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  1. I would sign, but a petition is not going to save the show. It was not canceled, it’s just coming to an end.
  2. I disagree with all of this... This episode was just silly fun. The writers doing the same thing they always do. Showing in one episode growth. Then in the next showing he is still Sheldon. Maybe its becausebI have an autistic child. I mean I know Sheldon is her partner and not her child. Still Amy cares for him in many if the same ways. I would'nt call giving him a juice to help calm him down on a plane trickery. They have shown multiple times that travel makes him nervous. Amy was just trying to make it easier on him. I know of many people who take a xanax or an ambien before getting on a plane? Also with talking to,Mary without him. She saw itbas a potenial roadblock to their happiness. If Mary had freaked out then maybe he woukd change his mind. Both Leonard and Penny have called Mary to discuss his well being without him. All she was doing was giving her a heads up. Gauging the reaction. Then encouraging Sheldon to be a grown up and tell his mom by himself. Which is why she put the announcement on him. It was his news to tell. On a side note... I do hope the part about her being delighted him showing the slightest interest in her family is foreshadowing that we will see sime famiky members soon.
  3. The banners for the winners are here! Thank you @rgbcn and @Queenfisher for doing an amazing job
  4. Is it her "magical acting" or her looks that draw you? Because those are two different things. if there was an emmy for acheivements in eye rolling then maybe she could compete.
  5. The reality is I watch the show because I find it funny and its story telling amazing. I can only attest to why I would watch the show. 1) Sheldon is an engaging character. They have given us tidbits as to why he is the way he is. I'd watch it play out. I would love to see the snowball in the cat scanner incident actually play out. 2) Personally I write a Fan Fic about a young Sheldon. I would like to see what I got right in portraying his family. Also I have a child who is autistic. I would relate to Mary's struggles in it. 3) If they make the other characters rich enough. Like they have done in TBBT Young Sheldon will just be a peice of the show. They will shoot it multo cam so there is a lot of potential there. All we know is his side of what his family was like. Maybe the way he perceived them was different? I would like to see the writers vision.
  6. I'm excited for it! I can't wait to watch young Sheldon. I think it could potenially be a great show.
  7. Cite an example of Leonard specifically caring about the placement if his toothbrush or what side of the bed he sleeps on. He's always been shown to be exasperated by Sheldon caring about these things. Same with Penny she is exasperated by people who quibble about such things. I never said they were'nt important. I just don't think their charcters care enough to show them. If I for a minute thought they did maybe I would feel differently. Its just everything I've seen up until now leads me to belueve Lenny are both apathetic on those subjects. Penny did'nt even care to plan her own wedding. Its not a bad thing, she just does'nt care about thst stuff. I don't remember Shamy planning the party together? I remember Sheldon throwing a brunch without discussing it with Amy at all. Mind you it was an adorable surprise. They just did'nt plan it together.
  8. On the topic of lack of Lenny moments... I always thought it was because Penny is not "that girl" I don't think she would care what side of the bed she slept on. If Leonard were to started quibbling about it I picture her just tellung him to hurry up,and choose. Same with the bathroom stuff. I just don't think she would care? She is easy going. Things like that don't bother her. She's a just do it already kind of person. So that puts Leonard being in the position of being the one who these things are important to. Which the writers already painted Sheldon as the one these things matter too. And Leonard being the "just do it already" of that relationship. So di they start writing Leonard caring more about these things ? Or do they just kind of leave that crap alone in that relatinship. Let the veiwer assume since neither of them seem to care that much a moment did not have to be made about it. Also in tbe episode where Leonard watched football with Penny's frienfs. That was a get together with people outside of the group. So they already had that moment. No need to explore that again. Like I doubt they will do another Shamy outside the friend group gathering.
  9. We know nothing! Any info would be so appreciated! Thank you for anything you can tell us.
  10. I think there was argument about one of there collectibles. It escalates to the point where Sheldon thinks about moving back. Then one of them has a dream where Doc Brown tells them they have to go back to the future and fix the probelm and shows them what the future will be like if he does'nt live with Amy. I seriously had this dream..l.
