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  1. So, after reading the report, and a long day at work when I could only scrutinize a little in the forum, I come back to write what I think. I will surely repeat what others have already said, and I'm sorry about it. What I like in this episode is that, with other things, it is focus on shamy. I think many things will be funny even if I am a little sad about the end. I don't really like the idea "Sheldon you must move on, and to do so, you must date other woman". It is an advice some of friends would done. But for Sheldon, really ? I understand the writers think of it with the perspective of funny situations, and I think I will find it funny, but I found it out of character. Why Sheldon would accept it ? In reading the forum, and in adequation with what he said to Amy, I understand he is hurt and he wants try to not be hurt, try to move on. He does it because his friends say it was a solution. In addition, with asking any women he (and the writers) show(s) he has no interest. That is positive. I agree this episode shows Sheldon was resigned whereas Amy not. But now, I really don't know what they will do. I am also happy the situation move a little and I think it is a purpose for install the reconciliation but because I stay positive, because it could bring the end of their relationship too. I like that they interacted, but I don't know if it is a good thing or if it worse. I have faith it is for bring the reconciliation but how ? the miscommunication between them is worse. THEY MUST TALK WITH and ABOUT THEIR REAL FEELINGS !!! As I said just after reading the taping, why Sheldon doesn't specify more he only does this because he thinks she doesn't want him any more ! But it is the writers who want us waiting a little more
  2. I just read it. OMG Sheldon, why don't you tell her you don't want these girls but her !!! :,( Spoilers from starwatchbyline : The boys are collecting Howard for lunch when he talks about a machine he created to make it appear as if he has been jogging because Bernadette is wanting him to exercise more. They end up talking about how they should pick up a sport and learn that Barry Kripke teaches fencing. Now this is a sport that they all decide they could get behind and sign up for lessons. In the meantime the girls have been called to come to the comic bookstore by Stuart to help him figure out how to lure more women to come to his bookstore and try and bring in more business from the female population. The boys are all dressed in fencing gear and Kripke is giving them instructions, which was amusing. Whenever Kripke would be distracted by a phone call or whatever, the boys were going crazy with fencing duals and it was quite funny. The girls were hilarious though. Every thing they tried to point out to Stuart as to why his business may be having problems attracting women led to hilarious results. Kripke learns that Sheldon and Amy have broken up and he shows interest in Amy which upsets Sheldon. He approaches Kripke and challenges him to a dual in exactly three years from that day as he needs time to learn the sport well enough to be a good opponent. Somehow Stuart gets the wrong impression when Amy is trying to explain why he may be having difficulty being alone and how she could relate to that, which leads Stuart to assume she is asking him out. She clearly is not and makes it clear that she has no intention of going out with him. In the meantime the girls return to Penny’s apartment and Amy gets an invite from Kripke to go out. The girls talk about it and Penny asks Amy if she has ever imagined what she would think about seeing a naked Kripke, and she says she doesn’t have to imagine it, and holds up her phone to show the girls a photo that Kripke sent her of himself naked, grossing out the girls. Sheldon in the meantime is at a bar with the boys and having a beer when the boys convince him that the best way to move on from missing Amy is to start dating again. He sees an attractive blonde walk by and goes over to her and in his Sheldon -like way asks her out. She turns him down so he asks the woman next to her out which happens to be her grandmother and the third woman has red hair and is pale skinned and he thinks reminds him of clowns (a remark he made earlier to Raj about Emily as well) so bypasses her. Later Sheldon and Leonard are walking up the stairs and Bernie and Amy are walking down the stairs and run into each other. Sheldon and AMy are abandoned by the other two and Sheldon tells her he has taken up fencing and that Kripke may ask her out. She tells him that Kripke already asked her out and she turned him down. Sheldon says to her “yeah, I asked out two women today and got turned down.” Amy was rather taken aback and said she wasn’t aware he was interested in dating someone else. He said he heard it was best for moving on. Amy gets quite emotional and wishes him a good day and leaves, but you could tell it really upset her to know he was already looking at dating other women. The tag scene was Bernadette asking Howard how he ran so many miles in one day and he begins to “retreat” back out of the room.
  3. I hope it is a start for the next episodes.
  4. they talk by skype in this episode ? I asked because it could be a pre-taped scene this week in this video before the taping in front of the audience today.
  5. Sheldon's T-shirt is intriguing. Black Flash Tshirt ! I think we can continue the theory color shirt = feelings. they were playing a scene for the episode 5 or this is one of the previous episodes already taping ? If even the actors want an end of the break up, hope it will be before the end of the season.
  6. My apologies. :D As you mention it, it was also the opportunity I write what I think about the living arrangement. Before the taping, I hoped for an episode in this subject but not right now. :/ Because I saw indeed a lot of opportunity. But yes, we agreed it was not the good time for Sheldon to ask to Amy.
  7. Even if I thought the living arrangement would have been a good opportunity to Sheldon and Amy to live together, here in only the 4th episode, in this situation, it was not the good time. It is logical she refuses. But I hope for later in this season when Lenny really leave. Here, I understand they stay for him, because Sheldon is vulnerable with the break up.
  8. I'm sad for Sheldon. But, in a way, it is fine to see how he lives the situation and that he miss Amy (even if it is obvious). And that Amy doesn't denigrate him. I don't want too many episodes before they come back together but then I remember, here it is only the fourth episode. I wait and hope for an episode when they could talk about their relationship and understand they nearly want the same things.
