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  1. I go back to the original statement..."There is no such thing as (NOTHING). Everything has always been and will always be in way, shape, form or another." (This is NOT connected to any religion. ) play...ki
  2. LOVE yogurt!!!! I am not talking about our Universe as being OUTSIDE....rather part of an extreme whole...EXISTENCE. Negative is still something.....can it act and react? Does it interact? It is not Nothing...It is SOMETHING!....loving this! Think of our Universe as a burp in the grand scheme of things....play!
  3. The Physical Universe (stuff we can measure) is expanding and may have limits...But....I do not believe that is the end all be all of existence... I believe there is a fundamental something...that has no limit and is beginningless and endless...Just existence. This would BE simple and complex and not contained. play......
  4. Try HIIIISSSSSSS... The Universe does not have to be something we can measure.....Just because we can take stock of "things" now does not mean that all of existence did not already exist before measurable things came into our sight. Our perception and our technology....based on our perception....is very limited and is not the end all, be all, of existence. Love the cat thing....why don't people understand? What we can't do is think of things outside of CONTAINMENT.....What if there is no containment....infinity. Like a fractal.
  5. Cats ARE just little people, with fur coats! However, when living things end they decay and become smaller pieces of the whole, of the something broken down, but not nothing...the cycle of somthingness simply begins again. Again no such thing as NOTHING.
  6. Everything has always been and will always be in one way, shape,form, or another. The Big Bang came from somethingness not nothingness. Discuss.... (play time!)
  7. Totally agree...I think they changed it to see what would happen though. If you watch the first Amy year...she was not interested, but, then she started to experiment. So yes I agree they have turned her into a late bloomer...not an asexual...she would have less interest I think.
  8. Thank you for arguing it is ok to have an opinion! Based on the writing ...my argument is still stable. He is in LOVE with Amy That is not something outside of asexuality! WE CAN LOVE! We just are not as interested in the sex part as other people. PERIOD. WE are capable of love it just takes a lot more to have us show that Physical aspect and A LOT of COMMUNICATION! Relationship agreement paved the way. Sheldon is not neutered. He just needs a more intellectual base for any kind of a relationship since sex is not a Primary Drive for Him...ASEXUAL!
  9. You have to remember...these are characters...the writers change them....as they see fit. These are NOT real people. They changed Her a lot! She needed to become something different ...for the plot to evolve.
  10. Amy can be "whatever" she is.....She is not Asex as I said from what writers have wrote. Sheldon could still be...there is nothing "wrong" with that...maybe challenging...but not wrong or weird. And He can still LOVE AMY! I feel like i am talking to a brick wall sometimes.... If you have any questions about us non-sexuals....please ask.
  11. OK....The first three years the "Sheldon" Character was Hedonistic....A**. The first three years there could have been an argument! When He met Amy he became interested in a relationship. He called it a BOY/GIRL for a long time. He became attached to that relationship because of AMY. He had no choice but to create the relationship agreement or lose that attachment. He became in LOVE with Amy....and to keep her...he had to give to get. It is still going on to this date....and Amy realizes how hard this is for him and is taking it slower than a normal couple would. This has been the way with non-sexuals all over the world...this is normal compromise. None of the arguments before negate the "Sheldon" character from being a non-sexual. Non-sexuals are not sociopaths......they can fall in love and live very happily with sexuals...as long as the communication is there and there is NOT a one sided relationship. They need to talk and express what the need and what they also have a hard time with....both sides! I do not think this is an all or nothing discussion. ki
  12. Rufus as an egg..."Stranger in a Strange Land" OH Please ...OH Please.....Michael Valentine Smith!
  13. Yea... I was there that evening July 11th...Night before my B-Day....Did not say a damn thing...frozen...Some jerk screamed "BAZINGA". I lost my moment with Jim...I just stood dumb. I love and hate that night. He MADE my B-DAY! LOVE!
  14. I also agreed that Amy is not asexual now. I also said they did not change Sheldon. You are not reading what I have said. You think the miscommunication is just on me? look in the thread. it is on all of us....we disagree. That is it. and we do not listen to each other. but ok HOT topic.... Just not. Sorry this is a dead thread....I will still argue. This will go nowhere. It is a non discussion. go look at other things. ki
  15. No, they have not changed "Sheldon"....I said that they have changed "Amy" from the beginning of "Amy". That is done. I said that they will most likely change the relationship to something more recognizable. "Sheldon" has stayed very much the same but with new experience. Yes the first kiss was new and interesting and with someone He Loves...that is different. But He is STILL "Sheldon". He is never going to be on the same physical need as Amy. "Sheldon" has told "Leonard" that he has a much more satisfying relationship....even though they do not have sex. "Sheldon" thinks that he has the better relationship....if something was missing "He" wouldn't. Why is this so harmful? It does not hurt the story line, plot, characters. They could have that kind of relationship. Also, the story is not over...you do not know the writers and the way they will go with the plot any more than I do.....Unless you do? I love this show however it goes! I was posing a possibility....that really angered people for some reason. I am sorry if my "possibility" upset you.....just talk.
