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  1. If he's scared shitless of Amy, why would he buy her an engagement ring?
  2. These pics made my terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. And Amy looks into the kiss! Finally!
  3. Avengers is going to crush everything else. For weeks probably.
  4. I feel like Amy overreacted and hope there's some thus far unbeknownst to everyone underlying issue we'll find out about in season 9. Otherwise I'll continue to think of it as an overreaction so the writers can invent drama where there is none. Sheldon having a ring seems so soap opera-y. Much like Howard suddenly having a brother a few eps ago. Oh, writers. I am looking forward to the make-out session though!
  5. Wait, is this for real or just speculation?
  6. Honestly, what she describes is exactly the way I felt when people tried to give me sympathies after I lost my dad. Not defending her, but I remember feeling that way and getting irritated by all the people trying to identify with me. Grief is a very personal thing and I just did not want to hear about it from anyone else. Not really the time to bitch about someone who just lost their dad and is struggling with a lot of conflicting emotions, anger included. IMO.
  7. I am so sorry to hear this. I lost my dad suddenly in 2006 in an accident. The grief never goes away. Hope she has the support of family and friends to get her through this time.
  8. Jim was adorable as always on Grace Helbig. lol @ Jesus H. Christ.
  9. Why would they just break up out of nowhere? Ya'll are paranoid.
  10. I have a feeling the finale will be Shelnard too. Hope Mayim's ok!
  11. Yeah, that's what everyone's saying. That's it exactly.
  12. Well, with all due respect, it seems like some of the people here now really don't enjoy the show. Just judging by their constant complaining.
  13. Good luck with your move! Positives, it'll be great to be closer to your fam again, and sometimes a change of scenery ends up being a wonderful adventure.
  14. Offensive religious satire? Bring it on. YMMV.
  15. Oh yay! I love when he's on DP. Hope it makes it to YouTube.
  16. I enjoyed the ping pong tournament. Very meta. Loved the Play that Funky Music, White Boy analysis. Basically all their road trip conversation was gold. Also, Jim's face when he says "Oh no!" In the TARDIS tag scene is friggin hilarious.
  17. I am SO so happy for Jim that the movie opened so strong (and #1!) at the box office this weekend. Can't wait to see it myself (probably next weekend). Hope this leads for further animated collaborations between Jim and Dreamworks.
  18. Again, awww. Is that a new pic of them from today?
  19. Happy Birthday to Jim and here's hoping he has a fantastic day amongst family and friends.
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