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  1. episodes

    Although, the airline probably wouldn't accept his honorary Justice League of America membership card. The odds of that happening are tiny. To get out of the UK, I need my Passport, but once across the channel, I can travel through 27 countries, without passing though a single customs point. You only know you've entered a new country, by the "Welcome to ................." text you receive. Someone at work told me. They said they'd visited America, and had been asked for their Passport, when boarding an internal flight.
  2. Yep. Never saw the point in him wearing a suit, to appear on radio.
  3. Just when receiving an award, or going to a Prom.
  4. Non-Show Discussion

    Those are your opinions, and I completely disagree with them.
  5. If he becomes the Hulk, he'll be getting through an awful lot of shirts and, indeed, pants.
  6. Ship Zone

    Would they, by any chance, be leopard-spotted? That was The Agreement Dissection. I'm developing a kind of Eidetic memory, where TBBT episodes are concerned.
  7. Ship Zone

    Here you go.
  8. I'm not offended. I just can't imagine, that anyone would fantasise about someone they don't find physically attractive/desirable.
  9. Of course they do, but nobody has the right to feature in someone else's fantasy.
  10. And, of course, in her fantasies, she's going to imagine him toned and muscled. I mean, who fantasises about a weak and flabby person?
  11. Maybe it's down to the Shamy no longer having sex just once a year, and all the "exercise" they're getting now.
  12. I can't really say the same about me and Amy.
  13. episodes

    I think Sheldon must've gone back to the apartment, before flying out to Princeton, because, don't you need your Passport, to fly even internally these days?
  14. Here's an idea. Just as Shamy are about to head to the bedroom, to "formalise" their engagement, Amy's phone rings, and it's Leonard (who has tracked Sheldon's phone), asking if everything is OK? Irritated by the interruption, Amy tells him "NOT NOW LEONARD!" Putting the phone down, they try to continue where they left off, only for there to be a knock at the door, and Howard calls "Is everything OK?" Cut to the corridor, where Howard and Raj are standing, and, in a call back to The Birthday Synchronicity, Amy's frustrated voice carries through the door "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"
  15. It's a dressing gown, so loose fitting. Apart from being very short, it'll fit him.
  16. Maybe Sheldon is wearing one of Amy's dressing gowns. That would be so cute, the Shamy in matching dressing gowns.
  17. How about an Anniversary Episode, that doesn't relate to any one person? Maybe something to do with their occupations? Something like, the scientists get promotions/tenure, and Penny gets a big acting break.
  18. Non-Show Discussion

    And how many sad faces does Penny have? From what I've seen, Penny's default reaction to sadness is to cry, as in The Barbarian Sublimation, The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, The Cohabitation Formulation, and The Gorilla Experiment.
  19. Different strokes and all that. I'm sure there'll be real life Shamy's out there, somewhere in the world. I beg to differ.
  20. I too, am struggling to write, partly, I suspect, due to some real life interruptions. Even my usual trick, of starting a new and different story, hasn't helped.
  21. At which point, Amy will say "NOT NOW LEONARD!" and hang up.
  22. Then Leonard and Penny fly to Princeton, to find out what is going on, only to have Sheldon and Amy answer her room door, both in dressing gowns, with their arms around one another, and Amy wearing the ring.
  23. Actor

    How does her mother know about the walk of shame? Maybe she's watched The Benefactor Factor.
  24. OMG. Just found out that, one of the victims was the daughter of a man who used to work where I do, and also the wife of a man who still works for us.
  25. Just a thought that has been kicking around in my mind for a while, and more so since seeing The Perspiration Implementation. Given their similar attitudes to sex, maybe Barry and Leslie should hook up and be a couple?