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  1. Hi there - I did see the picture of Jim with his Godson and can appreciate why the family want it private. I had thought that you both were referring to other pictures with Todd. My mistake, but thanks anyway
  2. Hi there, I haven't seen either of these pictures, is there a link please. Many thanks Also, a belated Happy New Year to you all
  3. Snap, we have watched this a few times now at Christmas, but it was only on Tuesday when I saw Johnny Galecki's name pop up on the credits and I thought Whaaaaat. Anyway not posted much recently, too much in the doldrums, but have lurked and am starting to emerge now. Just popped in to wish all of you seasons greetings.
  4. I have one question and if it has been raised before, my apologies. There is a bra in the box that Sheldon claims to believe is Amy's. I know that this is just a ruse, but when could he claim that Amy would have left that Bra. Yes they had a sleep over, but she did not bring a change of clothes. So is it the assumption that she wore all her other clothing the next day, but decided to go bra less.
  5. I had a long and emotional rant ready to post here (though it did get posted by mistake on Sunday and quoted by 3ku11 before I could delete it ). My intention was to wait to see what the second episode would produce, and if I am truly honest I was hoping that it would end up with Gollum answering Sheldon's question about the ring, and it would all be a horrible dream - stupid I know. I am happy for the Lenny's - but if I was a Lenny, I would be gutted to have been deprived of a wedding sequence, and Shennys - well way to go folks, it would appear that Leonard may have had some worries in that direction, which for me is REALLY hard to believe - and definitively not the horrible dream I had hoped for . But so far I am disappointed, and to be honest I am getting to the stage now where I almost just cannot be bothered. Why am I getting all riled up about this, why should I care what the writers have install for Shamy. From the start (again for me) Shamy were the 'unique' couple. Their relationship was a slow build up, and the journey has been beautiful. Now after one thoughtless remark, after a year of positive progress, apparently it has all gone to pot, and they seem to have become just like all the others. What it feels like for me at the moment is - let’s destroy Sheldon so that he can grow, lets get him to say really nasty things so that will give us (the writers) reason to keep Amy angry and them apart. If it were real life, or even a novel or FF, I would be worried about how this would affect a character like Sheldon, how long it would take him to recover, and even if they would ever get back together. But no this is a so called sit-com so we know that all will be resolved eventually, and Sheldon and Amy will be reunited. But as I said above am I really bothered now. I am, but it is a struggle. I am with others on this. I watch a comedy show to be entertained - in a positive manor. When that comedy show has characters that grab you as these have, then that is a bonus. I do not want to watch the characters that I care about go through weeks and weeks of angst - at least for the viewer, if I did, I would watch a soap opera. So, the way I feel currently is, though I will continue to view the TR with interest, and am not jumping ship, I think I will give the first two episodes a miss when they eventually get shown here in the UK, And I know that this is a knee jerk reaction, but for me, life is too short to voluntarily sit and watch a program to be depressed, even for half an hour. i can watch the NEWS for that. Ok - so much for not having a long rant - but trust me the other was much longer PS - thanks to all those who provided information on the taping
  6. Thanks for the link to the interview Chelle, I loved it. I noticed that there were some filmed extracts form Act of God. Does anyone know if the whole show was filmed and if it is likely to be released on DVD. They would make a bomb if it was.
  7. On the old format, there used to be a way of previewing posts before submitting them. It looks like this is no longer available, or am I missing something
  8. I'll check on that. Some of the permissions settings have gone haywire with the upgrade. I'll look at the setting for that. Thanks Tripper, seems to be ok now.
  9. Why am I now unable to disable the e-mail notification for new content on threads that I follow. When I try to it says the administrator has disabled this option being toggled. As I generally follow a number of threads, I really do not want an e-mail advising me of each new post. Many thanks
  10. Ok - one other thing I have been thinking about. - All of this 'Amy needing a break' when nothing had been leading up to this - at all. - Sheldon suddenly producing a ring, again with little or no lead up. Yes they have exchanged ILY's and been closer, but they have only just had one sleep over. This seems rather a quick move for someone who takes things as slowly as Sheldon. Could this be a dream sequence
  11. I know that this is off topic slightly. When I first read the synopsis of the finale, I was right and truly pissed off with the writers. Not the fact that Amy wanted a step back, but the actual timing of this in relation to all that has gone on before. However I have had some time to think about this now, and I wonder if the writers were being considerate to Mayim's current circumstances. Due to her sad personal loss, she has been unavailable for table readings and rehearsals (though I may be wrong) till Monday. Also, though a consummate professional, I think it would have been harsh to expect her to be anything but restrained at present. I know that there could have been other options, but they chose this, so taking that into account, I am hoping that this will be a 'to be continued' type episode and that the follow up will be awesome. For me the cat is alive, but has taken a nap.
  12. What the Hell. i am sorry, I know the make out scene was good, but the final scene negates that for me. Where in heavens name did this come from. In Season 7 though I did not like the finale, it did tie up with all that had happened to Sheldon during that season. But this, hell no. All we have had all season is ShAmy goodness, with both of them apparently now the same page. As others have said, I could have seen Amy step back in earlier seasons, especially at the end of the last one (or even at the beginning of this one), but now - I am sorry but it just does not make sense. Yes for a dramatic ending, but at least it should have some connection with what has gone on
  13. It is 7.45 pm in the UK, and long after I normally log off, but I just wanted to wish every one a happy tapping day. Including Mayim after such a loss. Like every one my heart goes out to her.
  14. Just logged on and saw this. OMG. However, I am also (like others on here) a little worried. I remember the finale of last year when Mayim commented that it was going to be Awesome, and look what we got. Then we had the episode titled 'The Intimacy Acceleration' and again look what happened. So at the moment I am going to hope for the best, and fear the worst. Right now I have butterflies in my stomach. I don't think i will be able to eat anything or think clearly till Wednesday. Though this may do me some good cos I am sure I could do with loosing a few pounds. I do however have one question. Is it normal for CBS to release a tit-bit like this.
  15. I hope this works - but here you go. A brilliant story https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8907927/1/The-Family-Reunion-Probability-Theorem
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