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  1. Have you seen Kaley on Ellen, talking about buying the Shake Weight?
  2. OK, this is my current, and I'm think final/permanent, wallpaper.
  3. Does that mean Leonard is guilty of bestiality? 😁
  4. Why did Adolf Hitler give up playing golf? Because he spent most of his time in the bunker.
  5. Not a joke in the sense of most of those already posted, but rather an amusing (but true) story. In the days and weeks after Doctor Johnson wrote his dictionary, he was visited by many people, offering their congratulations and thanks for his wonderful achievement. He was also visited by a small group of respectable ladies from London, who thanked him for the effort he put into omitting all the unpleasant and inappropriate words from his dictionary. In response, he thanked the ladies, for the effort they put into searching for them.
  6. The NHS have set up an online service, for people who have broken bones. It's called snapchat.
  7. Previously, Penny thought it was funny, when Leonard had meaningless, one off sex, but when he had it with Dr. "slut bunny" Plimpton, she was upset.
  8. I got my balls caught in a Dyson. Now we're both bagless.
  9. Lifestyle Screening Form. Would you describe yourself as:- a. Very fit. b. Quite fit. c. A bit of a minger.
  10. I've accidentally run over my neighbour's pet, Tiddles. Full details are at compare-the-smeared-cat.com
  11. And Penny wasn't, when she hooked up with Dave Underhill?
  12. Dear Deidre, I have a mole on my penis. How much trouble will I be in, with the RSPCA?
  13. Why would Leonard Nimoy sign a napkin, for someone he has a restraining order against?
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