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  1. I just got back to reading everything and it just makes me sad that there won't be any taping reports. But i do understand why this needs to be done, it would be terrible to have hate messages for doing something we love and Kazzie, Michy and everyone who attend the tapings i really appreciate all of you giving me my weekly dose of BBT. I have been a silent member since a long time and was super happy to have landed upon this forum with people from different parts of the world being United for the common cause of loving an amazing show. I think people should just stop making negative remarks, because we are all here for the same reason. People who go to the taping remember a lot of details and they really do work hard in putting together a report for us eager fans who cannot make it to the taping. We should keep it as a medium of entertainment than causing such negativity to people who have been part of getting us this platform where we have become one big family. I know kazzie and others, it must be difficult for you to make this decision and i totally agree but yes i will miss the taping reports and would love to chat up about the show with you all . Lets all keep it in mind, we are all humans and this is for pure entertainment and no one deserves sucha behaviour! Its just been a really bad start to season 9. We as fans should know that there is a responsibility on us as the show is made for us and it is us who can either make it or break it! As an audience we need to play our part as well and not get too personal about it. Who knows how it would pan out in the future. Maybe we will be surprised!
  2. Mayim posted a pic on FB and it looks like the corridor of her house...maybe some scenes where Sheldon trying to win her back.. Super cute :wub::wub::wub: Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you for the info :) Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  4. When will we get the taping report????, i am in India and eagerly waiting for it! Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  5. @Michy: Thank you for the taping reports! I always love reading them. And people should respect the fact that it's fiction and we are the audience and not the writers! Things don't play out the way we want. That's why we have Fanfics. Don't worry michy, haters gonna hate hate, u still have a lot of people here who love u and everyone who takes such an effort to write the TR. Can you post any BTS moments that happened and how did the cast and crew celebrate the last taping???
  6. Omgggg this song and video is amazinggg! If this is the song they danced on in flash mob, then its gonna be EPIC! Sucha fun songgg...
  7. Desperately waiting for the taping report! Haven't been able to concentrate on work since morning and can't get over the banana comment
  8. Swastik in India is meant to be auspicious. Before starting any new thing we draw a swatik around or on that object!
  9. Heyy, can you post the link for it, would love to read it
  10. I love the promo, where leonard tells penny thankyou for wearing flats and she replies thankyou for wearing heels! What i really like about both the couples is that they are so different then the cliche couples that we read about or watch in movies. I feel somehow it is relatable and in reality there would be so many couples who are poles apart yet together[emoji132] [emoji173]
  11. Hahahha love the gif. Sadly we are almost 11 hours ahead! Need to wait till tomorrow morning to watch the episode[emoji24]
  12. Hi Guys! So i am back from work, its 10.30pm Thursday in India and it kinda sucks to be in the timezone which is ahead and I'll have to wait till morning to see the prom episode! Ahhh hope i can get through the night. I am gonna lure around for a while and read all you wonderful people's comments. Although we don't have a prom culture here, but in whatever i have learned through the years by watching movies and reading, i guess i am gonna live through my prom with this episode! [emoji5]
  13. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/10/31/big-bang-theory-billy-bob-thornton/
  14. This is the pic which mayim posted when she took over the #cbsinstagramaccount Find it damn cute [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]
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