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  1. I really never thought about that, but maybe that's why it's my favorite episode.
  2. Never a doubt in my mind and never a doubt that they would end up together!
  3. I bought the TV Guide today. It was $4.99. The last one I bought was probably $.25. Inflation. I brought it with me to Dunkin' Donuts, got my coffee, found a seat and was already crying while reading the Editor's Letter on P. 1. This is what got me going, "Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco joined our photo director, Patti Wilson, and photographer Jeff Lipsky in Los Angeles for a cover shoot to wave goodbye to their characters Leonard and Penny, one of the most loving and enduring odd couples on the small screen." Whatever happens, however it wraps up, they will always be for me the most loving and enduring couple, ever.
  4. I'm trying it with my 49 and 42 year olds. Maybe I can fix them yet.
  5. I'd like her to have a discussion with Penny and maybe get an idea why Penny changed her mind about wanting to have children but I don't think that will happen since Penny will be with Bernie at the conference. Or even better and even more unlikely, have a compassionate conversation with her son on the subject. Maybe say something helpful and not demeaning to her son for once.
  6. I wonder if Beverly gets involved in Penny's babies decision
  7. I liked both of them. Without one there wouldn't be a two.
  8. I wonder how the other rabbits are! I want to see them running around too.
  9. My first reaction was, "NOOOOOOOOOO. Not Beverly. Hate that bitch." But after thinking about it, it's a great idea. She does like Penny and sometimes hits the nail on the head about people's issues. It would be nice if she was also able to feel some genuine caring for the son to whom she can be brutally cruel.
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