  9. I'll let you explain later. But I was eager to start the experiment, in reading your suggestion I was watching the episodes of season 7, and I was thinking of some episodes which seem to confirm the theory. So the base is (I picked it on shamy thread) : 

Red = anger Orange = Greed
 Yellow = Fear 
Green = Willpower
 Blue = Hope
 Indigo = Compassion
 Violet/purple = Love The first episode I remind after reading the color : Season 5 episode 9 : Sheldon with the bird ! Yellow : fear ! But now, in watching some season 7 episodes, sometimes the theory doesn't work. Few examples : Season 7 episode 17 : - yellow and orange : they are eating in the living room. They talk about the conflict between Howard and him. well no fear here. - green and blue : Howard and him talk about the trip. well, I don't know. - blue and yellow : they play a game. hope and fear to win ? :D - grey or black : in the plane with Howard season 7 episode 18 : red and blue : He sees his mother with a guy. anger ok season 7 episode 19 : - blue and white : he is undecided. hope ok. - green and purple : date night. willpower (to choice) and love, yeah ok - red and blue : in the store anger and hope. ok season 7 episode 20 : - black and purple : they speak about the discover and Sheldon consider leaving string theory. - yellow and green : he is upset. fear and willpower can be ok. - green and red : he is looking for a new subject of study, and "empty room" :D can be ok too. - purple and brown : he talks with Howard in the cafeteria. well...
  10. Congratulations to all the winners !!! keep writing good stories. You help me change my mood and dream.
  11. I think the "bonjour" doesn't mean anything, because I remember he already tweeted it with a script last year and nothing French at all in the episode. The title can be a date, a year. I agree with maybe a flashback episode. It could be good.
  12. Here : http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5988-spoilers-discussion-topic-season-9/?do=findComment&comment=396975 and http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5988-spoilers-discussion-topic-season-9/?do=findComment&comment=397235
  13. *sigh of relief* thank you Trinabeana for all the info.
  14. Thank you Kerry. These details confirm the idea that the writers see an opportunity to make comic/comedic stuffs with this "dramatic event". A little like Bill said in twitter. Maybe the way is not very good, it is their choice to make comedy with that, but I am more optimistic and less disappointed.
  15. Thank you Kerry, Kazzie, Michy for the informations about 9x02. Well, to quote a Muse song, now I'm waiting patiently, not for a sign but for the end of the break up. I think all this is necessary, and I think I will find some comedic stuffs in these episodes, but I hope they will get back together before november. November is too far away ! With Lenny reconciled, I think they will move in Penny's. So it is an opportunity for Sheldon to propose to Amy to live with him. Not now, but I consider a talk about their relationship, get back together (I don't really know how, with the anger now between them, I have faith on the writers to find the logical moment/event), and he will propose that to show he really wants her in his life. I think this is an opportunity for the writers to change the living arrangements and for Sheldon to prove his feelings.
  16. I come after the big week, I had not access at the internet in my vacation location after 12th morning.I will read all your posts after having posted my first impression about the first episode. After reading the report of the chat I was upset by this episode and the break up. But when I read the taping report, and after some days of thinking of it, I find it is a logical continuity with the end of season 8. I think Amy's decision to break up with him is spontaneus, because he was again exhausting with her, only some hours after her decision to take a step back, instead of talk properly of their problem in their relationship. I only hope Sheldon will fight for her !! And show she is important to him. Maybe the break-up is necessary for them to work their communication and build a new good relationship. But I will be very disappointed if one of the shamy will date someone else. And I really hope they will go back together quickly after talking (or after a passionate make-out, and talking next. :D) And, Lenny are married (I am disappointed about that too) and the story with the girl who works again with Leonard is a weird storyline. And if they are married and don't cancel their wedding I supposed they will soon live together.A lot of things to do about Sheldon's situation. We will see. And thank you Kazzie for the report. I understand you were upset about Bill's tweet but as some others said, he doesn't know that you (and others in the forum) help a lot of people to go to the taping. Don't take his tweet personally. He only wants a maximum of fans can go one time if they want, and he doesn't know the "behind the scene" here (the solidarity of the fan base here).
  17. I would like a scene like that (but more emotional). Sheldon go to Amy to say his feelings for her additional data. (like in some fanfics).
  18. I don't know what to think. But I like the idea that they are a non conventional couple. So I hope the writers will find something surprising to go back shamy together quickly. What I like with shamy is their weirdness, their own 'language'. I don't really like when they are too 'normal'. But I agree they must have a better communication and express their feelings anyway.
  19. I just read the fanfic "The Perseverance Stratagem" by April in Paris. I love this story and I didn't know where to post the link if someone want to read it, so there it is : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11347388/1/The-Perseverance-Stratagem
  20. Yes that what I was thinking, but with the writers we can have surprises sometimes. Well, I will try to have faith on them.
  21. I don't know why, I'm a little worry. I don't want to hope and be disappointed. I had no doubt in this final Sheldon intended to propose to Amy. But in reading the forum, I notice that the writers suggested it but not really said it. I really hope in the premiere we will have the confirmation he has the ring since a long time (I mean not since 2 days for example, but he thinks of it for a long time) and he will speak with her or Lenny about it. I understand the writers only say the answers about shamy will be in the premiere, but not that yes, he intended to propose.
  22. First, thank you a lot to all of you who report the panel !! Like Bernadette, I was "isn't it exciting ?!!" to know some little news for season 9. I miss BBT. About the quote, have they confirmed it was a ring to Amy and it was an engagement ring ?
  23. Why nearly all my social network contact watched assiduously Games of Thrones and not Big Bang Theory. I'm glad to have you all here with the forum.
  24. I watched again The Anxiety Optimization. I remember now that some already pointed out what I think, when Sheldon says to Amy about when a mouse succeeds it wins a price. I only catch it now with the subtitles, I also think he is definitely flirting with her in this scene !
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