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  1. I think my biggest wish for S 11 is lots of sexy, sizzling, sweet evidence that the cat is alive and well in 4 A!
  2. Every time I see the this thread's title it makes me sad(no offense Veejay). It makes me think of a (metaphorical) funeral for Leonard and Penny but it also makes me think of Professor Proton's funeral, a sad episode in which I loved Lenny in so much.
  3. This is a great post! I especially like "We could look at the couple grow together and mature and live their lives as a happily married couple..." AND this could still be funny. She's good at that.
  4. Actor

    Wonder when 2 nd picture was taken. He doesn't look chubby here!If I could find a drooling emoticon, I'd use it.
  5. Our lives are made up of the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly. I've done things and behaved in ways I'm not always proud of. For all of us and in this case for Lenny the whole is greater than sum of its parts. It's good to focus on the positive as well as the negative.
  6. Non-Show Discussion

    Happy Mother's Day to all you TBBT Moms!
  7. These are great, Martin. Thanks. This one is a great example of the little intimacies of married life-not a moment of great passion but a moment of great love, caring and concern.
  8. episodes

    That's what I thought he was talking about too and actually thought it was funny!
  9. Actor

    There she is again.
  10. I like his show and he's great in it. I have a niece with CP and she loves the show and its messages about people with disabilities.
  11. I'm a closet Snuggler. I visit now and then when I need to eat a bag of Lenny jelly beans. Then I'm good for a while til I crave more sugar. They are adorable.
  12. To quote a quote that I both hate and love "It is what it is" . So, pretty much whatever it is, I'm in, looking for the best but not surprised by the worst loving our Lenny in sickness and in health, for better or for worse til the fat lady sings.
  13. I called Steve and asked if he's been binging on "I Love Lucy" reruns. He copped to it and admitted he loves the Fred and Ethel dynamic and thought he'd run with it for Lenny. I suggested he start watching "The Dick Van Dike Show". We'll see if he listened.
  14. Word, Sister.