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  1. Irrelevant. It's the character not the actor. That was the previous point. Sheldon has been the most popular for a while this isn't new. It's fact. They went with a storyline they could sell.
  2. No. She said it fine. It's a recent loss. She is allowed to be upset. She is allowed to be mad at the world sometimes and she's allowed to say her pain hurts the most. That's fine. She's dealing with it. Its her personal blog. She wrote what she felt. Why would "I" put my general feelings and feel like she slapped me in the face? How selfish is that? Let her grieve in her own way. She doesn't need to explain her hurt to anyone. It's enough that she shared why she was away when she said she was going to be back days later. That's enough. No one has the right to criticize or expect something for themselves on a person that is grieving.
  3. I'm more American than Hispanic, but I grew up around different cultures. I also speak Spanish fluently. Don't get me wrong, I understand the cheesiness of these shows, which is why I don't agree and don't think he was uncomfortable. It's just a different setting than we're use to seeing him in. This is where common sense comes in. Jim knew what was going to happen. Producers tell their guests ahead of time. This was filmed over a month ago when he was in Miami. These things are planned. Again, I think it's more perspective. To me, it was a fun interview/segment. And in all honesty, he speaks/understands better Spanish than he's willing to admit.
  4. I don't know where you're from, I don't know what your background is. This sounds very closed minded. You're essentially making fun of a culture, so please be careful. I was able to watch it just fine. I enjoyed it. I love how he is game for anything. He's not shy and he went for it. I'm not going to lie, the show is over the top, its essentially a morning show to wake people up. It's not going to be the Today Show. It's a different culture and audience. Of course, the language thing comes up, but it's not an issue. He had a monitor in his ear and he was paying attention to the translation. That show has huge names (Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, etc) that visit them because they want that Latino audience and it works. Jim charmed them. He did what he had to do. That link has more views in 24 hours than any other with the same time frame on their You Tube channel. So again, for the record that was a little offensive. So please be careful or just explain yourself better next time.
  5. It's not an issue about making a "big deal" out of it. Have it be on the mouth or lips, it was a sweet moment between friends. Don't lessen it. Just enjoy it.
  6. Sometimes they're also longer... so nothing bad about going to a preview.
  7. I agree, its a post that grants more explanation. She will probably still be criticized for it, but at least it will clear it up once and for all.
  8. It's like she can't win either way. It doesn't matter that later she did partially vaccinate her children, they will always latch on to the first decision she made years ago. She researched, made a decision and partially changed her view on the matter. That's the important part. That's what they should be focusing on. Of course the negative will always get more attention.
  9. Yup. Thats Home. So nice to have him around these parts. Parece que estuvo hablando mucho EspaƱol.
  10. Some video from yesterday. He talks about the flashmob briefly. http://m.wsvn.com/article.html?hash=/108312/30c917409d1ce7af59415ade37289f54/http://www.wsvn.com/story/27990461/home-jim-parsons
  11. So all those are earlier at Telemundo. Nice find Jamie!
  12. I'm down. My car has Bluetooth. We'll be safe and informed.
  13. He's 20 minutes away from me. If he's hitting Univision next... I'm there. Jamie...keep an eye Dena....get down here.
  14. I understood what Ms. Teller meant Technically if he's whatever, he doesn't have to tell us anything. [emoji4] As a fan, I just like to see him happy. [emoji16]
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