  11. I loved it!!!!!! 1) Shamy in the lab where they belong. Science is how they fell in love. Its how they keep love alive. I adore it. 2) Sheldon's guns. How much longer can they hide him going to the gym. 3) Sheldon's genuine excitement at their biology experiment. 4) Sheldon lime a proud Papa every step of the way. How adorable will he be when it really is a baby! Showing. Bernie the pics on his phone. Comparing their children. The way he loomed at A y when she called him a functional boyfriend. No hint of the usual annoyance. He is so proud that he is doing a good job with her now. 5) Shamy absent from group dinner scene. They are off having a cozy dinner alone. 6) We didn't have to have sex with Howard to create it??? Sex ya'll not coitus. Big deal for what comes later. 7) Did not care for Raj's plot. Racist and annoying. Raj needs to do Raj for a bit. Let's pull down our pants a little and make a baby??? I amy dead dead dead... He wants it so bad this is just an excuse 9) of course it is a case of Sheldon being reckless,y impulsive and all in. 10) that bend and snap! That wiggle! Amy is stronger than me! 11) Those rose petals and whats behind the door... Oh dear lord some one wake me up! I must be dreaming. My panties would have it the floor so hard after. "Good its disgusting." Has he ever looked or sounded sexier? I know they were trying to make him sexy yet not... You know a Rat Pack Pee Wee Herman. It just so happens I amy sexually attracted to Pee Wee Herman and I need an ambulance. Especially after to you want to pet something... My body is ready! I volunteer! Amy I know why you said no. But kudos girl... 12) That Flamenco dance! Ahhh!!!!! Send help!!!! I love how they showed Amy all hot and bothered. So you see it has been effecting her. That when he asks her the right way for the right reasons she will be putty in his hands.
  12. If it is young ! I'm talking like little kid Sheldon. I'm down. Having an child with Autism and one with more tics than a lyme disease factory I would relate to it. However I do not want a teen Sheldon. I think it would be to hard for them to resist giving him a love interest. Or a girl who is unrequitedly in love with him. Really it all comes down to casting for me. If they can get a brilliant young Sheldon then I amy very excited.
  13. Okay so as a Shamy shipper I loved the episode! However I was left with some questions about Lenny... Okay so remember Dr.Stephanie and how Penny told Leonard that he had a right to be himself? That love was not laying down and letting someone walk all over you? That's what made me like Penny. The fact that she was' t THAT girl. She was cool with the nerd stuff, even if she didn't 100% understand it. Flash forward and now Penny is 100% THAT girl. She has no spark. She wants to dampen Leonards spark. I mean she KNEW what he was all about. Yet she is hiding his things? Turning his bedroom into one my ten year old niece would find over the top. Let Leonard be Leonard and for the love of god, Discover who Penny really is because this new Penny I'm not a fan of.
  14. I always wanted Bette Midler to be her mom!
  15. I loved the episode! 1) Amy and Sheldon during Fun with Flags are so adorable. What a genius move to have Footprints on the Moon be the house band. 2) Amy is a bad liar. Love Sheldon knows her enough to see this. Love that is killing him worrying about whats going in. He is worried they will break up again. 3) Have I not been saying Sheldon looks like Jack Skellington forever!!! I love that shout out! 4) I love Amy and Penny's secret language. Shelnard speaking Klingon! Nerding out so hard. 5) He is open to living with her! Amy is so happy! Amy Be Cool! 6) I adore that had Amy sing her own comfort songs to Sheldon. Soft Kitty is a Penny and his mom thang. She ain't his momma. Amy loves and nurtures him. But in a different way. They had him resist so Sheldon, yet relent still so Sheldon...it was perfection. 7) Sex dungeons?? Oh Shelly!! Whats on your mind. Speaking of which was that eggplant she hands him symbolism or what? 9) Now on to one of the most perfectly written scenes in Big Bang history. Sheldon is caught between a rock and a hard place. The known and the unknown. Any one else coming up on him in that hall way would have been either "what are you talking about." Or "don't be stupid." Amy understood immediately what he needed. She asked no questions and gave no advice. She only offered him what no one else can. Intelligence and logic that rival his own. In the end thats what got him in that door. No declarations of now I'm living with Amy. He just chose her because she is whats right for him. She's what he needs. It is so beautiful. That promo has me all hopped up too...
