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  1. Amy's hand on Sheldon's face affected me much more than thousand of kisses. Oh God!
  2. The sweet compounder, can you please pm the report to me too
  3. So I'm thinking, if they did not break up, we will probably see Sheldon goes to the premier on Amy's birthday. The whole break up thing makes some sense, finally :D
  4. Where is this tr you are talking about?
  5. yaaay I can love Stephen Merchant again!
  6. yaaaay I love ryan mcpartlin aka captain awesome! soo happy to see him with mayim. the other co-star of her is also hot as hell!
  7. Their eyes are always shining with happiness when they are together, it is really beautiful.
  8. ah come on, this might be logical if the person we are talking here wasn't Sheldon. Sometimes you think about Shenny more than the Shenny shippers, don't torture yourself like that. I mean even they accept that shamy and lenny are endgame. If Sheldon and Penny will console each other or have a heart to heart conversation I'm pretty sure it will be very friendly and sibling-like, because that is what they are. But personally I would like to see other dinamics, like Sheldon&Bernadette have a deep conversation.
  9. I really don't want to find out a "drunken mistake" from Penny too. It wouldn't justify Leonard's mistake and just create much bigger mess.
  10. but they have already did that many times and they are already close. same with sheldon&leonard. I think it will be more interesting to see other friendships growing.
  11. okay what I want from the first episode of season 9 is Penny&Amy eating ice creams and singing "everybody hurts" really loud. Preferably while Amy is playing the harp. I feel like these heart breaks will get Amy&Penny more closer.
  12. I finally watched the episode. Lenny&Sheldon scenes were really funny, I laughed a lot. Howardette&Stuart was fine too. I just miss all the gang together, they had too many seperate stories this season. My heart is really broken for Penny. She was so excited and happy and then just hit the bottom. Kaley really was amazing, you can see real disappointment on her face. Such a shame. And Shamy... I am just sad both Sheldon and Amy. I truly understand Amy's feelings but can't help feeling sad for Sheldon too. They are so in love, it shouldn't be that hard But I am sure, all of th
  13. So that was her photoshoot! Are there any other photos in the article?
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