on work. - Amy will not come back (he saw her with a man, he is resigned and he know it's over) so he must find a woman to "fill the gap" and hopefully he could focus on work again I think it is his opinion. I think it is about how it ended and the pain he feels.
  12. Me, in nearly all the episode, especially when Sheldon talk about Amy.
  13. Before shamy, (season 1-3), I liked the show but I was not so into it. I could watch an episode one day, two after few days for example (with dvd, I started to watch the previous seasons the year the season 6 was on US TV). I became obsessive since shamy. I remember how excited I was after each episode, wanting to see more development (between them). I am mostly a Sheldon fan, and I like shamy mostly because it brings something even more interesting in his character. And I love their bond. I loved their unique relationship. ("Loved" because I think their relationship is not very unique now, but I still love their relationship anyway). If shamy never get back together, I will be disappointed and heartbroken. But I think I like Sheldon maybe more than shamy and I like the dynamic of the show, the group of friends, the geek stuff. So, I will continue to watch but I will not be obsessive. Like in the beginning, when I started to watch the show.
  14. I don't have the subtitles, but what I have seen, and that I understand, in this sneak peek is just excitation, and he wants to share it with her, as he would do if they were still friends or in a relationship.
  15. This week is soooo long ! No episode to watch tuesday, no spoiler today, I have to wait for the updates of my favorite fanfictions. And I am so bored at work. Friday morning, come quickly please. I can't wait especially for this episode.
  16. After reading the full report I change a little my opinion. It is good to have an episode where they spend time together and talk about some important points. But I'm still sad :,( I understand Sheldon but I want so much they get back together soon.
  17. I knew I had to be wary about what Mayim said. Every time I don't think at all like her. Great, another disappointed wednesnay morning.
  18. yes. I didn't understand a lot of words this morning (tuesday morning in my time zone) in watching the episode. But this, I clearly heard it ! :D and I thought (and always think) also he chose this profession because he always think of Amy and wedding.
  19. I think he said that because by his under the influence of alcohol (even if I think he had not drunk much but it is Sheldon and we see that by his attitude) he maybe thinks spontaneously "what women I know ? Penny, Bernadette, Emily".
  20. I don't understand Sheldon uses a dating apps, but I like your, and Shamy gal, idea.
  21. I will don't understand why they will continue to push them to date other people in knowing Sheldon wanted to commit to Amy and marry her. It was maybe partly because of the lack of Sheldon commitment that she broke up with him. Even if friends should not interfere in friends romantic relationship I think when they are informations, and big information which could change what both party of the couple think, I think friends should tell clues. I hope that on the next episode, I don't know, maybe Penny could tell to Amy to speak with Sheldon.
  22. About the spoiler, I'm not happy to see them dating, or try to dating, someone else! I am very disappointed Sheldon considers seriously to date an other woman. Because I find that out of character. Even if I know, he has changed, and he tries to move on because he misses Amy and he maybe can't deal with his feelings. Although, Raj and Howard's idea is good. And that the man with Amy is a fan of Sheldon is a good idea too, for "sabotage" the date. At least, they are again alone so it is a start for a future reconciliation, but WHEN ?!!!! I lose patience !!! writers fix this !
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