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  1. Every time I see her, my spuds start boiling. 😊
  2. It should've been obvious to us, that Communism wouldn't work, what with all the red flags.
  3. Penny - Wonder Woman Sheldon - The Flash Leonard - Green Lantern Howard - Batman Raj - Aquaman Zack - Superman
  4. In Samoa, the 30th December 2011 didn't exist.
  5. Because Amy Farrah Fowler didn't play Blossom.
  6. Would a Landlord rent out an apartment, with a non-working shower? It's not really a joke. The "joke" is more to do with Sheldon thinking it would look good on a T-Shirt. BTW: It turns out it does look good on a T-Shirt. 😀
  7. Maybe she was saving them for Dr Gablehouser. ETA: I'm glad someone got it. 😀
  8. So why did he risk missing out on a Nobel Prize, to include Amy in it?
  9. Can you buy eggs in packs of eight?
  10. I think they've figured out what love is. To quote Sheldon Cooper:- The only conclusion was love.
  11. Just because they're weird, doesn't mean they don't love each other.
  12. If there was any doubt, that Sheldon loves Amy more than anyone or anything else, they were dispelled in this episode.
  13. Why would you want to be "normal"? Normal is boring.
  14. I'm setting up a dating website for lesbian chickens. I don't want to be a millionaire, I just want to make hens meet.
  15. Emily Sweeney. Emily Sweeney or Priya Koothrappali?
  16. Dave Gibbs, although I'd question him being her boyfriend. They were never really boyfriend and girlfriend. Dave Gibbs or Alice?
  17. Actually, he said he had "more nervous tics than a lyme disease research facility".
  18. I can agree with that. Absolutely love Wendie Malick. Stunning lady.
  19. Amy, because she's beautiful, sexy, sweet, and also nerdy, in a cute kind of way. After Amy, I'd probably go with Martha, for much the same reasons.
  20. Stuart would have to be crazy, not to want to live with Denise. She's beautiful, she's sexy, and she's into comic books. That's the Nerd hat-trick.
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