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  1. About the spoiler, I'm not happy to see them dating, or try to dating, someone else! I am very disappointed Sheldon considers seriously to date an other woman. Because I find that out of character. Even if I know, he has changed, and he tries to move on because he misses Amy and he maybe can't deal with his feelings. Although, Raj and Howard's idea is good. And that the man with Amy is a fan of Sheldon is a good idea too, for "sabotage" the date. At least, they are again alone so it is a start for a future reconciliation, but WHEN ?!!!! I lose patience !!! writers fix this !
  2. I watched it again with the subtitles. The first time, I laugh to fencing scenes, and was upset at the end of the episode. Now, with the subtitles, I understand more sentences. And Sheldon really affects me. Leonard confirms Sheldon thinks about her all the time. Interesting to know. All the episode is focused on Sheldon and Amy's possibilities to date an other person. About Sheldon, they show he is really hurt and he misses Amy. In my opinion, he only accepts to think about dating just because he is sad and he has drunk. And because he understand what Leonard said to him at the fencing, and what he already thought in the previous episode when he said she will marry a better man. About Amy, we saw she wants to date, but she doesn't know when and with who, so, she is a little in the deny, she still has feelings for Sheldon (of course! after 5 years, but she seems forget it). I am very heartbreak with Sheldon in this episode. I don't understand why Amy can't understand him anymore. She could see he is upset, a little drunk, and that he says "heard it was a way to move on". And he shows he doesn't really approve of Kripke asking her out ("he will be a dead man"). She heard only what she wants (or doesn't want) to heard ! :-( In a way, it is "good" to see she is upset, because it shows she finally realized he can not wait for her ! (even if he will not, IMO)
  3. I agree with most of your comment but not about Sheldon who thinks he can find someone else. He does it just to try to not be hurt, but he clearly is not interested of dating.
  4. I just watched the episode. I will read your comments later. First, I can't wait for the end of the break-up !! So sad to see them trying to move on. Sheldon is definitively drunk in the bar and in the stairs. Amy is effectively upset, I think first by the fact he has tried to move on himself (I think she though he will not and he will stayed alone), and after I think his comment about "tasting good" can be misinterpreted. I think that's comment which upset her more, and it was the start for her to think she must try dating. I really hope for the spoiler tomorrow. :'(
  5. exactly what I thought in watching this scene !
  6. I like this episode, particularly Raj-Howard scenes. They have made me laughed, it was fun. Raj dancing, the song,etc... XD About shamy, well, I will speak about it in the shamy thread later.
  7. I think it was terminate off screen, too. Because Amy mentions it and in the same episode she does something forbidden by the RA. but I would have prefered they mention it was terminate more precisely.
  8. I quote this part because this is totally what I think !! (but I could even quote all). I can't develop and explain now why I ship shamy, bedtime here, I was only reading the pages I could not read during my workday before sleeping. To express what I want to mean in English is difficult for me, so I will try later when I will have most time.
  9. There will be two very long weeks. But now, we have a kind of confirmation it will be aired out of order. So, in two weeks they will mention the ring ! It is impossible Penny doesn't try to say clues at Amy. I will be very disappointed if all their friends not try to do something now they know about Sheldon's intentions ! *try to be patient*
  10. Have they show at the audience the episode taped last week ? edit : I'm apologize, I saw you already answer. Thank you.
  11. Well, it seems it will be on air as the episode 6. We will have more answers in two weeks, because of the ring thing. They can't ignore it.
  12. Thank you snow*flower ! Which episode have you seen over there before the taping starts ?
  13. Last week, I expected no shamy related episode. And then, I woke up and the first sentence I read about the taping report was : "Sheldon proposes". I got up on my bed, in shock. Then I read "Amy kiss a man". What a deception and an emotional morning. I hope tomorrow will be better. :D I would like to specify, about the episode today, I don't remember who produce the taping report and spoiler about this episode, but I don't want they be offended by the fact we mostly all say we find not Amy really upset, whereas in the taping it was said she was. Sometimes we are all with hope and questions "so, what do you think he thinks ? she seems sad ? he seems upset ?" because in this situation we want a lot of details, but I understand it is very difficult to the person who reports the taping. It is difficult to remember all things and to answer at all our questions and expectation. So again, thank you for all the reporters.
  14. I like the episode today, but mostly the guy part. About the girls, I don't think Amy seems regretting the break up. She seems wanting to move on (even if in the next episode we understand she, eventually, is not in this etape yet). She seems doesn't care about facebook status and is afraid of her mother, that's all. But I must admit, they choose to not show depressed characters for a funny episode, I understand this choice.
  15. At least, if the break up doesn't end soon, we can have hope for episode 17 which be the 200th episode. But it is far far away. I think Amy will know about the ring, or his intention, with the video or Penny. I don't think she brusquely will go after Sheldon and say yes, etc. But I think at least it is a clue for her to know his commitment and it is the thing which may make them talk about it and their feelings and re-build their relationship.
  16. I won't give up but I am disappointed with the storylines the writers have chosen. I hope it will not be a kind of HIMYM 2.
  17. oh okay. I read he proposed. so I believe Amy dates an other man since their conversation in the stairs. Koops had right. And I am sad for Sheldon. The season will be very longggggg
  18. I'm very confused with the spoiler, and I just wake up (it is 8am in my time zone). The most important thing : Sheldon propose after or before she dated an other man ? And did she say yes ?
  19. I like this episode. The shennys kiss doesn't bored me, I found it funny. I think the most usual viewers will too. I love all shamy scenes, and Jim's acting, as always. About the San Francisco trip, I don't know what to think : 1. why this scene ? it must be important, because Sheldon who offers a present is really inhabitual. So I don't think it is only for a joke. 2. Sheldon seems embarrasse/puzzled and not really true / hidding his true goal (I don't find the good word) when he said why he offers them this gift. The question is, this was just for the joke, and Sheldon wants to go in San Francisco and not alone ? or, like some of you point out, was it a trip for Amy and him ? I am not so sure. I need answers, writers !!!
  20. I have watching the episode 3 times, with one time with subtitles, that helps me a little to better catch some jokes. :D I'm not upset about the ring thing. Even if it could be Mary who gave the ring to Sheldon, he has kept it. So, in my opinion, I think he didn't want to propose at their anniversary, but he kept the ring because he know one day he will propose to Amy. So, I think it is still positive. And I think Mary said he can keep it because she knows they will be back together.
  21. Yeah secret scene ! Can anyone write the conversation between Sheldon and his mum ? Because I understand English writing but I don't understand every words speaking (and no subtitles for now)
  22. I have watched the videos on instagram. I just want to say thank you Jim !! #OneOfUs
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