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  1. "Sheldon".....Five For Fighting...."Superman" any thoughts... Jim plays Sheldon so well!
  2. Ok... I asked everyone, "what their favorite picture of Jim and Todd was". I am a visual artist. I very rarely do portraits, but, am feeling I would like to do one of Jim and Todd. Again I ask..what is the best pic of those two together? I don't mean to over step any boundaries. I would just like to do an honest picture of them. Any help? Thanks, Ki
  3. The best interview with Jim Parsons I have seen, is the one where he is in a diner. That was so honest. I love it! It was a 6 part interview...Wonderful! Thank you Jim!
  4. I think you may be right...of course...I could be wrong. Jim is a smart guy...maybe not as smart as "Sheldon"... But still...smart! That could have been His way of saying..."Off to comic Con!" Sweet! The only one who could answer your question is him.
  5. Ask Jim what his favorite portrait of Todd and Jim is...!
  6. Well, I am the "Individual" who made the post...does that count? Just don't want to take up space. But, if you want to keep it, then, ok. KI
  7. I am Very HAPPY that Jim is up for, not only TBB, but, also for The Normal Heart! I already bought my TBBT and Normal Heart...Pre paid!
  8. Jim also smiles Texan...kinda sideways. Adorable! What is your favorite Jim and Todd picture? I would like to paint a portrait...but, don't know what to pick... Thanks... Ki
  9. I hope everyone in Big Bang Wins! It was a beautiful job Season 7!
  10. How do I get this removed...so it does not take up space? Thank you. ki22
  11. Kinda hoping Sheldon and Amy were "Ace"....but that will change. There is no money in Ace.
  12. Groucho was not "crazy"... His Mother had him tested!... That was the 7th Marx Brother..."Minnie Marx"!
  13. ( Marx Brothers, the one who die in childhood: Manfred, Chico: Leonard, Harpo: Adolf Arthur, Groucho: Julius, Gummo: Milton, Zeppo: Herbert.) Sorry, You are right, 6. I miss-counted. thanks.
  14. This is a dead topic. I still say that every decade has there own version of this same personality theme... Correction...There were 7 Marx Brothers. Bob and Bing, Marx Brothers all talk directly to the audience...mid scene...not during a documentary...or behind the scenes. (LOVE those BTW!) That was common to give a look or a dialogue during the show, not outside of it....as part of the entertainment. I do not think that would fly now...so much. Not on TBBT. Unless it were a narrative show, I don't know that that would ever happen. (Diary or Journal reading of an event. Oh, wait...When Leonard met Sheldon, that was narrative show. Thank you for your discussion! I guess this just plays to me and my experience. May I ask you... Are there other topics that you would take in for consideration which don't necessarily mean anything to the show...just a networking for those of us who love the show and have ideas we would like to share? For example...I am on the "Green Team" at my cooperation. Would that be something you would be interest in implementing? Maybe a "think tank", not just for that..but other ideas. I know that is more than you want here. Just a thought. Thank you again for your time! kii22
  15. Maybe I should re-name this topic to "Formulas that work" 80 ?
  16. I agree with that assessment. She is the Life in the show that has changed the lives of the other characters. I feel she was the catalyst they needed to create a new existence for those characters. In this way, It is very different from "The Monkees" . They were always the ones changing things...or...intervening. In many ways, Penny does that.
  17. May I Just say at this point, that I am happy with the decision to do the second pilot...over the first. OMG all that first set needed was a "hangman's noose" hanging from the ceiling. So sad and depressing. This TBBT is colorful and full of life! I am grateful for you !
  18. YES, it is unique...it brings science to the forefront. It brings that aspect of us to a notable thing. A thing worth paying attention to. I think TBBT has done much for opening this side of thinking and experience to everyone, on a great scale! I am very happy for that! That formula is a very helpful tool in the telling of the story. It can engage anyone, it can grasp anyone's attention. It can help people think wider and deeper about the World and the people around them. It also teaches a thing or two about communication, by the different character trying to interact with each other when there are so many barriers.
  19. I Just said it was familiar grouping or formula... It is. You can't deny that. Formulas exist is the arts for reason...THEY WORK!. love ya, ki22 YES....it is a similar group. And , Yes It is a great formula. Have you actually watched any of the "The Monkees" shows recently? The one thing they do that is different (other than not having stable female characters) They talk to the camera...the viewing audience. But, Big Bang does that with the extras they include.
  20. The writers made them idiots. That is a difference....but did have some smarts..."The Monkees" win out! or learn a lesson.
  21. Micky is Howard...the clown...doing tricks and being funny to impress! Davy is Leonard...the one with "stars" in His eyes for the new girl across the hall..Difference... Davy fell in love with someone different every episode. Still, TBBT pilot was "damsel in distress" Classic Monkees. Roj is a little bit Peter. Shy can't talk to girls...sweet. I don't think Peter (or anyone) ever got drunk on the show.
  22. Sheldon as Mike on the Monkees... He was the one that usually made the most reasonable choices. Driven by that time ,but, still. He was the "logical...ish" Monkee.
  23. It seems very familiar to me. The first (now) "The Big Bang Theory" Episode...was "Damsel in distress!" It is a group of geniuses instead of a Band. The BIG difference is, they have incorporated Female characters. "The Monkees" did not have that. They did have the same basic characters thought. Mike is Sheldon, Micky is Howard, Davy is Leonard, and Peter is Roj. ( in some respect) Any thoughts?
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