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  1. Brilliant work! I was in stitches with this one;
  2. I always do mine in pen, sudoku too! Living dangerously haha
  3. Really humid (well its nothing like when I went to Florida but rather humid for the UK) we've had a lot of storms too
  4. I have been having driving lessons for a few weeks now (had some last year but had a bad instructor so took a break) My driving has been fantastic, my new instructor is great\ and I have a lot of confidence. But since I booked the test my driving has just got terrible and terrible!! All I think about is the test and I might have to change my test date if things don't improve, its so frustrating!!
  5. Hope you have a great day, good luck!
  6. This is such a hard question to answer! I love them all in their own ways, but I think Leonard and his nerdy-ness is adorable and if I could be someone it would be Penny because she's a beaut!
  7. Thanks all welcome to other newbies too!
  8. Hey! To me judging from what you've said (especially as you've said your PC is very old) it sounds like your PC can't manage some of the modern technologies that newer websites use (not 100% of your tech knowledge but in a nutshell as technology moves on the older stuff gets less compatible with the newer stuff - a lot of modern websites are now using html5 which can take its toll on older PC's both hardware/software side) It could be anything from graphics card, browser, Operating System, Network adapter.... But have no fear, it could be fixed; if they did work in the first place it cou
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who turned into a big fan by watching the whole 6 season box set aha Welcome fellow newbie
  10. Hi my name is Stacey, F, 23 and from the UK! I have just finished my degree in ICT/Computing, which is where my nickname comes from! (10111 is also 23 in Binary and I was born on the 23rd haha) I was a 'casual TBBT fan and would watch it when it was on the TV, but since I handed in my dissertation I got hooked and bought myself the season 1-6 boxset and binge-watched it, since then I've turned into a complete fangirl. Thought I'd join here to chat to fellow fans
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