  16. I was told that I ignored "reasons" put forth in previous posts. The "reasons" I read were not legitimate "reasons" against an asexual relationship. I was just trying to address the posts I was told I ignored. I do not need to go back. So I wont. What is a "reason" other than the Writers...( you don't know their minds or the future of the story anymore than I do). What in the story points to "not an asexual relationship" By the way... both people do not have to be asexual for it to be an asexual relationship. Asexual people, simply put...the need, desire, and interest in sexual relationships with other people is on the lowest (if existent at all) point of the relationship totempole. ki
  17. Ok..ok...nevermind....geeesh. just trying for order....but ...ok...my BAD. rewrite..... Will respond whenever... ki
  18. OK... I am going to start responding to all of the arguments on this thread. I will start with page 1. RULES... I will respond with the number of the page and the name of the poster...any response from you... please preference with the page # and the person I am responding to. Do not "quote" Unless you feel Strongly about it. (you feel i missed something) Back it up. We all have access to all the pages...We can go back and re-read. Let us keep it civil and in the realm of the argument. No personal slurs or slights... I am thinking we are all adults here. I will post my first by the end of day. Page 1. ki
  19. Are you a writer or have inside information? They have not said or written anything contrary to an asexual relationship. They have spoken one way or the other. Ok, Amy has changed, but, Sheldon will never have the same level of need, desire, or interest in a sexual relationship as Amy. The writers do not do drastic change in the core Characters. Unless you have an inside scoop? I will get back to figuring how to answer the former "reasons" without sounding like I am being dismissive. happy new year. ki
  20. Ok, I will go back to the beginning of this post and go over every "reason" stated and explain why it is not a "reason" why they cannot have an asexual relationship without "dismissing" it, I will try to "explain" why with out sounding dismissing. I am used to talking. You do not need to respond. But, I will try to make things right...dismissal wise. I am aware that the relationship is changing in the current shows...(they only have two years till completion, unless the show is extended. : )! I will deal with that after I answer the previous questions to the argument. Definition? Asexual people have Little to No Need, Desire, or Interest in a sexual relationship with others. Focus on the word little. We do have friendships and even fall in love. That does not change need, desire, or interest in sexual relation level. They still have a little to no level compared to the other person. It takes communication to make that relationship work. There are many asexual people who fall in love, marry, and have children. There are, likewise, those who don't or have other relationships, including having relationships with other asexual people. If you need further clarification, please let me know. This may take a while. Be well. ki
  21. I chose the word "physical" poorly... It should have been "sexual". There are many asexual people who do become physical with those they love. (Some Asexual people have gotten married and have had sex with people they love.) The main is...Asexual people have little to no need desire or interest in a sexual relationship. I am not dismissing the answers..I have just not seen and actual "reason" why an asexual relationship cannot exist...( I also do not think that we are on the same page when it come to Asexual) Give me the number of the post you think I am dismissing and I will go back and try to explain why it is not a "reason". Also, What do you mean by Asexual? Sorry again, we do not communicate well... Myself included. ki
  22. He chooses a lifestyle. You can be any sexuality and CHOOSE to focus on your work ahead of personal relationships. That happens every where. I think we are talking about something different when we are talking about Asexual. I think the communication is off somehow. I apologize if I have not been clear enough. And yes you are correct that some Asexual neutrals would not move into the kiss. The Character Sheldon would have, as this was his first personally initiated kiss...it is a new experience and cannot be over looked. Also, he loves Amy. This is a new realization also. I believe we need to again find out where we are all coming from. If you do not think this is worth talking about...then that is fine. Some people do... and I will keep talking about the possibility. And yes, I know the characters are going to end up as a "normal"/"traditional" couple. This is the way the writers are currently going. I love the writing! I don't have a problem with that...as long as it is true. I am just trying to put forth the "idea" that an asexual couple would not hurt the story or the characters. It would not be unnatural to the telling at all...it would actually explain a lot. Again...no ill will. ki
  23. Hmmmm. What I have been trying to say,is that, the character Sheldon is like an Asexual (neutral) and the character Amy is like an Asexual (demi). These relationships do happen. It would not be out of the realm of the Characters or of the Story. The Writers RULE! An Asex Neutral would not have very much interest in the physical side of the relationship. Much more interested in the discourse and interest side. The Demi Asex has a bit more interest in a physical relationship, be that cuddling or even as far as sex. The Demi is into the romance and the heart of the relationship...not as much the meeting of the minds. They are both Asexual....So even if you place them in Neutral and Demi...they are still in an Asexual relationship. Love is the constant in any relationship. Happy Holidays! Peace! ki
  24. Really? No one wants to talk about Amy? She started with She had an agreement with her Mother that she would date once a year...in return for her silence on the matter...and the use of her Forman grill. ki
  25. Amy started out as a female Sheldon. That was what Actor Mayim was told to be...a female Jim Parsons...on the show. This Is where this part of the conversation starts. She took great pains to find out what that was...and was brilliant in her execution! ki
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