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  1. But how can she work something out, when, according to Sheldon himself, "I have a higher than normal body density. If I run too deep a bath, I drown."?
  2. How did Sheldon manage to go swimming, when he doesn't float?
  3. Been away on holiday (vacation to those of you across the pond 😀 ), and arrived back just last night.
  4. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  5. Can anyone identify the beautiful lady, standing next to Jennifer Aniston, in this picture?
  6. I read a report that said, 80% of people suffer with Hemorrhoids. So, do the other 20% enjoy them?
  7. NO. Have You Ever followed through?
  8. Sad news, Wally has died. His funeral is on Monday. Nobody knows where it is taking place, but that's how he would have wanted it.
  9. What's the difference between an Essex boy & an Essex girl? An Essex girl has a higher sperm count.
  10. A bean jug is a Tupperware jug, which has been stained orange, due to it being repeatedly used to microwave Baked Beans.
  11. Yes. Have you ever owned a bean jug?
  12. Once at school, in the Biology class, we wired a frog to a battery. That was the end of the French student exchange program.
  13. Note for Bernadette - Winston Churchill wasn't the Prime Minister of England. He was the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom.
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