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    Amy's Virginity?

    I agree. I suspect the writers were disclaiming any responsibility for what my the viewer's perverted imagination might cook up. Also agree about Bernadette being in the next room. It's possible for me one to imagine her joining-in on the activities in Penny's bedroom but given her reputation (with Raj, at least) as a buzz-kill her interference would have, more than likely, resulted in them all eating raw cookie dough.
  2. First, let me put on some music. (Don't want to disturb the neighbors.)
  3. Sounds like George and Katee at work again. Those two have their own, at present unknown, agenda. On the upside I'm sure you and your taping report will be as happy as Howardette!
  4. Welcome! As something of a history buff, I can't see the word "Belgium" without thinking how fortunate it is that the people who have, over the years, inhabited that critical little patch of land have repeatedly shown themselves to be tough, sensible, resilient lovers of chocolate and flavorful beers!
  5. Hillo


    This post has awakened my lust for casting crossovers of my two favorite shows: TBBT and Mad Men. Of course, just about everything awakens this lust. What comes instantly to mind is baby-faced Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell on MM), a great performer with excellent comedic chops, as Leonard's younger brother!
  6. LOL! In a world where someone writes a sassy limerick about a mathematical proof anything is possible. Oh, and... Printing it out? Putting it on display before an unsuspecting public? I'm seriously honored and grateful!
  7. Now you've done it! You've provoked me into digging up this poem that I couldn't help writing back in college when we had to write a computer program to implement the Sieve of Eratosthenes. As sci-fi legend, Robert A. Heinlein wrote: "A man who reads his poetry in public may have other bad habits." I guess I can say that I'm not actually reading it. Out loud. Here then is: The Prime Numbers Lament When thinking about it, it's easy to see Why the mighty prime numbers scare the hell out of me! Small and unneeded, they're easy to find. But large and of use, they torture the mind! How cruel are the maths, how weak is the sieve. And as the Greeks knew, our fate is to live As slaves to the mystical numbers, unfeeling, And know why that skin of wine's so appealing!
  8. Well then I guess you don't get to go to the premier of the next Star Trek movie! Or maybe that punishment is too harsh...
  9. From another new member, Welcome!
  10. Welcome from a Northern CA newbie!
  11. Welcome from a California newbie.
  12. Bernadette probably felt bullied into Amy's "Priya, Wouldn't Wanta Be Ya", caper. Also, some tobacco addicted, lighter-less lab monkeys might want to weigh in!
  13. You mean it's possible to waste a Sunday morning? Who knew!
  14. Just to be clear, by "carelessly insulting behavior", I was referring to Leonard, Howard and Raj all instantly running out to help Alicia get to her audition as if Penny had never existed after Penny had bought them Chinese food for dinner and had said she wanted to spend the evening with them.
  15. I can well understand why the Queen Bee label might have stuck to Penny. Its source is what I think is a great early (S2.19) example of Penny/Sheldon charisma. On the other hand, I also think that this is an all-too-rare case where the writers cleaned up after a joke, and did so in brilliant fashion, in the laundry scene between Penny and Alicia. The laundry scene might be best remembered as an attempt to setup a pretty well choreographed girl-fight for me and Howard. But it's also, in my view, one of the kindest portrayals, if not the kindest portrayal, of Penny. Here, just after Leonard, Howard and Raj's carelessly insulting behavior toward her, we see Penny coming to their defense with Alicia. And she doesn't do it aggressively, at least not at first. Instead we see Penny, in spite being obviously jealous of Alicia, giving her the benefit of the doubt by delicately informing her about how vulnerable Penny thinks the guys are to being misled. It's not until Alicia shows her predatory side, in no uncertain terms, that Penny-on-fire comes to the surface. Until then, the Penny we see is caring, mature, emotionally nuanced. Not my idea of a Queen Bee!
  16. Howard the micro-engraver and hair-diamond compressor would be so into this!
  17. Comet flyby of Mars due in October, this year. All we need is a really really really really, ... unlikely cometary fragment impact and maybe Howard will be recruited again for another, more long term, repair mission! http://www.space.com/26690-mars-comet-flyby-spacecraft-preparation.html
  18. Hillo


    Welcome from another new member!
  19. OK, it's borderline pseudoscience but I can think of all kinds of ways to have fun with the EM Drive, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EmDrive which is in the news lately because some of the guys on the "warp drive" fringe of NASA have taken an interest. Right now, there seems to be a small cadre of experimentalists who want to take a wait and see attitude in the face of raging disgust on the part of theoreticians, which of course matches the divide in our nerd gang. It's generally expected to be debunked in the next couple of years, at the latest, but even that won't stop the fun!
  20. There was also a time, a good time in my opinion, when the use of cookies in general and especially for this kind of commercial use was frowned upon, since a lot of users, like me, didn't like having cookies active. In that case, the best way to do shopping carts was to use a sessionID, which was stored in a field on the entry form, usually not shown to the user, though using hidden fields like this was also frowned upon. On the server, this sessionID, which associated the user with the shopping cart, usually timed-out, discarding the shopping cart, after a certain amount of time of inactivity, such as could occur when a system or browser crashed. This was back when user privacy mattered more than the ease with which the user could be separated from his or her cash.
  21. Hello and welcome from Northern California!
  22. Back in the day, I worked a lot as a Sales Engineer (SE) for software and computer hardware vendors. I supported pre and post-sales. I worked with Sales Reps a lot and saw that they had a tough job that I'd describe as: - Sweet-talk, cajole, scare, intimidate, and otherwise psychologically manipulate clients without let-up. - Hold your ground when the clients try and do the same thing to you. - Whenever possible, make sure you have an SE with you when dealing with a client and let the SE answer all the tech questions. - When you don't have an SE at your side, say, "We'll get back to you.", whenever discussing anything with a client other than the weather and make sure an SE actually does it. Never, please, please, never try to answer a tech question yourself. Besides having a thick skin and a predator's instinct, these reps had to be pretty extensively and almost continuously trained by their companies so they could participate in presentations, knew what questions not to answer, and had some idea what schemes clients might try and run on them, 'cause clients are evil. If big Pharma is anything like this, Penny isn't a bad candidate. She could have some problems since she seems easily bored and her emotional shields aren't that strong. She does have a bit of a temper which sometimes actually helps on the intimidation side.
  23. Imagine if this exchange had occurred at Comic Con 2010, before S4: TBBT team: By the way, we're gonna end S4 with Raj and Penny waking up in bed together. Next question: Next question: Regarding Raj and Penny, have you taken a marijuana? You see, my post cleverly gives the lie to the "secrecy is good" idea that prompts Production Crews to slavishly protect their future plans from scrutiny. Even more cleverly, that post puts that idea forward by pretending that I have to wait until the crew does it again at this year's CC before I can rant about it. And finally, at the pinnacle of wit, my post pretends that I just realized... Never mind. Not important.
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