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  1. Just heard he's out of the ICU.
  2. A bit different over here. You just apply for a Provisional Licence, and you can start practising, either with a Professional instructor, or a friend/relative, but the friend/relative must be at least 21 years old, and have held a full licence for at least 3 years. You do have to take a multiple-choice Theory Test (much like Sheldon had to do), and a computerised Hazard Perception Test, but it is taken after the Provisional Licence is issued, and before the Practical Road Test. You must also display L-Plates, front and rear of the vehicle. Then there was the "reversing round a corner" and the "hill start". 😁 Was complimented on my reversing. Also, did the same again, 6 years later, on a motorcycle. 😊
  3. Same here. Did the driving bit, then pulled over at the side of the road, identified three road signs, told the examiner what the stopping distance was (according to the Highway Code) at 40mph, pointed at something about 120 feet away, and Bingo, one Pass Certificate in my hot sweaty hands. 😎
  4. Do you really have to take pass a written test, just to get your provisional licence?
  5. Not so far. Full and final departure is still scheduled for 31st December.
  6. There's an email doing the rounds, saying that tinned pork is infected with Covid 19. If you receive the email, just ignore it, as it's SPAM.
  7. I know, and that's what made it so Even Kate herself, never struck me as the sort of person who would appear in scenes like that. I guess that's what makes it so Kate Micucci is stunning.
  8. I was in the Supermarket earlier, and there was a customer clearing the shelves of all the lobsters, crabs, prawns, shrimps, etc. I thought, what a shellfish person.
  9. Two more. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED (for the second one), for those of a religious persuasion. BTW: I've no idea while they came out brown in the photos, because they're black in real life.
  10. Shoplifters anonymous. The charity that helps people, to help themselves.
  11. Suppose the show was real life, rather than a sitcom. Which couples do you think would have actually been a couple?
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