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  1. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    A bit of advice anyone please? I have a mole on my penis. How much trouble will I be in, with the RSPCA?
  2. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    A farmer is before the Magistrate, charged with shooting a Swan. He explains that yes, he did shoot it, but it was an accident. He was shooting Grouse, and the Swan flew in front of his gun and got shot in error. The Magistrate asks him what became of the dead Swan, to which the farmer replies that, rather than waste it, he cooked it and ate it. The Magistrate ask what it tasted like? The farmer replies, "A bit like Golden Eagle".
  3. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    I had some Korean meatballs for dinner today. They really were the dogs bollocks.
  4. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    The CDC has had to shut down the Village fête. There was an outbreak of Tombola.
  5. Stephen Hawking

    Season 11 Episode Tournament

    Do the eight episodes I nominate get scored according to the order I nominate them (ie. first choice gets 8 points, second choice gets 7 point, and so on), or does each get just one point, for each person who nominates it? No surprise at the episode which is currently joint first 🙂, but I'm surprised Proposal Proposal isn't on the list.
  6. Stephen Hawking

    1124 'The Bow Tie Asymmetry' (May 10)

    Just watched this episode and WOW. I rarely, if ever, give an episode an "Excellent" vote, but I did this time, and would've given it an "Excellent +", if it were available. There was nothing in this episode that I didn't love, and I especially loved the "Thank you Daddy".
  7. Stephen Hawking

    Mayim Bialik

    OMG, those legs.
  8. Stephen Hawking

    Did you notice...

    You can laugh bfm, but here in the UK, enthusiasts still drive cars like that. We even have an annual special event for them, called the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.
  9. Stephen Hawking

    Did you notice...

    Surely you wouldn't have to fit seat-belts to a car like this, prior to selling it? I mean, where would you even attach seat-belts?
  10. Stephen Hawking

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I picture them having a boy and a girl, and naming them Pierre and Marie.
  11. Stephen Hawking

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Was that Annie Potts' voice? Like Bernadette did. Personally, I like the sound of Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper.
  12. Stephen Hawking

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Isn't that Linda Cardellini?
  13. Stephen Hawking

    Did you notice...

    Is it a legal requirement, to have headrests in cars, in America?
  14. Stephen Hawking

    13th season is it worth it?

    To be fair, Before Amy arrived, Lenny had three seasons, where they were very centre stage.
  15. Stephen Hawking

    13th season is it worth it?

    One pro is, it'd get them over 300 episodes. And I've voted Yes. I'll take as many more seasons as they want to give us.