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  1. Oh! Is she wearing his pajamas pants?????!! Oh my! cute
  2. This is amazing! Im happy for Michael. I think it is a good idea make a film of this book. It has to be powerfull and emotional!!!
  3. I would like more if Amy win a nobel price and not Sheldon. We could see how the couple deal with it. It can be the final step for Sheldon, I mean that he can realice that Amy is really important for him and that he is happy for her. He already know that Amy is important but a detail is good haha. And then Amy can help Sheldon to choose a better field, and the sitcom can end with a call to Sheldon: "you won the nobel, too". Hahaha. Hope that you understand me good because Im from Spain ?
  4. I don't know where I can ask this... but do we have bloopers?
  5. I only want a new photoshoot because I dont understand why they use the same photos all the time...
  6. What he said? I didn't watch it because I was at work How they decided to get married? And what he said about the wedding? Pd: I see some screenshots, he looks so good and happy
  7. So happy for them! Really really happy!! I wish them the best! Love love loveeeee
  8. He said that he probably will marry Todd? Yeeess
  9. After watching Jim's instagram I think our Shamy will have some kiss... what do you think? I like to speculate hahaha
  10. First, sorry for my english, Im Spanish I think Sheldon already learned to be a good boyfriend, he saw Amy kiss Dave, he suffered... if he propose and Amy hesitates can be really painful for him. I'm not saying I dont want a little of cliffhanger but I dont want it to be about the propose...
  11. I dont know why but he looks so hansome!
  12. I don't know why this is being discussed haha
  13. Jim can sit wherever he wants. I dont see the problem. This project is exciting for him. Of course he is proud of Big Bang, big bang give him everything, but he wants to grow as an actor. He wants to make movies, he wants to participate in other projects. Is this bad? I think is good for him. Everyone knows him as Sheldon, he is proud of that, but how many people knows him as the actor he is? Kaley knew exactly where Jim sit. Even if he did not say anything. She was playing when she asked and I think it was fun.
  14. Oooh god! Spanish people! I'm from Galicia! Im so excited hahahaha
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