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  1. Thanks a lot! Oh, I'm a big Harry Potter nerd and cat lover, which I love spotting in the show too!
  2. Very funny! Mrs. Cooper really does steal the show whenever she's in an episode. As an athiest, I find much of her antics hilarious and the way Sheldon handles it just as well. Plus the way she treats others such as Raj... mean but funny at the same time. Sheldon asking if that professor is going to be his new daddy. LOL. For some reason luminous fish and Sheldon looming are some of my favorite things I've seen in this show so far. :D
  3. One of my favorites from this season! Of course I knew Sheldon helping Penny was going to be hilarious but I was surprised by how funny the camping trip with the other guys turned out to be! Raj a king of rabbits, Leonard hating his name, Howard and his cousin!! I personally don't do weed or any drugs but it is usually very funny when I see it on TV. Leonard: I feel we're missing something... *meteor shower overhead* Haaaa. Sheldon's creepy acts of 'comfort'. 'There there... Sheldon's here.' Easily 10/10 episode for me.
  4. I loved the episode, then again I don't think I've been dissapointed with any I've seen so far. The script Sheldon gives Penny in her 'native tounge' was hilarious, as was Raj's shirt, Sheldon in jail. The meer fact he doesn't open checks since many of the things he wants to purchas hasn't been invented yet! He pays part rent and bills right?? I'm finding out I'm a sucker for Penny-Sheldon intereaction episodes. The way they treat each other is hilarious!
  5. I grew up watching the Simpsons and Friends and still love those shows as much as ever. Although haven't seen the past 5 or more seasons of the Simpsons.
  6. Hello fellow TBBT friends! I'm from Southern CA. I watched season 1 and some of 2 perhaps a couple years ago but am now contining with the other seasons, started season 4 today and I am LOVING this show so much! It's absoultly hilarious and I love every character on it. My favs are Sheldon and Leonard, because, the obvious ha. I may not be some scientist or genious in any way or a fan of comics or Star Trek, but I understand the majoirty of the jokes and cannot get enough of the show atm. Hope to have all 7 seasons watched by the time the 8th starts this fall! Looking forward to chatting with other fans of this brilliant show. Have a nice day!
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