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  1. I am a big fan of the series. This being said, I am growing more and more annoyed by the way Howard talkes about and to his Mother. To me, it has gone from bad taste quips, and progressed into what legally might be considered elderly abuse. I do NOT hear his mother showing such disrespect towards him. She does treat him like a child, but IF he was REALLY a MAN, and as smart as we are let on to believe, then he should be able to deal with her "s"mothering differently. In so many ways, since his marriage, he has shown signs of maturing. But, when it comes to the way he treats his Mother - he's an ASS!!! My own Mother has passed on. And I can not tell you how often I wish that I had just one more hour with her. I predict that if the writer's keep perpetuating his disrespect, many/most of the fans will "get it", and not like it at all. I am worried that if such disrespect is so easy for Howard when he is angery, that he will transfer this behavior to his future children. Howard needs counseling to learn how to deal with her differently. In fact, this would be a great story line!
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