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  1. How about an Anniversary Episode, that doesn't relate to any one person? Maybe something to do with their occupations? Something like, the scientists get promotions/tenure, and Penny gets a big acting break.
  2. And how many sad faces does Penny have? From what I've seen, Penny's default reaction to sadness is to cry, as in The Barbarian Sublimation, The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, The Cohabitation Formulation, and The Gorilla Experiment.
  3. Different strokes and all that. I'm sure there'll be real life Shamy's out there, somewhere in the world. I beg to differ.
  4. I too, am struggling to write, partly, I suspect, due to some real life interruptions. Even my usual trick, of starting a new and different story, hasn't helped.
  5. At which point, Amy will say "NOT NOW LEONARD!" and hang up.
  6. Then Leonard and Penny fly to Princeton, to find out what is going on, only to have Sheldon and Amy answer her room door, both in dressing gowns, with their arms around one another, and Amy wearing the ring.
  7. Actor

    How does her mother know about the walk of shame? Maybe she's watched The Benefactor Factor.
  8. OMG. Just found out that, one of the victims was the daughter of a man who used to work where I do, and also the wife of a man who still works for us.
  9. And, likewise, the Jewish parents would insist any children be brought up Jewish.
  10. episodes

    Just seen the full episode, and I loved it. The kiss was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be, and all the jokes were brilliant. I was expecting a "the screen has frozen" joke, when Amy was sat totally still, when she found out that Ramona was in the apartment, but it didn't come. Now I've just got to white knuckle it for a few months, until Season 11 starts.
  11. How come their parents didn't badger them, about not having a religious service? Indeed, how come there wasn't a massive debate, about choosing between a church and synagogue wedding?
  12. Ship Zone

    I don't think Ramona is more attractive than Amy.
  13. I'm aware it couldn't happen, hence why I said:- for the sake of this thread, let's assume the rules were changed, to allow America to join.
  14. It's the scene where Amy takes hold of his tie, to look at his Avogadro constant tiepin, and Dave steels a kiss. However, that kiss looks far firmer and bolder, than the one in the episode.
  15. Even Leonard admits Sheldon is superior, academically, to him From The Troll Manifestation:- Leonard: I know this isn’t my area, and I could never do the math like you can, but could this be something?