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  1. Some news, about a criminal who has been impersonating Sting. He's turned himself into the Police. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've just seen a movie, about a man who is outraged by the people observing Ramadan. It's called Fast and Furious.
  2. Scientists call it dark matter but, whatever it is, I've flushed four times, and it still won't go.
  3. I learned about sex by listening to comedians talking about it. I was 25 before I realised that I shouldn't be pleased, that it all ended with the girl laughing.
  4. What do you mean, I can't buy a zombie? This is the body shop, isn't it?
  5. OMG, how gorgeous is this lady?
  6. That toothbrush holder doesn't look like a plexiglass case, with a UV light.
  7. Here I am in Thailand, with a hint of Iraq. I'm in Tie Rack.
  8. As she sadly died in the collision, we will never know why she swerved into the oncoming traffic. Perhaps Vera by name?
  9. My Fairy Godmother once asked me if I'd rather have a long penis or a long memory. I forgot what my answer was.
  10. German sausages are the wurst.
  11. As the OP says about The War being a miniseries, rather than a documentary, I have a similar suggestion. Aside from a few factual and technical inaccuracies, it's a pretty realistic reconstruction of the events of April 1986.
  12. I see Ricki Lake has given up trying to fight her hair loss, and has instead embraced it, by having it cut in a Number 1. Is it just that I have a thing for bald women (Persis Khambatta , Gail Porter etc.), or does anyone else think she looks way hotter now, than she did with all that hair?
  13. Does Jesus save? Let's check the VAR.
  14. Some friends of mine have formed a band, which they've called 999 Megabytes. They haven't had a Gig yet.
  15. Leonard Nimoy's death was referenced in the show.
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