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  1. Baring the Pilot, all episode titles reference a plot point or quirk in the episode, and resemble the name of a scientific principle, theory or experiment. On that principle, suggest a new title for the Pilot.
  2. The world's largest war memorial is a road.
  3. Spotted this in a local Supermarket Car Park. 🤣
  4. Just found this. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  5. It's the 1970s one, with Jack Smethhurst, Rudolf Walker, Nina Baden-Semper and Kate Williams, and yes, it is in colour. Very beautiful lady. So sad she had to leave us so soon, but in the words of Queen, Only The Good Die Young.
  6. Just bought the entire series box-set of Love thy Neighbour.
  7. Just bought this. 😎
  8. Why was Beverley swatting her husband's bottom with a ping pong paddle, when, according to her:- "Aside from a pro forma consummation of our marriage, his father and I only had intercourse for the purposes of reproduction."
  9. I suppose, a least to begin with, he fitted in with the group, because they were all as socially awkward as each other.
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