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  1. 15 hours ago, Kev0821 said:

    Sara Gilbert and the rest of the cast of The Conners were guests on The Talk today. While there, she confirmed that Johnny guest stars on tomorrow night's episode.

    I watched the first episode of "The Conners" today in preparation for "David's" return tonight. I like the show better without Roseanne. Everybody gets to shine a bit more now and they're all funny.  It makes me laugh.  I probably also like it because of the connection to TBBT with Sara and Laurie and Johnny in it.  Kinda like TBBT's dumb cousin or something!

  2. 46 minutes ago, gsxdoug said:

    Pretty quiet here lol...

    Finally got Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter bendables on e-bay at a price I was willing to pay...together for ever...


    Yes. Together forever. Every time I watch the final episodes I'm so touched by how close they are, so happy and loving toward each other and still so funny.  Holding hands and doing it together. I've watched the last 2 episodes at least a dozen times. Each time I think, "OK.  This time it won't make you cry." But it always does! :firstmove:

  3. 2 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    Very easily. But I can't get into my DVDs either right now. Not even season six, which I adore. But this has happened to me with other shows at least six times, so I'm coping because I know the feeling will pass and someday I will be able to look at them again.

    Yeah. You've mentioned that a few times:girlhaha:  Sorry, lost my head and thought I was on the Lenny Thread.

  4. 1 hour ago, veejay said:


    For me personally there were a couple of years I struggled with depression hard and having the early seasons to watch on DVD were a welcome break in those days. Touchstones like that are important when the mental oppression is catching you. I’m grateful this series was there (incl. that forum with all its members) when I needed it and grateful I don’t need it like that anymore.

    Right now, I'm having a hard time watching any episodes. Too close is the "pain of separation" and the associated processing.
    But I'm on the right track, I guess. 🙂


    Many of us were helped through hard times by TBBT. I was having chemo and radiation when I started watching. It was great to laugh out loud at the crazy antics of the lovable nerds and have a break from a very scary time.  I became totally obsessed with the Lenny back and forth love affair. Maybe the writing wasn't always great or even good sometimes but the actors made these characters their own. As Joyce said "...they were real...". For me," the sum of the whole was greater than all the parts" because of the amazingly talented actors. If I got one good Lenny scene in a mediocre episode, I was happy!❤️❤️❤️

  5. 6 hours ago, snowflake79 said:

    Johnny and Alaina were at a wedding yesterday. Alaina posted a short clip on her IG stories, showing photo strips with Johnny and her in it.

    I think it may have been his brother's wedding. On the bottom of the pictures it says "Nick and Ann"and the date and it looks like his niece in one of the pictures. My guess is they kept it mysterious to avoid publicity.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Tensor said:

    While I didn't get teary, I did get a the good feeing I always got with good Leonard and Penny, even though it was mostly Johnny and Kaley in this article.  

    It was a combination of both for me. I'll miss all the J&K interactions that came with them being a part of the show together as well as I'll miss new Lenny moments! 

  7. 15 hours ago, Tensor said:

    I just found this tonight, I really love the explanation of Kaley and Johnny's body language.  I think we all knew about the body language of Penny and Lenard. LOL> 



    I think I'm doing ok with TBBT ending, and then I read an article like this, and I'm all teary again.  I'm not that ok. :girlsigh:  A piece of Leonard and Penny will always stay with me:  the passion, the friendship, the laughter, the tears,  the endurance, the commitment and the general all-around cuteness of the two of them together.:drinks:

    And I'll always try to remember the lesson we learned from Leonard.  Don't give up on love.:giverose:❤️❤️

  8. 2 hours ago, hokie3457 said:

    Just a shout out to see how you all are! I hope all is going well. I miss not hearing from you and our interactions!

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    I'm checking in every day! Hope all you guys have a Happy Father's Day!❤️:giverose:❤️

  9. 42 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    It is like the food channel in here all of a sudden lol. 

    To add something more to the Penny pregnancy discussion. I Think if you take out 12.03. IT is not really that bad. In the other corresponding episodes, as some pointed out. Pennys opposition to children was not as adament as she was in 12.03. I Think the Penny character always had very maternal instincts. From her maternal relationship with Sheldon. To how she kinda become the mother hen of the group later in the series. I mean heck if they went for Penny can't have kids. That would of least had some emotional connotations.

    Or they could of explored her relationship with her father more. How he always called her his "little slugger". From a psychological stand point, she might be afraid of being a mother. And the expectations that comes with it. But unfortunately the writers put so much of their creative energy into the "Nobel Piece" prize plot. IT just kinda felt Leonard and Penny, and the rest of the characters were afterthoughts. So when Penny got pregnant in the series final. It was almost like I Said fanservice, in the sense of immediate gratification. But without the feeling of having a full stomach lol. 

    I've been thinking about this too. After watching the final episodes a few more times I'm left with no doubt that both Penny and Leonard are very happy about having a baby. It's really obvious from their behavior that they are both thrilled and they seem more in love than ever.   So that's the good news for me.  We also get this little bit when Leonard calls out Sheldon on the plane when he doesn't show any happiness about the pregnancy. Sheldon's response to Leonard is, "I didn't think Penny wanted children." And an angry Leonard back at Sheldon, "Well she didn't and now she does." Like many other Lenny situations in the past, I guess we just have to imagine how this all shook out privately between Penny and Leonard. Wish the writers tried showing us how and why Penny's feelings changed instead of making us feel like they just threw us a bone because they finally paid attention to outraged Lenny fans. The conversation between Penny, Bernie and Amy on the plane could have been used to share Penny's change of heart process. The scene when Leonard asks Penny if Amy was suspicious about Penny needing her dress let out was another lost opportunity for them to elaborate a bit.

    In the end I have to go with Penny's fear of commitment, fear of change, fear of failure. And I have to go with Leonard finding the right words to soothe her, to calm her and to reassure her and as always, to love her. And I have to go with Penny really hearing him and knowing in her heart that they are a great team who will be great parents, holding hands and doing it together.:firstmove:

  10. 8 hours ago, luminous said:

    A little edit :shy:


    Just....Perfection. I have so many wonderful memories of this couple as they found themselves as they found each other. One of their greatest strengths is their ability to make each other laugh, to laugh at each other and to laugh together! What a gift!:firstmove:

  11. 3 hours ago, hokie3457 said:

    Nicely said @Itwasdestined ! This was different. At THE moment he has looked forward to nearly all his life, his focus was not on what was happening in the moment. Not focused on Amy’s speech. Not looking with admiration at his own speech he was about to deliver. He was laser focused on his five friends. His words were sincere. The way he addressed the portion of his family that are his friends was heartfelt and true. It was a truly transformative moment. 

    I found myself tearing up during Sheldon'a speech which annoyed me no end! Intellectually I was saying just more Sheldon bs, but emotionally I was buying it! (Because Jim is so good!) If that makes any sense. I'd like to think that he may have setbacks, but will mostly stay grateful for his good friends.

  12. I loved Amy's make-over. She's a beautiful woman who dressed like an old frump but admitted on a few occasions that she wanted to be a princess. She loved her tiara. :queen:Why shouldn't she look her best? Her husband looked great in his beautiful formal attire. They made a very lovely couple, imo. Should she have showed up to receive her award in her layered sweater and orthopedic shoe look? I don't think so. I see nothing wrong with trying to look our best, both men and women. I really enjoyed that part of the episode!

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