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  1. For the most part true TNP has been to a live taping of a TV show
  2. True! TNP wants to try skydiving.
  3. You bet HYE met a celebrity?
  4. Naw :/ PBM has broken a bone
  5. I like both but prefer jeans Rain or snow?
  6. Loved this one!! Raj's comment 'it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without an Indian making the food!' Again, I don't drink, it tastes and smells awful and I hate how it makes people say and do stupid things, but in this show Sheldon with alcohol is usually always hilarious. I'm surprised he didn't spit out the first sip though and claim it 'yucky' lol. Burping 'pi' haha. And though he was forced to watch football growing up Sheldon doesn't actually like the sport. He just knows a lot about it. I felt bad for Howard though. Nothing seems to impress Bernadette's dad. I do hate how Leonard pushes Penny so much but he has every right to in this episode. Although I guess it could have waited till Monday. It's always funny though when Zack shows up. He makes Penny look smart lol. 9/10 episode.
  7. Loved the episode. If there's one flaw in the show to bring up it's that it doesn't touch base on too many emotional moments. I grew up on Friends which always had sweet, sometimes sad moments to balance out the humor in those 10 seasons. Here it feels more like the comedy is what's most important. That in mind, I was in tears at Howard's song to Bernadette. I wasn't expecting it and it was a very sweet touch to do it while she was quarantined. I really want more moments that just make you go 'awww'. I also liked how Sheldon felt he didn't deserve the praise he received for his 'discovery'. On any other circumstance he would bask in the attention he so desperately loves, so it was nice to see him break away from that. Solid episode 9/10
  8. I LOVED this episode!! Hilarious. Of course Sheldon had to finish the puzzle! Bernadette's competive side, Amy and Howard bonding... this was such a fun episode. 10/10
  9. Right, so Sheldon's bongo playing will be in my head all day now. lol I love episodes where he takes up yet another weird hobby. 'I ate a butterfly.' So simple yet was so funny. 8/10
  10. Wow people nitpick episodes to the bone! Why all the discussion on how 'buff' Jim/Sheldon looks? Isn't that a good thing he looks healthier? I haven't paid much attention to it at all until I started reading these comments. It's not like he's the Hulk now, he looks fine and still a tall slim man. Nothing more to it. And I agree with what Jacks stated a page back- Sheldon has been demanding since season 1, why argue about it now? Some aspects of characters don't change. If Sheldon didn't demand his friends and Stuart to take him to the dentsit the whole episode it wouldn't be funny, since that's what Sheldon does! Sure he could say 'thank-you' for all everyone does but the fact is he's not like that. It would have been nice to see Leonard say no and stand by it but perhaps it's easy to drive him everywhere since they're roommates and work at the same place. In the real world someone like Sheldon is near-impossible to be around but if the guys and girls in the show can handle him, so be it. I love episodes like this that make Sheldon human. We know he did miss Leonard, 'his little buddy.' His attempts at mending their relationship aren't the best but again, Sheldon has poor social etiquette. His weird wacky mind thinks all he says and does is okay. At least he made a 'Leonard Day' even if it's nothing big. Tons of great moments: Sheldon asking around who wants to drive him where, Penny about what girlfriends are for, Howard's nickname, Sheldon's comment of what fun could come from a blackout and being alone with a girl, Sheldon ending up on a boozetour to Mexico, going to Stuart for help and his placement on his list... a lot of laughs. Another fav of season 5 which so far is turning out to be a wonderful season.
  11. Right, so Sheldon and Kripke 'playing' basketball has to be one of the funniest things I have seen so far in this show. Amazingly hilarious!!! And Amy's gift was ya, just a tad creepy... I would never do that to any friend ever and I grew up without them like her as well! All in all solid episode 8/10
  12. I'm surprised how many don't like Sheldon's child-like ways. To me those are some of my favorite moments in the show. He didn't have much of a childhood and growing up no doubt recieved a lot of special attention from his mom. He was a genius, took part in some outrageous experiments leading to many hospital visits, for a while his mother thought he could be 'crazy'... he no doubt was used to having all of his mother's attention. Then he's hardly a preteen when he goes to university. He didn't get to grow a normal social self alongside other kids since he was 'special'. So I forgive all the actions he takes that are child-like. Just because you're smart doesn't mean you don't want love and attention. So Sheldon jealous of his mother being a mother to his friends doesn't sit well with him. Sure it makes him into a jerk but he doesn't have a normal grasp on socializing and probably never will so in his mind he honestly thinks everything should be about him. It was when he was a kid, why should it change? So as mean as it was that he expected his mom to cook for him and do his laundry, in his weird mind he thought it was fine. Anyway, I love the religious jokes and comments from Mary Cooper. As an athiest, I laugh my pants off at such things like 'The Last Supper Buffett.' Others may call it mean but in this day and age, people have more liberty to make such jokes and I'm all for such things. I am annoyed at the constant drinking from Penny and Raj as I don't drink but they always deliever funny lines around it. Like almost everyone, I just wanted to hug poor wet sick Sheldon in the end! One of my favs of season 5 so far.
