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  1. Snow! Muffins or cupcakes?
  2. Watching season 1 now after not doing so in a couple years and while funny, still a little off from what the characters end up being. This was a strange episode in a sense. First off Penny is still being treated as the hot girl next door and kind of a ditz which is fine but now I remember why it took a while for her to grow on me. It was odd to see Sheldon willingly dance and offer Leonard advice too. And being against the idea of getting a cat since the role is reversed later and it's Sheldon that ends up filling the void of human contact with cats! There were funny moments in this episode bu
  3. No, and don't plan to, I hate fish! Next person is in summer school at college.
  4. Nope What is the name of your best friend?
  5. false TNP sings in the shower.
  6. I used to make little fanart using Photobucket with Harry Potter and other fandoms back in the day. So happy I have the opportunity to do so again with a new one! Here are some I made. More on the way.
  7. Months ago Do you own a lot of books?
  8. Some. I don't see why everyone thinks they need smart phones and tablets these days. PBM is going somewhere fun this weekend.
  9. false TNP has had surgery.
  10. Wow oh wow. I reached the end of season 7. Such a sad thought! But good to know I know everything that everyone else does. Anyway... very emotional episode. I understand where Sheldon's coming from. I don't do well with change. Any shift in my usual structure causes me to panic and overthink. And knowing the kind of person Sheldon is, all this change indeed is scary and the build up is too much. I just love how much Leonard does care about him, and Penny too. Out of everyone Leonard knows Sheldon very well can't do a lot on his own. He is an overgrown child in a man's body. The way he looks at
  11. True TNP didn't get enough sleep last night.
  12. Another great one. I love Stewart! My heart always goes out to the ones that others might find a little off-putting. Usually. lol. I'm always happy when he's in an episode, always has some great laughs. And Sheldon at his mother's house was a very interesting enjoyable part of the episode. I liked how Mary admitted to not being perfect and for her being with this man Ron is difficult. Hilarious of course that she was able to send Sheldon to his room. No matter how smart he may be, she is always able to get him to do something. :D Overall this episode showed great character growth for Sheldon.
  13. Great episode. I got all teary-eyed when Leonard showed Penny her new used car! So sweet. She's lucky to have him. And Howard and Sheldon bonding because of the scary turbulence. That scene was hard to watch! I only flew a few times in my life and the last time there was turbulence and it was one of the scariest things ever. Luckily the lights didn't go out like in this episode. But it sure brought back memories! 9/10
  14. Ahhhh!! Shamy kissed!! I already knew they would but it was still so wonderful to see! Loved Sheldon leaning into it, signaling he liked it! That was so amazing, I fangirled a little haha. Aside from the long-awaited kiss, great episode. A lady gave Raj her number! Ya! All around feel-good episode. 10/10
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