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  1. The Law

    I'm Back....

    I totally didn't forget that this site existed, or my username and password. AND most of all I totally wasn't reminded by the constant pestering I received off another user. *cough* Stewie99 *cough* any whom. I'm back now and looking forward to Seasons 8's touchdown in the U.K next Thursday :D I've got my spot on the sofa ready. -The Freaking Law
  2. Granted, But then a brick falls out the sky, causing you to forget it. I wish more people played King of The Hill
  3. I have Bided my time. I slowly approach the hill, while you are engrossed in a Re-Run of TBBT, remove your flag and skewer you with it, then proceed to plant my flag on the hill. My hill.
  4. Granted. You know work as a untrained bomb defuser for the United States military. I wish that this wish was granted by a wizard.
  5. Slowly, I defrost and when I do I drop 100's of tonnes of dirt onto the hill, covering you and plant my flag on top of the new, bigger hill.
  6. Leonard, using it to insult raj although I almost thought it was raj. Correct me if I'm wrong. Who said : 'Of course. It's, it's been in the news, and it's a very famous boson.'
  7. Yes, if any child hands you a toy phone you god damn answer it. HYE plotted to kill or murder someone?
  8. Granted, but everyone gets so fat that they roll instead of walk, and you are crushed by a group of rolling school children. I wish walnutcowboy was actually the one on the left, and not the one on the right.
  9. False. TNP Does not understand the reference of my entire profile.
  10. I move the hill from beneath you and you crash down to the floor. I then throw your flag down to you and plant my flag in the rightful position. My hill.
  11. Cricket, my country lack the ability to play tennis. *cough* Murray *cough* PC or Console?
  12. Moon, more mischievous stuff can occur. Marvel or DC?
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