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  1. I sure would like that to happen somewhere along the road of season 8. To me it seems the next logical step; hoping that Sheldon will come to terms with it during/beginning from his railroad journey. I have a certain persisting hope-scene for it, actually. I should like a scene where it leads the viewers to think that Sheldon and Amy are having a Date Night, and so we expect a kiss at the end... which we do get. But Amy seems very shocked, and manages a "It was not a Date Night tonight, you know", and Sheldon would simply go "I know". I would take that for an "I love you"
  2. Imagine the episode done in a way that even we, the viewers, do not instantly realize that Sheldon is returning home, but then in the tag scene, *knock knock knock* away (hopefully at Amy's door)
  3. Yes, his interviews are so "Shamy-positive". The interviews put me on a good mood, always. They kind of give hope. On that note, as kind of a newcomer to this series since last year, I was recently watching the episodes on DVD, and the DVD extras- him discussing his character, are so insightful and give me warm fuzzies... I really get the impression he appreciates and understands this character (and his relationship with other characters).
  4. Hello! I’ve been a lurker to this forum since last autumn, I think… but something drew me out to discuss. I’m a 30-something lady from Finland, way there in northern Europe. I’ve known about TBBT since it first launched in my country. For some reason I never got into watching it, although I always liked to think of myself as the perfect audience genre for this show. I caught the odd show every now and then, but made no commitment to it. My fall into this fandom came, oddly enough, through another show. While on maternity leave, I caught in the TV a rerun of a rerun of … some program like “What not to wear” or something, featuring Mayim. Then a few days later, I channel surfed on TBBT during the famous coffee shop scene where Sheldon and Amy first meet. And hence, I ended up watching the show… At the time, a TV channel here was showing a rerun of season 1-6 daily, so I pretty quickly got into the show, along with my husband, and it became a daily interest of ours, and lately we watched on DVD the season 1-3 that we had earlier missed. I am now up-to-date on all the events of seasons 1-7, and like the show very much. (streamed season 7…) Yeah… and I think I originally found this site looking for spoilers… Yeah, I like to be spoiled :D
  5. This is an interesting discussion topic, it was nice to read the replies here. Shamy is my current OTP. There have been others in the past, but those fandoms/shows have since ended and I have moved on (although certain couples still hold appeal to me, some even after almost 20 years, and can get me nostalgic (yup, this lady's way past 30)). Some I have been sourly disappointed with, with how the shows/shipping ended, with others I have triumphed. There are other pairings, in other shows, that I support at the moment, too, but Shamy is definitely my OTP. I mean, never before did I join an online forum because of my shipping preferences. I have lurked on many sites, for many ships, but it was Shamy to finally bring me out of it...
  6. Hello fellow (Shamy) shippers. Another newbie here... I agree with above. I would actually, assuming that Sheldon does mature as a result of his journey, find Eric's appearance very fitting. We know how Sheldon acted in the Locomotive episode with Eric, their earlier interactions and Eric's personality could be made to subtly contrast with Sheldon's growth. It could be comedic, but also made to show that Sheldon has in some parts moved on from that.
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