  13. LOVED the episode!!! Maybe I love it and pretty much all 5 seasons so far since I've watched them in a span of a few weeks instead of years, but personally I love what I saw in this one and so far in all the episodes. I for one love Amy and love her more each time I see her. She reminds me so much of myself, not smarts wise, but I was the girl who had little to no friends growing up, never went to prom, I've never been kissed and I'm 25! I have a lot of pent up sorrow because of this and my heart always goes out to her when she laments her past. Anyway, the episode was great. Stuart is a lame guy so I never expect much from him. I love him but he's not right for Amy. Loved Sheldon in his cowboy boots and hat. And the 'relationship agreement'. The fact that Sheldon took time to think that perhaps one day he might have some relation with another... so he wrote those agreements up. And how cute and funny it was and pertained to his weird big-headed child-like self. 'Holding hands if one falls off a cliff, wins the Nobel Prize, or during flu shots'. Then later, when he gets a splinter and expects Amy to take care of it. This episode showed how human he can be even if he doesn't understand what he's really feeling. I was so excited they have reached the agreement to at least be 'boyfriend/girlfriend' now even if nothing is 'technically' supposed to change. lol 10/10 episode imo.
  14. I'm only on the 5th season of BBT right now but so far I love Shamy! I'm not sure what else happens (don't tell me!) in the next seasons but I'm excited to find out. The thought that there could be someone out there for someone with such a stubborn crazy mind as Sheldon is pretty cool. Overall I don't have an OTP. I ship Harry/Hermione and a little Ron/Hermione from HarryPotter and I just love Monica/Chandler from Friends. But a favorite pairing overall? Meh... I'm not hardcore into that kind of stuff anymore but if I had to choose it would be Harry/Hermione since they were my first. But from this show in general, I am always rooting for Leonard and Penny.
  15. Oh, I also watch The Middle. Only got into it this year so there's still some epiosdes I haven't seen.
  16. Just saw this episode and my oh my, what a wonderful 21 mins!!! Raj's daydreams... and the dance number and the end was awesome lol. I'm with Leonard, I will never get over the name change for 'Syi Fy', 'Sci Fi' makes much more sense!! Sheldon's Star Trek fanfic acting lesson... lmao. Sheldon's southern accent! 'Please Mommy, don't let Mr. Spoke take me to the future!' Penny- 'Mrs. Cooper, I think I broke your son.' This could be a fav of the season, have to finish it to find out!
  17. ^ Haa, what's that supposed to mean? But best break the ice- I hate dogs. There I said it. Such a relief to me when I found out Sheldon does too.
  18. Hot. Nothing new in CA. I'd say it's in the 90s. I would do anything to have it be about 40 degrees cooler!! I'm still waiting to wear the owl sweater, hat, and gloves I got for Christmas.
  19. Not sure what that is so...no? HYE performed in front of at least 100 or more people?
  20. Fireplace looks nicer although there is no real use here in Southern CA. Sausage or bacon?
  21. Personally, this probably was my favorite episode of this season. The chaos of Sheldon and Penny both wanting to go to Switzerland. To be frank, Sheldon's reasoning and what he tells Penny made sense. She wouldn't appreciate where she was and what she was seeing, meanwhile he has been dreaming of this since he was 9. But of course this would make a wonderful trip for Valentine's Day so Penny should have gone too. In the end, yes, Sheldon should have gotten his own ticket so everyone could be happy. I love how both Sheldon and Penny get the flu at the exact same time! 'Are you going to feel better in the morning?' 'Yes, because I'll be dead!' LOL. So Leonard takes Raj! And seeing how happy Raj is! 'Roses! Little chocolates! I'll never forget this.' Aww, he deserved a good time. Easily 10/10.
  22. Love episodes like this that make Sheldon just a little more human. And kid-like haha. Freaking out over every sound and insident. Seeing his creepy face in the window while Leonard and Penny were in bed! Then when Penny hits him in the face and he falls in the electric fish net trap!! The genious he is, gets outsmarted by the security system! I've noticed this is one of several episodes now with no resolution at the end. So... do we ever find out who broke into the apartment? Wish they told us what happened. Sounds like a lot of expensive items were stolen.
  23. Felt so bad for Leonard, how can he stand his horrible family?? He still wishes for the affection of a mother but will never get it. How can anyone be this distant and uneffected about anything around their own kid?? I know it's just a show but his relationship with his mother makes me sad.
  24. I was lmao when Sheldon and Raj stared at the whiteboard hours on end to 'Eye of the Tiger'!!! Love moments that surprise me with how funny they are. Now for some reason this will be a fav scene for me :D.
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