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  1. IMO he IS that bad. Why is mean so funny and why is he the most "beloved" character? It isn't even like he is the character that people "love to hate".They just love him period because they find him funny. He doesn't even make me smile anymore, let alone laugh. More often, he makes me wince.
  2. I think they will have a baby or two by Season10 to bring their story full circle. And we will get to see the smart and beautiful babies.
  3. Even though Sheldon knows he isn't crazy because his mother had him tested, a little professional therapy couldn't hurt. But not with Beverly.
  4. Post #151 sums up how i feel about Season 7 so beautifully! I especially love watching 7-22,23,24 together and see the 3 episodes as a great L/P trilogy. This is my first post. Hi! Being a member will make the summer less. sad!
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