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  1. Very much agree. I would also go further and say that TBBT is serious about sending the message that we aren't defined by our weaknesses; that strength of "character" is to be found at a deeper level than personality, social grace, physical stature and appearance.
  2. Welcome, from another new member. I look forward to getting your view from outside the US!
  3. In "The Zazzy Substitution" we're shown that Sheldon has inadvertently established an almost neurological bond with Amy. Did the writers ever back off from that? This comes to mind whenever Sheldon bemoans all the wicked things Amy has done to him, like making him more affectionate and caring. Then, in "The Table Polarization", we see Amy completely unconcerned about his threat to break up with her. Is Sheldon bound, and does she know he's bound to a relationship that's guarded by 25 cats?
  4. Thanks for the link! Will definitely check it out.
  5. I'm afraid both of my "wishes" might seem more like fanfic requests, but here goes... When Sheldon returns, Amy realizes, to her horror, that in an involuntary act of self-preservation she's gone through a sort of inverse version of "The Zazzy Substitution". She's hit some kind of internal reset button and her emotional state and physical desires have regressed to where they were at the end of 4.21. Meanwhile, over the summer, Penny has made a splash in local media and especially in Star Trek fandom (watch out Wil!) by playing "Elaan, The Dohlman of Elas", from the Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) episode, "Elaan of Troyius", in a southern California version of "Trek in the Park"; e.g., increasingly popular, staged outdoor productions of TOS episodes. "Elaan of Troyius", a very rough send-up of "The Taming of the Shrew", isn't well-loved in Trekdom, but the role of Elaan requires the kind of energy that KC-S showed, to my delight, in 7.23. BTW, the "Trek in the Park" thing actually happened, in Portland, OR, albeit over the course of four summers; 2009-2013. I really regret not getting up there, but they shut down, as planned, after four seasons. http://www.wired.com/2013/08/trek-in-the-park-tribbles/
  6. Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks as husband and wife, thus crossing-over my two favorite shows! She the bankroller, he the screenwright for... Serial Ape-ist. They come to 4A to beg Penny to return and re-shoot some damaged footage, and, as you might expect, they are both a bit wacko.
  7. Which ever you prefer. Easier to do a one-off I'd say, since her university, Princeton, is thousands of miles away from his.
  8. Dr. Plimpton really brought out the best in our boys! I can't think of another time we see Leonard and Sheldon competing for the attentions and approval of a worman (other than Leonard's mother, a competition that Sheldon has already won effortlessly). Leonard (after babbling to her about why he invented the term "Sleep Night": "I swear to god, I'm smart!" Sheldon: "Get it together man!" (Because Leonard was embarrassing Sheldon by being wierd!) There's a really cute scene between Shelizableth in Sheldon's bedroom and I find myself wondering whether she actually got into his bed, without her robe, before deciding that she couldn't sleep and might benefit from Leonard's assistance. Also can't help wondering what she would have done if Leonard had been asleep and Sheldon awake. Would she have tried to "[make] science come alive" for Sheldon?
  9. How about, "Dr. Slut-Bunny"? (I'm not making that up; Penny did, in S3!)
  10. From one "newbie" to another, welcome!
  11. Six pages and no, "Shelizabeth"? And of course, "Elenajward" - assuming everbody commits! I can't help thinking she was a bit disappointed when Leonard and Howard didn't come back through the door at some point.
  12. Like his friend and pen pal, the noted cosmologist and author, Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton?
  13. Thanks, much for your efforts, past and present!
  14. From a strictly in-story point of view, I can definitely see ample justification for not changing the living arrangements at all, except contractually and financially. The Roommate Agreement would have to be declared null and void and superseded by, something like, "The Dr. Sheldon Cooper Monitoring and Maintenance Protocol", which would include a "Co-Habitation" section and would also specify the collective and, importantly, the individual, privileges and obligations of all three parties. Lenny should also squeeze a substantial discount for their share of the rent for 4A from that ruthless negotiator (S5, "The Russian Rocket Reaction") Sheldon. That way, Penny (indeed, the "council of ladies") can keep 4B as a refuge from nerd shenanigans and as a way to avoid being a barrier to said shenanigans. After all, Penny has been living alone for at least 7 years and hasn't shown the least desire to change that situation. Quite the contrary, in fact (S6, "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation"). With all she has put up with from Leonard and Sheldon (from all of the guys actually) for so long, Penny deserves to have her own space! Her own medicine cabinet! A place where she can tell which of her clothes need laundering simply by their various and sundry locations!
  15. Hillo


    Yes, yet another baby-boomer is delurking and looking forward to The Singularity and to the return of Dr. Elizabeth "Slut Bunny" Plimpton, and hoping we don't have to choose between the two!
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