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  1. Good afternoon. Beautiful day in NY too. 80 sunny degrees on my deck and not humid.
  2. I'm checking in every day! Hope all you guys have a Happy Father's Day!❤️❤️
  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!:drinks:

  4. Can't help but be reminded of Leonard's and Penny's naked painting!
  5. I've been thinking about this too. After watching the final episodes a few more times I'm left with no doubt that both Penny and Leonard are very happy about having a baby. It's really obvious from their behavior that they are both thrilled and they seem more in love than ever. So that's the good news for me. We also get this little bit when Leonard calls out Sheldon on the plane when he doesn't show any happiness about the pregnancy. Sheldon's response to Leonard is, "I didn't think Penny wanted children." And an angry Leonard back at Sheldon, "Well she didn't and now she does." Like many other Lenny situations in the past, I guess we just have to imagine how this all shook out privately between Penny and Leonard. Wish the writers tried showing us how and why Penny's feelings changed instead of making us feel like they just threw us a bone because they finally paid attention to outraged Lenny fans. The conversation between Penny, Bernie and Amy on the plane could have been used to share Penny's change of heart process. The scene when Leonard asks Penny if Amy was suspicious about Penny needing her dress let out was another lost opportunity for them to elaborate a bit. In the end I have to go with Penny's fear of commitment, fear of change, fear of failure. And I have to go with Leonard finding the right words to soothe her, to calm her and to reassure her and as always, to love her. And I have to go with Penny really hearing him and knowing in her heart that they are a great team who will be great parents, holding hands and doing it together.
  6. Just....Perfection. I have so many wonderful memories of this couple as they found themselves as they found each other. One of their greatest strengths is their ability to make each other laugh, to laugh at each other and to laugh together! What a gift!
  7. I found myself tearing up during Sheldon'a speech which annoyed me no end! Intellectually I was saying just more Sheldon bs, but emotionally I was buying it! (Because Jim is so good!) If that makes any sense. I'd like to think that he may have setbacks, but will mostly stay grateful for his good friends.
  8. I loved Amy's make-over. She's a beautiful woman who dressed like an old frump but admitted on a few occasions that she wanted to be a princess. She loved her tiara. Why shouldn't she look her best? Her husband looked great in his beautiful formal attire. They made a very lovely couple, imo. Should she have showed up to receive her award in her layered sweater and orthopedic shoe look? I don't think so. I see nothing wrong with trying to look our best, both men and women. I really enjoyed that part of the episode!
  9. Just watched the 2 episodes again and the retrospective for the first time (which was amazing. J&K did such a great job and I cried from beginning to end.) I'm completely done in. Emotionally drained. Just pain sad. Really going to miss all my Thursday night visitors, especially Leonard and Penny.
  10. So both Johnny and Leonard will soon become fathers. I think that both will be wonderful, loving dads!
  11. "Yes. A thousand times yes." Lenny half-asses their way through marriage, and yet they do it holding hands and doing it together. Yes, their way may not be the ultimate road map for a successful life, but it works for them and us older folks know that sometimes the best laid plans, the most thought out agendas don't always work out as expected anyhow. Sometimes, going with the flow is the only way to go. Many an unplanned pregnancy has a beautiful, happy ending for parents and child alike. Many times a well-planned extravagant wedding ends in divorce. A planned pregnancy doesn't automatically guarantee successful parenting and a well-adjusted child. Sometimes a leap of faith gets us through. It feels to me that Lenny, on some level, get this. My willing suspension of disbelief is intact. MY PERSONAL Lenny sequel has unlimited potential and I'm a happy fan.The Lenny story is full of possibilities!
  12. I'm happy too! Loved it! Maybe my favorite lines of the night. "Do you wanna?" and "So, do you wanna?" So Lenny.
  13. To paraphrase someone, someone's success is not someone else's failure. I'm prepared to be charmed and delighted and moved by my favorite characters tonight as I have been so many times throughout the years.
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