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  1. Hope you are having a great birthday, @luminous. Thanks for all the Lenny Love you share every day❤️❤️❤️
  2. I'm surprised Leonard didn't knock that carton out of Penny's hand, grab her arms around his neck, and piggy back her right off to the bedroom.!
  3. Happy Birthday, Chucky! Hope you had a good one.
  4. I was thinking that or it was from an injury incurred when falling on his hand when the bed collapsed.
  5. 4 great shots! 4 beautiful, delighted, loving Penny smiles!!!!!
  6. I didn't like that Leonard took the Grant money for his laser. It was selfish, but it was even more of a "screw it"response, a giving up on his having done a good, fair, thoughtful job on deciding which project was most deserving, even to the point of asking Siebert to fund all 3. He couldn't decide, got frustrated and took the easy way out. IRL, he could have met with the 3 contenders, explained it was a tie (to avoid hurt feelings and anyone being angry at him, a big deal with Leonard). He could have asked them to scale down their projects and split the money 3 ways, or picked one of the 3 in a random type of selection, since, to him it was a tie. But, he didn't see it through because it's a sitcom and the writers thought it was a funny solution. Sheldon, by the way, was typically and unambiguously selfish by sitting around, enjoying his cold beverage and fascinating , barn-raising facts, watching his friends hard at work and not lifting a finger to help with the play house. Because the writers think that's funny.
  7. I'd also like to see Penny be supportive and helpful
  8. Thanks, Luminous for another perfect page in the Lenny Storybook! Look at their hands in the last picture! Looks like Penny's giving Leonard's ear lobe a little massage! And Leonard has a strong, firm grip around Penny's shoulder with his wedding band on display and his other hand around her waist. The perfect, loving Lenny embrace❤️ After seeing the pictures I watched the episode a third time. I loved the whole episode. Thought the whole cast was great. And, of course, it was the Lenny episode I've been waiting for all season.❤️
  9. The thing is if she was having a party, Leonard and Sheldon would have gotten wind of it. Kind of hard to keep it a secret with them across the hall. It was a pretty dumb thing for the writers to throw in. Didn't make any sense and was mean to boot.
  10. That's what they used to call a "come hither" look! Penny's got it down!
  11. Lenny costumes didn't match is S 6 Halloween Party and it didn't keep them out of the tardis!!! It was a great Lenny episode all around.❤️
  12. "Now. Where were we?" This is my favorite part of the Lenny interactions. They had a good evening hosting a party together in their home. They got to the bottom of the first kiss misunderstanding without a fight. Penny locked out poor Stuart(I felt a tiny bit bad for him,but not that bad. Hello, isn't it clear they want to be alone? Get out!) Now they can get back to business. Loved the good tone ,happy,loving contented vibe between them. Looked like, felt like a happy young married couple to me.
  13. Really, really nice Lenny episode And I am breathing again
  14. Watched the episode twice. Johnny was great. So crazy his "sister" from "Christmas Vacation", Juliette Lewis, is his girlfriend! Still love David and Darlene!❤️
  15. That happy, excited feeling which started on the Monday before a new Thursday episode has been replaced by mounting anxiety about what will befall Lenny in the upcoming new episode. Watching a sitcom used to be fun!
  16. I have to believe this or I have to stop watching now.
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