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  1. The Big Bang Theory will probably get revived 10+ years from now.
  2. Heh, over a year ago, I suggested that SMG should guest-star on The Big Bang Theory.
  3. Where are people finding the photo of Zack's wife? I can't anywhere.
  4. Still waiting for Frank and Alicia to appear, honestly. This is the final season, after all. Alicia could be portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, since it has been established that Leonard (and, probably, other guys) like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Or Aubrey Plaza, because "Parks and Recreation" (and that time travel movie).
  5. Kind of a random thought, but I'm surprised that they never even mentioned "Aeon Flux" on TBBT. Given that it was eventually made into a movie starring young Charlize Theron in a tight black outfit, that is at the very least something that early TBBT Howard would have been very familiar with.
  6. Animation and sound editing leave a lot to be desired, but the lyrics are pretty good:
  7. Thank you for the report, Iam156! I really appreciate it.
  8. Great report like always, brilliantfool! Thank you so much. It sounds like a wonderful episode. Really looking forward to watching it.
  9. She's bringing it up herself often enough. Like in the aforementioned "Speckerman" episode, or again during the brunch in "The Contractual Obligation Implementation", and later in season six when she and other girls are trying to give Raj a dating advice about Lucy, or when she admitted to sleeping with her boyfriend's brother in "The Vacation Solution", not to mention other times.
  10. None of that was funny. In the episode where she half-assedly apologized to her victims over the phone and ended up stealinv the clothes for the poor by the end? LOL Plus, I'm pretty sure she also joked about bullying following that episode.
  11. Thank you for the report, brilliantfool! Really detailed and fun. It sounds like a pretty good episode, though Raj's storyline is cringe-inducing. It seems like they found a good way to introduce an adult George jr., and find a satisfying middle ground to his character (the way he was described in TBBT vs the way he is portrayed in YS).
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