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  1. I can't explain why, but the whole vasectomy thing just seems... odd to me. And pretty out of character. It doesn't sound very funny either.
  2. Thank you for the information, BigBangFan24! Sounds like somewhat of a "meh" episode. Howard/Amy plot sounds interesting. The rest of the episode sounds kind of cliche, with jealousy and such. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see. It may be interesting.
  3. Thank you for the reply, NotWonderland. Sounds like a fun episode, especially Sheldon/Howard subplot. Looking forward to watching it.
  4. Thank you for the reply, kev. Sounds like a good episode. I'm glad for Shamy engagement. Howard and Bernadette having another child though... it seems a bit too much too soon, though it has been written into the show due to Melissa's real-life pregnancy. I hope Stuart's character improves this season.
  5. Thank you for the report, Maddie! Sounds like a great episode!
  6. Can you be a bit more specific about a magical thread where everyone agrees with everyone?
  7. Thank you for the report, RJ1013! Maybe the first episode of season ten that I feel I will truly dislike. Sheldon actually goes out of his way to... stop being jealous? Why not just keep it to himself? Really weak and preachy plot.
  8. Exactly. I'm sure Sheldon's actions will never make Penny feel better about Leonard's boat kiss.
  9. So, nothing at all. Thanks. I'm sure Sheldon's actions, good or bad, were the last thing on Penny's mind when she learned about the boat kiss, too.
  10. What does Sheldon have to do with the discussion about was that boat kiss cheating or not?
  11. Thank you for the report, shamydawson. Both episodes sound great.
  12. Well, I said "almost constantly" and that it was "more than a few times", most notably being in season six, I think later seasons are much better in that aspect. And yes, Penny and Bernadette would tease Amy about that and that wasn't really nice (though they all tease or sometimes harp at each other over certain things), but she should have still respected Sheldon's POV (more) rather than just obiding that rule, and stand up to Penny and Bernadette if she felt offended. And there is a difference (even if slight) between saying "nobody else puts up with your nonsense" and "no one else would ever put up with YOU (HIM)". With Sheldon it was as late of season eight while with Amy that comment was made as of late of second half of season nine, after she got back together with him and they had coitus. And she told that behind his back, to one of his dearest family members. Sheldon would say such things to her personally at least. Amy's reasoning to want to stay away from Sheldon in season eight finale just because he was being honest with her, and then not wanting him to attend his best friends' wedding ceremony (though via Skype only), while she DOES attend it with everyone else, even though Sheldon had known Leonard and Penny far longer and had actually made them think about their relationship more, resulting in them deciding to elop... that was the time the writers just took most of Amy's characters flaws, put it all together as a plot drive, and thus set up that dreadful break up arc (though, the same could be applied to Sheldon, he definitely isn't blameless). And Amy had apparently dated three other men while Sheldon did what exactly in those six months? Not getting over her? I probably judge some of her flaws too harsh. But that is because writers can use them for such plots while, in the same time, they try making us feel sympathy for her. Sheldon taking off at the end of season seven was, in itself, almost just as bad, but it didn't result in toxic angst half-season cliche-filled story arc with some OOCness as an icing on the cake. And then they literally have Sheldon break the fourth wall and say that the break up was a good thing and that it was due to his faults (or something along those lines). Oh, and they bombard us with the supposed character development of Sheldon while not showing what has Amy learned over the break up (and it isn't like she shouldn't have matured too, right)? Except maybe the time Sheldon doesn't want to get back together with her after she asks him too, and she is upset and sees that she might have hurt him and that she, maybe, shouldn't have broken up with him. Yes, the writers caused all that. But what is the difference between "writers made them that way" and "the characters behave that way"? By the way, Amy broke up with Sheldon because he confessed to thinking of Flash while making out with her, then showed up at the ceremony and offended her. But six months later, after one friendly date, she wants him back and hopes that he would jump to that chance. Swell, amiright? Come to think of it, why working on the whole "Amy wants more intimacy/Sheldon isn't ready" thing for almost three years, then have them break up after they had make up, at the time he was thinking of proposing? And Sheldon's friends seriously suggesting him to try and pick up a date IN A BAR? That things was stupid all the way around, and that, to be fair, is the writers' fault.
