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  1. Leonard says, "Don't CHANGE a bit @Kaseybut have a very Happy Birthday!
  2. So glad they presented early. Now I won't feel bad when I fall asleep. They were great!
  3. Thanks, Luminous! Thanks, Johnny. You look great!😍
  4. Are you sure? The "getty images" logo is hiding them. Keeping me guessing!
  5. Very nice! Hopefully no holes in the knees😁Handsome 💕couple!
  6. I do think Penny loves Leonard (most of the time I think that). What's sad is the idea of Leonard living in fear, with a little black cloud hanging over his head, waiting for the day Penny leaves him. I wish he wasn't still so insecure after all this time. Come on, Leonard. She's as lucky to have you in her life as you are to have her. But the writers seem to find it very humorous and like to pull it out of their somewhat limited bag of Lenny tricks.
  7. Cute photos, but I'm so over the ripped jeans. I hope he doesn't wear them tonight.
  8. "In hindsight, this is such a sad notion...("that if he pushes Penny to do something she doesn't want she could decide to leave him.") It's interesting that this article uses the word "sad" the same word I used. It took me a day to identify what I was feeling after the episode (which I thought was good in so many ways and really liked). I was sighing on and off all day and when I watched again I realized I was sad for Leonard and Penny, the couple I've been rooting for from day 1. They were still cute as can be together, they had planned a great group event together, they exchanged amused looks when with Shamy, they were having fun, they were the leaders of their social group.....but Leonard always lives with the fear of losing Penny. I guess I'll just take Itwasdestined's advice. I'll stay tuned and buckle up for the rest of the ride.
  9. Yeah. I know this is who Leonard is and I love him because he's a great guy who has accomplished so much in spite of many obstacles, especially Beverly. I think it really got to me because we're so close to the end and I want them to be in a great place together when the show wraps up. I like the idea of Penny making a fuss over him "just because she loves him" with no sarcasm or eye-rolling , and a happy grin and a little nod from Leonard because he knows she loves him and it's nice to have a special reminder now and then.
  10. I said in the Lenny Thread that I liked the episode, but it left me wanting more. I watched it again and realize that it left me sad. After all these years and after all they have been through together, Leonard still lives in fear of losing Penny. Stuart asks, "At some point the fear of losing her will go away?' and Leonard answers, "I will let you know." This is how the writers write them, this is how the writers see the relationship, and they see humor in the imbalance in the relationship dynamic and in Leonard's chronic insecurity. They've hit on Penny's insecurities in the past too, but they almost always portray her as the confident, sometimes almost cocky half of the pair. It didn't make me laugh. It made me sigh and think she's as lucky to have you as you are to have her, Leonard. Relax. Enjoy it and give Penny a little more credit. I wish the writers would.
  11. Lenny was cute in this episode but I was left wanting more. A Lenny kiss or hug would have made it perfect
  12. They did make beautiful music together, don't they?💘
  13. Wishing a happy holiday season to my fellow TBBT lovers!
  14. So, Badflower Josh is Johnny's friend and Bri's boyfriend.
  15. They hit the nail on the head with these two. Didn't mention the dread boat kiss which surprised me.
  16. Can you all believe how adorable they still are after almost 12 years! The cutest!!!
  17. That's how I see it too. Not at all selfish but an act to help a friend. And as a Leonard fan, I also see it as a very nice compliment to Leonard. Zack is asking Leonard because he sees good qualities in Leonard that he would like to see in the child he hopes to raise as his own.
  18. Sending a big Happiest of Birthdays Kiss your way, @veejay!!❤️❤️
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