  16. That description sounds hilarious! It reminds me back a decade ago when I first met my husband. He was a virgin and not well versed in the art of seduction. He would say crazy things like. "let's do it baby." (In butt head voice and be serious) so I would say "if you want it you have to ask me sexier." "come on baby, lets do the do." (Fake Barry White voice) imo Sheldon asks her without being a bit goofy she will be putty in his hands.
  17. Hello, yes I made this very important emoji picture to illustrate how they are both currently feeling. Hope this clears things up.
  18. I love this post so much! Yes Penny needs a win!
  19. I'd like to weigh in on Amy lying. When I first read that the tirle of the episode was the Veracity Elasticity. I knew it was Amy or Sheldon lying about the apartment being ready. I didn't voice it here because I knew everyone woukd be like "no, I would hate that, they've grown past this... Yada yada yada." Why did Amy lie? Because it is a sitcom and people rationally talking out their issues rarely produces belly laughs. Also If Amy upon hearing her her apartment was ready told Sheldon she could have anticipated one of a few outcomes. 1)Sheldon agrees to evaluate the experiment early and tabulate results. 2) Sheldon tells her to move back to her apartment since it is the experiment is null with her apartment being ready. 3) Or she can lie and not risk Sheldon cutting the five weeks short. I don't blame her at all. You never know how Sheldon will react and she liked living with her fella.
  20. Okay so I see it as a combo of 2,3, and 4. The writers felt they could not just have them have coutus once and boom! Sheldon likes sex now. So theybhave been slowly preparing us for a sexual Sheldon. this was a hey! Look everyone Sheldon really does want to do Amy and not just once a year! Preparing the casual viewer for the 2nd round and possiably more regular coutus down the road. I love Amy making him wait! He has given her blue ovaries for six years. Time for him to feel just as pent up and frustrated. Which will make when they do, do it again all the more epic. With them both wanting it for the same reasons.
  21. Okay do we think Sheldon did this 100% on his own? Or did he ask Penny and Bernadette... something about him googling brunch. Then buying champagne and brunch fixings all by himself is so hawt.
  22. Finally got to watch it after working 11 hours... Omg omg omg... Is this real life? Sheldon sleeves rolled up looking like sex on a stick cooking a surprise brunch for his lady? They look so in love, so comfortable, so married.... Domestic bliss suits them well. That sweet hug with oven mitts. Gah!!! But no wait the hug was'nt even the best part! If Sheldon just saying Amy is getting in randy (a more polite horny ya'll lets just say it.) was'nt enough to make me melt. Then he had to go and slap her butt! I literally screamed making my two boys look at me like I was insane.
  23. I don't see option two ending in conflict. I just see them going about as normal. Sheldon being bitchy to everyone and Penny pointing out why. Option 3 as much as I would hate it! I can see it happening. I mean Raj and his two ladies anyone?? Omg second thought they are using these to see how people would react to a Shamy spin off. Who else would watch the hell out of that?
  24. Quoting myself from earlier... It looks like the writers are giving me quite a few items off my wish list. When the experiment first started I was 100% convinced itbwas a way to make five weeks progress quickly. Since we started the season directly after the last episode of the season. That the next episode would pick up five weeks later and we would get just a synopsis of their time together. I was delighted to discover it was the opposite happening. The writers were using this as a tactic to stall time to make Bernadettes pregnancy stretch longer. I still did'nt want to get my hopes up that we would see beyond a few snippets of their time together. Yet they have shown us large chunks of what them living together is like. So of course instead of basking in the glow of all my dreams coming true. I amy worrying about the writers end game. The way I see it three things could happen. 1) The experiment is declared a success. Their compatibilty is now cemented. They decide to move in together permanently. Getting engaged along the way. 2)The experiment is a success but things go back to the staus quo for a bit. We see Sheldon pining a bit for his time with Amy. Telling Leonard and Penny they should do things more like her. Until finally towards the end of the season he decides its better with Amy and they move in together. 3) They go their seperate ways after the experiment. They are still together of course but living arrangements are never mentioned again. Everything is exactly as it was before. what is everyone elses thoughts on it?
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