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  1. I wonder how the other rabbits are! I want to see them running around too.
  2. My first reaction was, "NOOOOOOOOOO. Not Beverly. Hate that bitch." But after thinking about it, it's a great idea. She does like Penny and sometimes hits the nail on the head about people's issues. It would be nice if she was also able to feel some genuine caring for the son to whom she can be brutally cruel.
  3. I keep having thoughts that Penny sees a therapist to talk about the reasons why she doesn't want to have children. Maybe one reason is she's afraid she'll get fat, not be able to lose the weight and fears Leonard won't find her attractive any more. Much of her identity is tied into her beauty and sexiness. Maybe she knows someone who had terrible postpartum depression. Maybe she's afraid she won't be a good mother because she's too or not enough (fill in the blank). She also speaks of how guilty she feels about disappointing the 2 most important people in her life. Of course she should talk to her husband about these things, but wants someone to bounce things off first and knows she has to then have a discussion with Leonard. It'd be great if she saw the shrink she was trying to sell drugs to. Loved her. She helped Leonard so much! Probably far fetched, but it could bring credibility to her coming around, facing her fears, and changing (or not changing) her mind. At least we, and Leonard, would know what's up with her.
  4. Sounds like fun! I'd like to hear their thoughts on the no babies issue.
  5. I've been to the Chumash Casino. Saw Bob Newhart perform there. So wish I could hop on a plane right now and go see Juan and Ethel and Randy! I think Naomi and Johnny are great duo! Kind o f thought there was a little romance there for a bit. Glad they are still performing together.
  6. ...about a couple who wanted to choose their sperm donor, based upon traits they would like for their child. Controversial, interesting, thought provoking and, okay a bit weird. I really enjoyed it!
  7. I loved the tone of the episode. There wasn't the tiniest doubt about how much Penny and Leonard love each other. That's what's most important for me! I can live with everything else. 💞I'll miss them so much.
  8. I've loved all the D and D episodes. My sons played and it reminds me of when they were kids. This one will be special with the great guest stars. The "deception and betrayal" sounds like fun!
  9. Back at ya. Happy, huggy Sunday Lennyday ! Anyday!!!
  10. Obviously I saw it because i liked it! Old age. Watched it again and I still like it!! You are so talented And they would make amazing parents
  11. This is so cute! Thank you! Have you posted part 1? I don't remember seeing it.
  12. The article makes many observations and asks many of the questions which have been asked on the Forum. I think they did a good job on their summary and analysis!
  13. Feeling like Leonard could use some love! From a favorite Lenny episode.
  14. I guess I'm the only one who liked the Leonard donation plot. I think it's an interesting and serious story for Lenny, I thought the episode was well done and I'm hoping for a satisfying resolution. Of course I could be disappointed and it wouldn't be the first time.
  15. I saw the movie yesterday and Regina was excellent!
  16. Always love when Leonard puts his hand on Penny's knee. Feels like a very intimate gesture to me.
  17. I watched the episode today and after having read a lot of the comments, many of which were negative, and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. But I actually liked it and watched it twice. Lenny had a big, interesting plot of their own which didn't feel too far fetched to me. (Made me think about "The Big Chill" from the 1980's when some of you weren't even born! One of the girls wanted to have a baby and one of the guy friends helped her out. Can't remember the particulars but I think they had sex. Loved that movie though.) Lenny didn't handle the situation perfectly (they usually don't, do they?) but they bungled along with some help from their friends(which I liked) and came through ok in the end, and imo and had some very cute, loving moments. My guess(or maybe more my hope) is that Leonard doesn't go through with it for whatever reason. I'm sad they won't be having those smart and beautiful babies, but this episode which upset many, somehow calmed me about where they stand with each other and made me feel good about the not perfect couple that I love.
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