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  1. You either trust the woman or you don't..It really is that simple
  2. Yet another episode where Leonard comes off as a jealous whiny ex... I felt bad for Stuart at the end cause Leonard was clearly enjoying Stuart's pain..
  3. Don C

    Episode 2.12

    My favorite episode..Penny rips Howard a much deserved new one. Too bad he still didn't get it and reverts back to the same old creep which is typical of guys like him in real life.They treat rejection like it's "foreplay".
  4. Leonard and Penny have no business getting married.Leonard is too much of a whiner and has no self confidence,unless the writers suddenly decide different.I haven't watched the show from the beginning but have caught up through the wonders of the internet and so far what I have seen of the relationship really doesnt bode well for marriage.If the writers continue to write like they have been, all its gonna take is for Penny to be talking to some strange guy( taller and of course better looking) and Leonard is gonna start, well, being Leonard, and if he does this enough ( history says he will) Penny will get tired of it and a break up will happen. I remember the episode where Glenn( Bernadettes ex) offered to drive Penny home and Leonard shot out his chair like a little whiney you-know-what.Leonard knows Penny is too hot for him and that will always cause trouble in the relationship.In the real world, women do not like men that are not confident.Big turn off..This relationship would not happen in real life
  5. Very true....Howard has gotten better as the show has progressed.Those early seasons he was just too much
  6. Slightly off-topic but Howard is my least favorite character on the show.Actually, even tho I do like the show and watch it a lot, they ALL can get on my nerves from time to time My favorite episode and not sure which season it's in, is where Penny rips Howard a new one and is tired of his BS. I was really disappointed when she apologized to him.Many of you will disagree with me and thats okay.He needed to get a clue and afaic, by apologizing to him, just gives him the okay to continue acting like a doosh( yes, I know I spelled it wrong ). I understand that's how his character is written, but still. It's annoying and it gets old( a lot)
  7. I also wondered how the heck Penny could afford her apartment, but then I wasn't aware that The Cheesecake Factory is actually a real place and that waitresses could earn 33K a year.. I can guarantee you waitresses in Eugene Oregon certainly do not make near that amount. But it is a just TV show and I can suspend disbelief
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