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  1. Stephen Hawking

    Hello from Germany

    Whereabouts in Germany are you?
  2. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    And Jesus came across a man in the courtyard, who could not walk. "Brother" he asked, "have you been involved in an accident that wan't your fault?"
  3. Stephen Hawking

    Are you a science nerd?

    I've found this quiz of 20 science questions, from a Third Grade Exam. let us know how you score. No cheating mind. 🙂 https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/quiz/GESIRIS/can-you-pass-this-third-grade-science-test/ar-BBAzxiw?ocid=ems.display.edge&ccid=f540c5f7c38f44e5aa099a7c8b63c003
  4. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    Last summer I went on a 1940s themed cruise. It was great, until we were sunk by a U-Boat in the Atlantic.
  5. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    The Queen's dogs have replaced the central heating, in Buckingham Palace. It's OK. They're Corgi Registered.
  6. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    Political Economics Exam Question. According to Germany, how much is Greece worth? One Mark.
  7. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    They've just released the sequel to La-La Land. It's called Po-Land. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following movie contains scenes of a cup of tea. It's rated PG.
  8. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    The Borg are wrong. Resistance is not futile. It's voltage divided by current.
  9. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    A teenage lad asked his father why condoms are sold in different size packets. His father explained:- "The pack of three is for when you are single, and picking up girls at the weekend. One condom for Friday, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday." "The pack of six is for when you have a regular girlfriend. Two condoms for Friday, two for Saturday, and two for Sunday." The lad thinks for a moment, then asks "what about the pack of twelve?" "That", his father explains, "is for when you are married. One for January, one for February .............................."
  10. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    I'm a sadistic necrophiliac, with tendencies toward bestiality. Is there a future in it, or am I just flogging a dead horse?
  11. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    Give a man a fish, and he will feed himself for a day. Teach him to fish, and the EU will pay him not to.
  12. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    Shoplifters Anonymous. Helping people to help themselves.
  13. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    Small Ad. Free to good home - F-CKING PRINTER.
  14. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    A World Cup joke. The Germans have finally reached Moscow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Geography A level exam. Question 1. Corwall has no Capital. False or Truro?
  15. Stephen Hawking

    Best Jokes You Know

    You are charged with shoplifting high-end toilet rolls. How do you plead, quilty or not quilty?

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