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  2. I watched the first episode of "The Conners" today in preparation for "David's" return tonight. I like the show better without Roseanne. Everybody gets to shine a bit more now and they're all funny. It makes me laugh. I probably also like it because of the connection to TBBT with Sara and Laurie and Johnny in it. Kinda like TBBT's dumb cousin or something!
  3. Yes. Together forever. Every time I watch the final episodes I'm so touched by how close they are, so happy and loving toward each other and still so funny. Holding hands and doing it together. I've watched the last 2 episodes at least a dozen times. Each time I think, "OK. This time it won't make you cry." But it always does!
  4. Love this so much!❤️Baby "Huck" is adorable...So is his godfather.❤️
  5. Yeah. You've mentioned that a few times Sorry, lost my head and thought I was on the Lenny Thread.
  6. Many of us were helped through hard times by TBBT. I was having chemo and radiation when I started watching. It was great to laugh out loud at the crazy antics of the lovable nerds and have a break from a very scary time. I became totally obsessed with the Lenny back and forth love affair. Maybe the writing wasn't always great or even good sometimes but the actors made these characters their own. As Joyce said "...they were real...". For me," the sum of the whole was greater than all the parts" because of the amazingly talented actors. If I got one good Lenny scene in a mediocre episode, I was happy!❤️❤️❤️
  7. I'll watch an episode now and then on TBS, not as much for the story but to have a "visit' with the characters. I do miss that crazy bunch!
  8. I met the cutest little 8 week old puppy tonight and his name was PopTart! I'm still smiling😍
  9. I think it may have been his brother's wedding. On the bottom of the pictures it says "Nick and Ann"and the date and it looks like his niece in one of the pictures. My guess is they kept it mysterious to avoid publicity.
  10. It was a combination of both for me. I'll miss all the J&K interactions that came with them being a part of the show together as well as I'll miss new Lenny moments!
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