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    ok...lot of views...no response... I know Glia have been around longer...so yea ..older than neurons. I see them a different way... I think they have always had a more important role in the diffusion of memory and sense response than we give them credit for. Because of the "fatty" nature of Glia, they act like a transmitters, much like water. They communicate like ripples in a pond. They communicate that information across the brain and influence neurons. I believe they have evolved along with the rest of the brain...I do not believe that they are a "throw-back". I believe they are th
  2. Ki22


    Why would Amy or Mayim Make such a mistake in calling Glia Neurons. Astrocytes are Glia. And Glia are not "primative" They are Limbic System. But Not Primative. Glia diffuse information across the brain...like ripples on a pond...interference patterns. Neurons are like "bits" On or OFF. Love me some astrocytes!
  3. Just like I said TBBT is international! Just because of the baby thing? It would be great if they had a baby....twins ...as I said before...would be fun. I think it is ok for that story to continue. ( BTW Sheldon...still ACE) Love ya and this conversation! KI
  4. "Great Books of the Western World" #7 "Plato"
  5. TBBT is still WELCOME! Where are you living? I think you are just playing into the ten year curse....This show has much to offer and I do not think they are done with their stories or the public interest has waned. TBBT is INTERNATIONAL....everyone wants them! KEEP GOING TBBT! TBBT has a great influence on people who are going to change the World...this should not stop because of nay sayers...GO TBBT GO!
  6. YEAH!!!! CUBBBBSS!!!!!!! posted (smiling goats) every game day! Sleeping goats on travel day. Game 7 (7 smiling baby goats!) Who can say no to 7 smiling baby goats? CUUUUUBBBBSSSS!!! SWEET BABIES!!!!!!
  7. No....A show should still do it's duty as long as the people are excited for new stories....We are still excited! And will be for years! There are new workings in the relationships....We will keep watching! Maybe you are bored.... The rest of us are on-board for what happens next for three to five years! KI
  8. I disagree....This could easily go on for another three to five years. They are NOT at the bottom. They are at the top of their game! They are being steady and not losing the interest of the audience..AT ALL! GAME ON TBBT PEEPS!!!! I fully support you and what you are doing! If the CUBS can WIN so can YOU! Love you ALL! KI
  9. ok.....I have calmed down now....there many stories to be played out! What if Sheldon and Amy have twins?! ki
  10. I think the writers are better than you think they are....They could so pull that off! Not gunna be a shadow! Big Bang Theory is good for the evolution of the Human Race...That is the BEST ....REASON to keep the show! It keeps people thinking and Moving, Thinking in different ways! Kinda like "Star Trek"......Important Product to all of Humanity! A BIG contributor to all of us! A BIG Inspiration to ALL. ki
  11. What if every fan donated $5.00 a year to keep it.....That would work.... I agree...they have much work to do in the story! Soap Operas last for DECADES....Why not tbbt?
  12. I feel this show still has a lot to offer and to bring to all the people who watch! TBBT has added to lives with the STEM Scholarship and I feel the writers could help even more by expanding on this story group! This is a beautiful story and I don't see a ending.... Your thoughts.....
  13. Let Earth destroy itself../then come in to help the people who really care...bad scenario Still...I would hope the people of Earth would be strong and good!
  14. Still....there is no such thing as "nothing"........
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