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  1. It's the reverse for me. I'll pick Prom over luminous, no problem, but Scavenger and Gorilla are, IMO, both excellent episodes.
  2. I'll definitely go Prom, but choosing between Scavenger and Gorilla is going to be really hard. I've never seen HIMYM, which is odd, given how much I like Alyson Hannigan.
  3. I'll find the next one pretty easy to decide on, but the last one is going to be a toughie.
  4. Ever seen Ghostbusters?
  5. Cheers was before Frasier. She was awesome in Pretty In pink.
  6. Really, 43 over Earworm?
  7. Actor

    Or, as Sheldon put it, in one of my favourite one liners:- She’s so tiny. It’s funny when she’s mad.
  8. When did they become regular cast members? Actually, if it wasn't for Howard and Raj, there'd be no Shamy.
  9. Ship Zone

    I've PM'd mine, which are as follows:- 1. The first bedroom scene (the one with the "We'll find out together" line), in The Opening Night Excitation. 2. Sheldon taking Amy's hand, in The Countdown Reflection. 3. Sheldon calling Amy a "vixen", in The Herb Garden Germination. 4. Shamy cuddling, in The Isolation Permutation. 5. The kiss in The Locomotive Manipulation. 6. The "I love You Too", in The Prom Equivalency. 7. The "Kiss her you brilliant fool", Shamy reunion, in Ear Worm Reverberation. 8. The Skype flirting, in The Long Distance Dissonance. 9. The private D&D scene, in Sheldon's bedroom, in The Love Spell Potential. 10. Shamy's first meeting, in The Lunar Excitation.
  10. Actually, despite being a huge Shamy fan (not that anyone would've thought I was ), I went for Barbarian. For me, it was one of the easier choices, and not because Herb Garden is a Shamy episode. I voted Barbarian over Long Distance. I just felt Panty Pinata was an episode full of nastiness, plus, Herb Garden is just a terrific episode. The next two rounds will be very easy choices, but the final round will be another hard choice.
  11. 2019? Are you The Doctor, or Marty McFly?
  12. It was a tough decision, but I finally went with Opening Night.
  13. OMG, that's a hard one, which is probably what Amy said, in both episodes. The only thing making me hesitate to vote ON, is Amy's YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! from Birthday. It was just
  14. Sad news that Martin Landau has passed away. Possibly best known to Sci-Fi fans as John Koenig, the commander of Moonbase Alpha in Space 1999, I remember him as the card shark and impersonator Rollin Hand, from the 1960s TV Series Mission Impossible, and, more recently, as the US President, in the movie By Dawns Early Light.
  15. Car booting is buying things at a car boot sale. A car boot sale is like a market, but mostly the items for sale are second hand (often single items from the stall operators home), and prices tend to be very low. I got the Frasier Season 9 box set for £3, which is currently about $4-95, where you are. My favourite character is Roz Doyle. She's so sassy, and stunning with it.