  13. We can all get frustrated at times and there are always two sides to the story. But Amy almost constantly complaining about a lack of intimacy and about basically waiting for consent (in previous seasons, at least, and it was way more than a few times) was off-putting and unnecessary element. As well as believing (and saying) that no one else would have Sheldon (and that one was fairly recently). Not to mention pretending to be sick so he would give her a bath (and some pleasure through that), then, a few years later, bail out on him when he gets sick.
  14. No problem. I just meant to say that it's nice to see a male character who is metrosexual but obviously straight. Making Raj gay or bisexual would actually be going by the stereotypes more than having him "remain" heterosexual.
  15. To be fair, Raj didn't know that was a man dressed as a woman, and didn't really seem happy afterwards. And having Raj come out as homosexual (or bisexual) could seem like a stereotype since he came out as metrosexual before (with many people believing men can't be both straight and metrosexual). Yes, straight men can still be attracted to transgendered women, but I doubt Chuck Lorre could resist some distasteful jokes that are best left unused, and how well would a sitcom handle one's struggling with a gender identity, and prejudices (Jewish mom stereotypes and jokes about Indian culture, anyone)? Yes, gay jokes between Howard and Raj... were jokes. Having Raj come out now (after having apparently struggled with his sexuality for over a decade!) would taint that in retrospect, the same way with the whole sad explanation for Sheldon's triple-knock that they recently introduced.
  16. Thank you for the additional details, Tensor! Not much going on in this episode. I agree, a better plot would be Lenny hosting a party and Shamy going to the comic book store.
  17. Thank you for the information, ShamyBaboos!
  18. He's been doing that for over a year now. (Not a criticism, a fact.) One post where that isn't explicitly adressed and it's unfair somehow?
  19. Thank you for the report, Lady in Red! I'm glad that Sheldon and Amy are slowly moving forward with the living arrangement thing, and I especially liked the last scene. Lenny supporting them sounds nice and, from what I've read, those interactions probably won't seem forced (unlike in that awful season seven episode). I don't mind Sheldon noticing pretty girls, though I think the way they revealed it was... silly? I didn't care much about the explanation for "knocking three times" thing... I always assumed that it was just a part of Sheldon's OCD, without some rational concern behind it. I didn't really like it as an explanation for Sheldon's (apparently past) disdain of sex either, Sheldon being afraid of germs was enough of an explanation... Raj's storyline sounds boring and once again it will go nowhere, and Stuart will be just creepy, not a fan of that one. Still, this could be a somewhat good episode.
  20. Thank you for the report, NortWonderland! I liked that Shamy had some development and that Sheldon displayed a desire for Amy, with all of that being funny and relatively in character. Leonard/Penny part sounds funny also. Howard/Bernadette plot doesn't interest me (in general), but their debate and uncertainities were relatable and Raj peeking at the results was in character. And it's good to see them relatively content with each other, without much tension. Looking forward to watching this episode. Season ten definitely sounds better than season nine so far. There are still some big flaws overall but oh well.
  21. Then maybe they shouldn't have emphasized on the whole brother/sister dynamic as much. And even after the kiss, the writers would flat out tell us that Sheldon and Penny are like brother and sister. Nobody has to see them like that, but the show goes out of it's way to tell us that their dynamic is of that kind, then they do the kiss sequence. That makes the kiss... uncomfortable to watch, to say at least. I mean, did Leonard dream of Sheldon kissing Penny before, when they [Leonard and Penny] were actually broken up? Or after that "friends with benefits" misunderstanding from season two, I think?
  22. Thank you for the report, heresU2. Sounds like a nice re-do. I also liked Sheldon's comment to Leonard's father (about holding hands with Amy) LOL The joke written in "I pronounce you" sounds really cringeworthy though. I don't mind Sheldon/Amy/Mary scene in the car though, well not too much. It could be sweet in some ways. Still, looking forward to seeing this episode.
  23. Thank you for the reports, Tenji and Denyy! Sounds like a fun episode. It's nice to see guys working on a science project together, and Leonard comforting Sheldon could be sweet. Penny/Amy plot sounds fun and cute. The Bernadette/Raj plot doesn't interest me much. Looking forward to watching that episode.
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