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  1. Not at the beginning he didn't. From the pilot episode:- Sheldon: So, what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Leonard: Excuse me? Sheldon: That woman in there’s not going to have sex with you. Leonard: Well I’m not trying to have sex with her. Sheldon: Oh, good. Then you won’t be disappointed.
  2. I don't think he said it, as an insult to French people. I think he said it, to point out how easy studying French would be, to someone who is French.
  3. Maybe not officially, but how about as part of his philandering?
  4. Given how Egotistical Sheldon is, surely an Egotistical Amy would be the perfect match for him?
  5. That's why I've never heard of her. With this thread being in the The Big Bang Theory > The Show forum, I assumed she was a character in TBBT. Then maybe the reason they never got together, is because they're half brother and sister?
  6. I'm getting an error message. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H
  7. And a permit to dispose of hazardous waste.
  8. To me, the Mighty Quinn (not Quim) is a song by Manfred Mann. I actually knew someone called John Thomas, and I've also met someone called Michael Hunt. Parents can be so cruel. 🙂
  9. Mayim doesn't have a dowager's hump. It's just something she invented for Amy.
  10. Loved that outfit. No, but you might get a Yeehaw. 😁
  11. Amy also states she can't go Ice Skating, because she has unusually brittle ankles. However, in the Separation Oscillation, Amy says "You mean the night that I went ice-skating, and you stood at the rail Googling the symptoms of hypothermia?"
  12. I share Howard's disappointment. I too, would like to see Bernadette wearing that French Maids outfit.
  13. Nope. Topless and naked are two different things.
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