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    Science (voracious consumer of pop-science and "hard" sci-fi, border-line Trekkie but too much of a sci-fi snob to go all-the-way), computers (started programming when you had to punch your own cards), horses and horseback riding (owned, trained and exhibited a show-horse for 10 years, now trying to avoid that expensive addiction, but summers are hard).
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  1. I actually think that there's TBBT before this episode and TBBT after it. It's in this ep that we see: - That Leonard has broken it off with Priya but that he's not moping or depressed, even though he would have been at least as justified in being so as with his split with Penny. Priya, after all, seemed to respect his intellect, appreciate his appearance (enough to try dressing him up and getting him to show off his pretty eyes), and his skill and creativity as a lover much more than we ever saw with Penny. Yet, when Priya cheats on him, he seems to come through it with more, rather
  2. Hi, from California, USA! Welcome to the forums!
  3. Welcome to the forums sunbeam!
  4. At this point, remembering what The Shamy taught us, that our hands can be magic, I've literally given myself a pat on the back. To all who met The Challenge, Congrats! Good job! Give yourself a pat on the back!
  5. Welcome to the forums! People say I look like my brother and I was once accused of trying to vote twice because he and I voted at different times at the same polling place. The thing is, while we're almost exactly the same height, my skin color (we have African ancestors) is a shade lighter than his, I have hazel eyes to his brown, have almost no gray hair where his is almost totally gray, and, in general, I'm much better looking than he is!
  6. Hello from Northern California, USA, and welcome!
  7. From another new member, Welcome!
  8. +HulkSmash, I'm writing this in response to your posts #149 and #161 which, just to save space, I haven't included. (Also, Welcome to the Forums! Also, thanks for giving an Unspoiled member like me somewhere to post and something to post about!) I like this topic because it explicitly invites us to express our subjective and arbitrary opinions. Of course we do that all the time in other topics, but the title of this one makes it clear that it's OK to do so, or at least should be. From this perspective I can't argue with the sentiments you have (so far) expressed about Penny (in #149) a
  9. Hillo


    Welcome! You are not alone. I visited some friends I hadn't seen in years, who, I was appalled to discover, didn't watch TBBT. For the first couple of days, this caused some failures to communicate since my end of any conversation was peppered with references that baffled them, like Sheldon", and "Leonard", and memorably, "Professor Proton". The few times I logged on here, during my visit, were like returning from a country where they spoke a different dialect!
  10. Thanks, so much! Very nicely done. Mark my words, once TBBT is over (assuming that ever happens!), someone will wise up and remake a Tracy/Hepburn (like the horribly titled, Adam's Rib) or Grant/Hepburn (like The Philadelphia Story) RomCom with those two, and clean up!
  11. How weird am I? (Had to ask, didn't you?) My favorite Shamy moment came in S7.2, when they're both crouched in front of Penny's apartment. Here, for the first time in ages, we see them as an adorable couple in pursuit of a common goal, e.g., rescuing Penny from their mutual suspicion. We also see that they can bicker playfully, without the mean-spirited rancor that's become all-too-common. From memory: Amy: Do you hear anything? Sheldon: I hear a woman's voice. Amy: Is it Penny? Sheldon: No, it's you. Later: Sheldon: Now I think I hear kissing Amy:
  12. Please, forgive me for this. Couldn't help writing it, then had to post it. It's long (two verses, like in the musical)! C'est Moi for The Challenge (Sung to the tune of, “C'est Moi” - From the musical, “Camelot”, by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe) (First verse) Premier Night! Premier Night! I celebrate, in verse and song! Premier Night! Premier Night! It's far away, but I'll be strong! I know in my soul, The Challenge is for me, And this I will now make you see. The man who takes up The Challenge should stand brave and tall. His courage will be assaulte
  13. I have an excellent reason: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting! That's enough for me. Actually, I too hope they don't do anything like this. My crush on her is already trending toward obsession. S7 was devastating for me. She owned it. So much excellence in her performances, such range, energy and spot-on comedic timing. She's a terrible crier, so that helps. How bad is it, you ask? (Well, you didn't ask, but let's move on.) I found myself resenting the fact that she didn't get at least nominated for an Emmy, which is to me a particularly ridiculous artifact; right up there with the backyard c
  14. Over There - George M. Cohan
  15. You are most welcome, here! I think The Challenge is indifferent to intent. All that's required is the courage, the tenacity, the virtue needed to resist the lure of instant gratification!.
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