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  1. Thank you! I thought it would be a lot harder to get an answer to my question! 🙂
  2. By the show's creators I mean. I just noticed a similarity in their first names with that of late comedian Shelley Berman, full name Sheldon Leonard Berman. Or would that just be a coincidence?
  3. What's the likelihood that Sheldon's twin sister will make a comeback, and do people want to see her? My wife and I just had twins and I've been doing a lot of research on them and they are almost always very close. Even if they are very different and don't get along all that well, live in different cities etc, they still do things like call each other every day for updates and things like that. It's starting to bother me that, based on Missy's absence, she and Sheldon seem to never want to have anything to do with each other! I also thought she was a pretty cool character.
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